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  1. Who are the 28thMEU? The 28thMEU are a group of gamers who want to emulate a real life Marine Expeditionary Unit. The 28thMEU itself is fictional MEU but the units within it are based off real USMC units. We are looking for mature players who can help make the 28thMEU an elite fighting force. We have recently moved from the Ghost Recon series to ArmA, and any GR fans are welcome as well. When we conduct a campaign or mission we will make it as realistic as the game allows and how MEUs operate in real life. But even before the campaign or mission we will go through MEU work up to help train new recruits and give the veteran members some refresher training. Our aim for ArmA is to have at least one company of infantry grunts, one flight of Cobra pilots, 2 flights of MV-22 Osprey pilots 1 platoon of M1A2 tanks and 1 platoon of LAV-25s operational. How do you join? For more information about our group go to our website --> www.tbhow.com PS: Even though we like realism we also recognize that games are supposed to be fun, and as such we're pretty laid back and help each other out no matter the skill level of the player in a particular area. I am the Lt in charge of the ANGLICO, and if you'd like to contact me personally my name on tbhow.com is Wraith, ICQ# 397650323. If you know someone else who may be interested, then definitely let them know about us. Thanks, Wraith (aka dracflamloc) I read the forum rules before posting this and do not believe I've violated them, however if I misunderstood or violated a rule it was unintentional and this post can be removed or moved if that is the case.
  2. This is a single-player only compilation right? Could someone group up all the latest bogie coop missions for download or link all the bogie coop missions?
  3. I'd be interested for sure. Used to love GR1! (PM me)
  4. I'm interested in doing some GRAW2 clan multi if any clans are still active. Even if theres no active competition, I'd like for some more experienced training / practice so I can improve personally. Thanks. Drac
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