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  1. for system performance, you should be doing a lot better. Im at full everything except only 8x anisotropic filtering, and my system isnt that much better than yours. perhaps running lots of background apps? how many icons you got next to your clock - if 5+ like many people i know, you have far too many as for it being "slower than bf" you must remember, alot of details are left out in those games as they are aimed at online players only really. this has more stuff going on. i must admit though, a filter would be nice, and the ai is superhuman quite often welcome to forums
  2. just my 2 cents, but I am not a big fan of punkbuster. Sure it does catch some of the obvious cheaters, but a lot get away. If it werent a resource hog (I know some versions of it at least were actually installed as a windows service, so it ran even while your were not playing a game) Id be in favor of it. As it is, its mediocre performance coupled with its resource hogging and the fact that it does and will slow your game down... Im just against it. Id prefer to have GRIN implement its own code and we just have to rely on good admins for the rest
  3. 1)[GR] you could feel like you were sneaking around (dont want to be caught until right moment => adrenaline) GRAW(1&2) seems enemy knows your there anyways unless your at more extreme ranges I remember in [GR] I was actually able to have the enemy walk within 6m of my hiding place (a bush) and keep going. I was excited 3-4 years ago because I thought GR2 (before being canceled for pc) would incorporate some aspects of splinter cell (not as extreme - you were too stealthy in that) into the ai. Too bad 2) while GRAW:X looks great, [GR] to me had better ambient sounds that drew you in 3) its been said a lot before, but the freedom in [GR] really did help. In [GR] you could go to that objective anyway you like, and know that there could be enemies anywhere. GRAW series really only has enemies on route to objective. If you clear it, you pretty much know no ones coming from behind you, so why get your adrenaline up?
  4. do the friendly ai actually use grenades and gls in GRAW2? just wondering as it was pretty much useless to equip your ai mates with any explosives (other than maybe the zeus) as they never seemed to use them, even in an ideal situation EDIT: on a side note: I dont have GRAW2 yet so maybe this is irrelevant (or too hard to add/change) but in GRAW1 when under fire, the ai tried to move (sometimes) to cover. While the new complete control (dont move unless told) is a step in the right direction because sometimes they need to take the heat for some reason or another, it is also hard to give specific orders to ai when under fire yourself. A "retreat" command might be useful and easy to add, where when given (and only when given), the ai does some moderate thinking and retreats on its own to cover it finds by itself until the player can give more specific orders. just a thought
  5. hahahaha back when [GR] was the only GR, people were always complaining about it and trying to find ways around it. While I do agree it worked wonders on the swamp map (really miss being able to sneak up that close and find yourself right on top of someone... imagine that map with GRAW:X graphics !) Most people didnt like it on all the maps. As Wolfsong said, it was on all maps and used to hide the clippings. I would like to see it on some maps ( if there is a swampy one, or in conjunction with rain to give a map a "murky" feel) but dont want the [GR] extreme use of fog
  6. ok? i think the only thing i got from this is "i thought of it, and now they are using it." I was kind of hoping wall leaning would be explained, as in how its different than just leaning
  7. AA? Perhaps, but the main reason for its large following is that its free to download. Doesnt really count in the equation as people are far more willing to try something thats free. Perhaps I did speak too early when I said "never," you are right in that a properly set up tactical multiplayer could make it more important than SP, Im just saying it hasnt really happened yet, and will be very hard to do. People dont like following orders, but like giving them (like giving them to the AI in SP. yes they can be dumb, but they listen most times). As AA was brought up, look at the teamwork used there. Its been a while since I played it, but how often do you see people actually work in squads as squads? Yes it happens in clans or the occasional good group of people, but most times everyone kind of works as an individual, just towards a goal the whole team is working for. The whole point I was getting at though was that yes, MP can be a huge factor, but in almost all tactical games ,SP will almost always be more important in terms of how many people play it and how often. Even in those other games you listed, (BF, UK2004 etc) have a SP community much larger than what you would expect. I imagine if AA were more of a "normal" game and had a single player (ie you didnt have to download it from the internet but had to buy it from a store) the single player aspect would be larger than the MP. MP is important in terms of longevity, as anyone who decides to play a game for a long time will probably try playing it online at some point, but most gamers do just play games for a few months then discard them. They tend to be drawn towards SP too. Just remember, even on these boards there are a lot of people that prefer SP to MP - and just by posting on these boards would make one more susceptible to playing online. Just a thought to keep in mind.
  8. @Ghost9- all those games may have huge online only followings, but they are a different type of game. They are all very arcade-ish, not at all what we want for GRAW. More tactical games will never have a huge multiplayer community just because they way they are set up. They can have large multiplayer communities, but the single player aspect of tactical games will always be larger.
  9. "will battle enemies in mountain terrains, barren deserts and..." ~who cares about the and. Im happy there. "Vastly Improved Artificial Intelligence (AI)" ~they always say that. But I hope its true! "Players can now heal their team on the battlefield, including squad leader Scott Mitchell, with an all-new Medic class of soldier" ~Really the only thing Im not liking from reading it (the medic part). On the bright side (though I may be reading into it) it sounds like theyre bringing the class system back? This would imply you arent stuck with 4 soldiers to pick from- possibly meaning a larger fire team is possible?? Maybe Im just reading in to it oh yea, I also like the whole real time environmental changes. will make it interesting to say the least!
  10. i love how a member of grin posted in a "developed by GRIN?" forum without actually saying anything about this. well, as Rookie said, I wouldnt either for fear of being bugged to death. In any case, my bet is that GRIN is the dev team. From what I can tell GRAW was their first FPS, and its not too shabby. Doing something a second time tends to result in 10x better results after mistakes are corrected... Heres to hoping GRAW2 is everything we hoped for
  11. so this would mean not just dong battle in a single city... which could hopefully mean rural maps? sweet
  12. ...aside from the fact that sniping in this game is but zoom, point, click. there isnt even rifle sway. actually i dont mind sniper rifles that much, but would like to see something other than anti material rifles as is current. i like the mostly us weapons + specialist w/ other weapons idea
  13. good suggestions so far, heres mine moddability- I dunno, I just think its really important. We at least need another IGOR for mission editing. It makes the game appeal last a lot longer stability- obvious ROE controls and stealth- ROE controls like in [GR], they were useful when setting up and sneaking around. Sometimes I think they werent included in GRAW just because the enemy always seems to see you if they are looking in your direction. Yes it is possible to sneak around, but really hard. Why is it every time I see a gun emplacement or jeep or whatever 200m away, while I am barely peaking around a corner in the dark they see me and start shooting? Im not expecting to be as stealthy as Sam Fisher or whatever, but at least be able to use stealth. I remember in [GR] I could sneak up to a camp of enemies to the point of knife range (if there were knives- but no I dont want a knife). Yes, you cant always do it, but it was possible if you were sneaky. Maybe integrate some of the splinter cell detection code into the game (again, Im not expecting that kind of stealth, I always thought it was a little too easy to sneak up to people in SC. I just want some of the same ideas incorporated) little details- no ones said this yet, but heres what I mean: In GR the guards would smoke cigarettes, scratch their ######, sleep on guard duty or whatever if they were tired and bored. This, along with ambient sounds and the occasional civilian make the game pretty immersive. These are all missing in GRAW, making the city seem... dead Forested Maps- ok, its probably a little late for this as they probably already have the location set, but if I want to play urban maps I will play R6. The occasional urban map is ok, but have some rural ones. Maybe they decided that since MBC was the [GR] favorite they would go urban, but that map had longer distances and more trees than pretty much all of the GRAW ones. I dunno, I just prefer trees to buildings. Again, if I wanted urban Id play R6. Squad control- I would love to go back to the soul swapping found in [GR], but I understand that probably wont happen: fine. Just make it so you can control people as squads, not just as individuals. In GRAW its extremely annoying to have to tell each person individually where to go. Yes you can tell your whole team to go somewhere, but they stay so spread out they might as well be separate individuals. The ability to have you whole team follow you would be nice (closer than in GRAW, they just seem to stay within shouting distance. not helpful) Damage- I want to go back to the damage system found in [GR], maybe go even further. I dont want this "you can take X hits, head shots are double damage" stuff. Leave that to the BF series- good games, but not GR. I want limb shots to make you loose use of those limbs, but not kill. Yes you could be able to take a few chest shots from a low calibre round and you have body armor or whatever, and if wounded, you should be affected. You get the idea- none of this "health bar"/"coloured square" type damage that seems to be in GRAW Last, is movement. Kind of. Im not sure what to classify this as, but in GRAW the characters seem... sluggish. Yes they can run fast enough or whatever, but they (and you) all seem to take forever to do little things like go prone or raise stance. Maybe its how the body awareness code was implemented, but it makes it very obvious I am not the person I am playing because when I want to go prone or stand up or whatever, it doesnt happen until quite a bit later. This one isnt so important, just something Im pointing out that makes GRAW feel kinda weird to me. Overall I think GRAWs developers had a good idea, they just messed up on a few things that made it feel kind of awkward at times.
  14. just rogue spear (and expansions), GR and now GRAW haha, nah that would have made things easy. i used to played CoD2 for a while which had this feature, though in my experience it was always really grainy/hard to understand. of course that was on my old computer (my new one doesnt have a microphone) so that might have been part of the issue
  15. ok, so i just got GRAW 2 days ago and just wanted to say i really enjoy it first off is game play: i really like it in single player. Its a lot different than [GR] in that I sit back and let the ai kill most of the people as I set them up instead of me being the trigger man. I just wish there was a quicksave or something- kinda frustrating to almost finish a checkpoint just to die a few times, but overall quite enjoyable related to gameplay, the ai is much improved from [GR]. they still have their quirks, but overall the enemy ai is smarter and friendly ai isnt as helpless as before. Every once and a while your teammates do something stupid (walk backwards into gun fire and generally just face the wrong way) but overall they are pretty effective if you tell them what to do. The only thing i wish is they would actually use grenades or their grenade launchers- or have i just not been fortunate enough to see them do this yet? graphically, the game looks quite good. im not one to buy a game for graphics, but they are a nice addition. im able to run everything on high and get decent frame rates (no idea what as there is no command and i dont have fraps... but id estimate ~60-80ish fps). the lighting still looks kinda weird for me, but i absolutely love the explosion effects (no physx card, but i dont care about more particles. the bloom effect is what im talking about) for multiplayer i havent had any issues that ive read about around the forums (perhaps all fixed by 1.30 patch?) but i do wish there were coop missions available. oh well, its still fun. anyways, thats my take on the game. an overall good game that i guess just got an initial bad rap due to bugs that have been fixed since i got it. the only things i really think it is missing now is a firefight quick mission type mode for sp and a mission editor.
  16. alrighty then, guess im sold thanks again for your feedback. ill see you all online!
  17. Ok, so Im an [GR] player, and have been thinking of buying GRAW for a while, but was waiting for the patches to fix a lot of the problems and the price to go down (cause I spent all my money on a new system to play the thing...) Anyways, are the bugs mostly gone in SP? and MP? I dont expect a perfect game, but is it $30 enjoyable in both SP and MP at this point? I was thinking about maybe buying bf1942 (not nearly as tactical, but still fun) but Id rather buy this as long as there is still a regular multiplayer community, most bugs are fixed and there is prospects of new mods coming out. I just dont want to buy a game where there isnt really anyone playing online anymore or whatever. Thanks in advance
  18. i dunno. gr1 commands were ok for being able to switch between players, but now being stuck as one person, more complex controls are needed. also, on the "shoot this person" part, it would be nice to be able to do this with all of your squad- but have them just target the person until you hit another button. this would for better ambushes, as each perosn would have a differernt target.
  19. since this is the "where can i find it thread"... anyone know where i can find the Riot in Belengrad mod? I had it on my old computer and loved that mission...
  20. They all shoot bullets. ...but really, in game the only way is to just equip one of your guys with the gun. When I do ingame testing, I equip a different gun to each member on m01 for original GR. The begining area of this mission has no real enemies, and there is a big field you cannot get to, but you can shoot at a tree out there. To fully understand the weapons properties, however, your gonna have to open the guns file up using notepad. There are a lot of numbers in there, but the most important ones are rof (near the middle), accuracy (stats for all positions near the bottom), recoil, and at the top are some values to determine how powerful it is (though you need to plug these numbers into a formula, which is provided in IGOR under the weapon editor, which is another option to see the values other than using notepad). Just looking at the stats might not be all that helpful at first, so try comparing the stats to a gun that you know pretty well. Hope this helps.
  21. looks like the early mentioned statement of the ai being script based was either changed or incorrect. In any case, I'm happier. Though still slightly pessimistic (like that if its bad I won't be dissappointed, and if its good I'll be surprisingly delighted), things are looking better- I like the mention of the dynamic grass. I suppose this means it will actually provide some camoflauge?
  22. I dunno, it just seems to make me more disappointed than before. The comments on not implementing good features because the xbox can't handle them and the comment on how the original GR was "mostly ai" and how they're "improving" it by making it more scripted lead me to worry. What I understand from this is that every time you play the game it will basically be the same- the ai is taking a backseat to scripting so the enemies will be dumber than ever- theyll just act according to what was preplanned. We asked for smarter ai so they gave us ai that will be smart only if you do what the game developers think you will do. Otherwise there just plain dumb. I suppose this is a kinda negative post, but the future does not look bright. Ill just have to wait for the demo.
  23. the adding on of parts should also affect weapons performance i.e. m4 w/m203 should not be as quick in aquiring a sight as a stock m4 (its harder to swing around more weight), though the heavier weapons should have slightly less recoil...
  24. GR2 really doesnt need player controlled vehicles. People are saying "with huge maps you have to have a vehicle to get around," but thats not fully true. Huge maps offer different potential paths to an objective, you don't need to traverse the whole map. SF guys dont go across an entire area they have a map to unless they really need too. Bigger maps just provide for more tangos so you are less likely to kill every thing in the entire map- something that was unrealistic in original GR. Plus, why make GR2 an exact clone of the other games out there with drivable vehicles? Just having the ai control them and you maybe getting a ride (but not driving) is fine for SP. Also, mp maps should be reduced in size compared to SP maps (well, MP maps should be at least same size as original GR maps, if not a little bigger) to decrease lag and eliminate what some complain are long hikes back to the action. I say, more reason not to get killed & use stealth
  25. Possibly. The longest shot I've ever made was 1408m (had to get a modded map for that, the largest GR map is 400x400, I think. I was using Carribbean Crisis map by Aussie guy) Though I must admit, the 20x zoom on the Navy Seals 2.0 mod's M-82 helped quite a bit...
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