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  1. You are Insane Homeboy... I have a 3870 512mb and a 4850 blows it out away.... an 8800gt is not worth the time, money, nor the shipping cost to get it to your house. I would go with 9800gt and above.. Atleast then you wouldn't be so behind on technology. My brother has an 8800gt XFX OC and it sucks compared to my card. And for future reference, 4850 maxed at 1920 x 1200 and getting 70fps sounds like a tremendously good card. To compare, I only get 20 FPS at those resolutions with my card. If you follow the logic - - - 4850 at 1920 x 1200 @ 70FPS beats my 3870 which only gets 20FPS at those resolutions, Therefore, 8800gt (trust me buddy) not that great. Right now you can get a 4870 for 200 bucks and for 50 bucks more a 4890 XOC at frys.com and its the first card to hit over 1ghz on the GPU. I hope this helped you at all.
  2. Hey you guys: Just wanted to invite everyone to check out my new team site. We call it team site because we prefer to be acknowledged as a team rather than a clan. We are always looking for a few good players, so register to our site and enjoy. Also you are all welcome to join our online gaming server as well as our coms. All the information is on our site. Check us out Here
  3. Here is the link to everything you need to know about my router. http://onlinehelp.verizon.net/consumer/bin..._user_guide.pdf I tried everything... I still get the ? mark
  4. I opened those ports for my server on my router and I am still getting a ? instead of Ping
  5. i just logged into the router, I forwarded all the ports that the manual says to forward in order to function properly. I activated the icmp that you said.. and still no luck.
  6. you just said a whole lot I don't understand... I would appreciate anyone to take a look at the firewall or anything that can make it run better. so far I've ran 28 people without a flinch. it runs great, i just want it to say a ping rather than a ? mark. Do you have steps on how to fix what you just said.
  7. Hey guys. Does Anyone know how to set up a new dedicaded server. I have my rig all set up, I have 20mb downloand and 20mb upload fiber optics connection. I set up my dedicated rig already, everyone is playing fine up to 28 players, but in never has a ping. It always displays a question mark next to the server in the multiplayer list. does anyone know if i have to forward a port, or reconfigure my settings? Anyone? can anyone help me out with this problem? Thank you Graw2
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