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  1. Hey There, Finally got a resolution combination that works; grabbing the title bar, of the GR1 windowed mode, did not work? Thanks for your help, Jim
  2. Hi All, Running GR1 in windowed mode(options file/graphics section; full screen set to false). The GR1 window is not centered on my monitor; how do I get it centered? I am losing portions of the HUD and area that shows what weapons selected. Are there other values, in the options file, that I can change? Thanks for your help, Jim
  3. Thanks, What is the path to this file and what do I change? Thxs, Jim
  4. Salutes All, Been getting back into GR1, lately. Installed GR1, IT, Dsiege, mods; standard upgrade, Heros Unleashed, and YOTM. Played for a while and fine. Started getting Crashes to Desktop, while in the middle of gameplay. Now it happens frequently? Could someone give me some good advise/solution for this? Thanks in Advance, Jim
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