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  1. So what were the results? I didn't get back from Af-Paki in time to sign up.
  2. Hey all!!! I haven't been around much lately due to work and getting ready for deployment. I leave in the early morning hours tomorrow (June 1st). This contract is for 6-12 months, but have set up the home system to be accessed remotely. Also, the GR server is still up and open to the public, with the mods set to alternate every 3 days. IP address for the server is: Good gaming to all! P@LaD!n
  3. Thanks! I thought it was just me who had conflicts with Navy Seals 2.1 and FB 3.1. Too bad, I've always liked the NS2.1 mod. There's also Sixpence's Seals 1.5 as an option, but I've never tried it with FB.
  4. Sometimes when you're stuck on a mission in GR, Desert Siege, or Island Thunder, it might be worth a shot taking a look at the strategies listed in the "walkthroughs" section here at GRnet. The link is here. When you mention the camp, are you referring to the tent camp on the right side of the map, or the group of enemies near the small shack on the left side of the map? **** SPOILER ALERT - Possible spoiler information follows ******** The enemy AI in the tent camp (where the yellow objective waypoint is on the right side of the map) is there to reinforce the caves if they are attacked. If you attack the cave first, then the enemy there radios for help from the tent camp and they come running from the right. Likewise, the enemy at the left side near the shack does the same from the left, moving quickly up the hill. My usual strategy is to hit the enemy at the lower middle of the map first, including the machine gunner on the cliff at the center of the map; then move on to take out the enemy by the shack; and then move on towards the tent camp, saving the caves for last. When you head inside the caves, take out everyone with a rifle. The general you're trying to capture has a handgun and will use it on your team, and he won't surrender if there are any other guards there to assist. If all the guards are down, he'll surrender. Run up to him (bump into him) and he'll be captured. Don't forget that you've got to get him down the extraction zone, and also don't forget that you may not have gotten all the enemies out there. If radio contact is lost between all three locations (shack, camp, and caves) patrols may be sent out from other locations to investigate.
  5. Hmmm, I wonder how GR would run from a USB thumb drive? Probably pretty slow, but if not, hmmm could make for some interesting fun during lunchtime at work. Well....actually.... I got in a few weeks ago an NTA network terminal client box that I purchased on Craigs List for about $10. It's basically a modernized dumb terminal, meaning it has Windows XP loaded - but on a flash ROM chip rather than a hard disk drive. One of my clients used them a couple of years ago and when we had trouble with the WAN connection being too weak to access applications (MS Office and others) via the network - I was able to load Open Office onto it via a 2 gig flash drive. My intended project with this was originally to use it as a small footprint browser station in the kitchen so my wife could pull up recipes and check email while in the kitchen. However I've just decided to see if I can get GR loaded onto it and see how it works as as server. Chances are it'll not work as a server, but as an extra game station it's a chance.
  6. Glad you're having fun! I may step away from the game from time to time but I always come back. My choice of computers tends to run toward business use and ruggedized equipment over high-powered processors and video cards for gaming - thus most of the modern games won't run on my laptop, but GR is always there. Even on a laptop running from a USB hard drive, I can still enjoy the game as much as ever. With so many mods out there it's hard sometimes to remember what it's like to play the original missions with the original weapons. I did that around Xmas time, just plain GR/DS/IT through all three campaigns without any other mod, and then went through them again with some of my favorite mods like SPV4 and Navy Seals. Each mission has so many options for how to complete them, and the mods make for even more options....it's like GR has evolved into the never ending game. Glad to see you're enjoying yourself. Let us know how you're doing or msg me for info on our multi-player servers. P@LaD!n
  7. I know, it's what my mom would have called "a crock..." and I don't mean the sharp toothed reptile. I'd been holding off releasing my two new mods waiting for both the new GRnet download system, as well as hunting around trying to find my own that would take over 100mb as an upload. What a pain in the behind! Yeah, it could have been handled much much better. I'm glad that the original founders have regained the site, but some type of notice would have been nice....something that said "Hey, we're working on it, wait a short while". While I might use FF as an alternate source I doubt I'll go back to using them as a primary in the future. Too much trouble before the close just keeping up with files they deleted that weren't old. Heck, I know I've kept you and your team busy Rocky with fixing broken FF links due to their arbitrary deletions. If you need some help getting stuff up to your new site, let me know.
  8. Really sorry to hear the news Para. Condolences from my family to yours. My daughter lost her cat last October just before I got home and she still cries when she thinks about it, or when we find one of its toys under the couch. Deepest condolences and best wishes in your time of grief & sorrow.
  9. Hey all. Here in Phoenix, AZ it's time for the annual USAF air show and we went onto the Luke AFB website to get the schedule of events for the weekend at this link. While the event times for aerial demonstration teams is great and the lineup this year is cool (not to mention that I'm actually gonna be in town to see it) I can't help but pause at the statement at the top of the page: *All events and times are subject to change with regard to weather, fallout or uncontrolled circumstances Okay now, how often does fallout become an issue around here? I've had my home in Arizona for nearly four years now, and now I have to wonder if the reason the city glows so much at night isn't because it's the 5th largest city in the US and has so many lights but instead glows from something else? Perhaps there's more residual effect from all that above ground nuke testing in the 40's & 50's than we've been told? Enquiring minds want to know! Okay, just my little bit of fun for the day while popping enough pain meds to get me through the show. Umm...Perhaps I should go digging through the old boxes of CD stuff and pull out the dosimeters?
  10. Sorry for chiming in on this so late. For opfor military I tend to assign the weapons like a fire team R (Rifleman), R, R, R, G (Grenadier), AR (Automatic Rifleman - SAW/MG). I don't often assign RPGs to the military forces kits unless there is friendly armor involved, but when I do I will either substitute the RPG's for the 40mm launcher of the Grenadier, or if it's a really hard mission, add RPG's to one of the rifleman actors. I don't like using kits with more than 1-3 RPGs though, primarily for the reasons already stated by others on this thread. For mercenaries, weapons issued depend on the regional theater of operations. The FN-FAL has seen far more widespread use in the world than the M16 series of rifles, second only to the AK47. Most African wars and many in South America, had AKs on one side and FALs on the other. These days it could be a toss up as to whether it'd be a FAL, M16, or AK type rifle. One security contractor company in Iraq doing convoy security for commercial trucks uses Russian MG's on their vehicles and either FAL or G3 rifles for their primary rifle. Killabees statement about WWII weapons being common in South America is true...the old M1 carbine is still alive and well in many SA countries as well as the Asian Pacific Rim - and ammunition is plentiful and cheap overseas whereas in the US the supplies aren't as great as they once were - and are getting expensive compared to the 5.56 NATO and 7.62x39 Russian ammo which is so popular now. On a personal note, I'd rather have an old fashioned .30 carbine para model than a chopped barrel M4 for CQB because there's more energy transfer in the larger/slower bullet - which gravitates towards more knock down. At ranges past 200 yards though, the .30 carbine loses a LOT of its effectiveness. {This is from personal experience serving in Africa, the FFL, and as a contractor in other conflicts}. Gamewise, there's not enough distance to make a great difference...but for the look and 'feel' of the missions, it's nice to be able to have the wide variety of choices as we do in GR. Many thanks to all of the modders and weapons modelers for giving us such a wide selection.
  11. Really sorry to hear about your troubles Nat....bad bad bad situation. It makes me remember all too well when Charlie hit SW Florida and wiped us out - ages of work lost to the water damage. That's when I learned that fireproof safes weren't waterproof as when we got the drawers open the backup tapes were waterlogged. To try and get your data back, another thing you can do is go down to your local 'puter store (we've got a Fry's Electronics here in Phoenix) and get one of those USB drive cases for $20. Install your drive into the case and plug it in to another computer and you should be able to retrieve the data. Yeah, it's the same as what Rocky recommended, but this way you can just plug in via USB to any computer - even at the local library, and copy your data to another USB drive. I found myself back here after a long time away, and I'm sure you will be back soon. Good luck and I wish you the best!
  12. We may just end up bumping into each other. I injured my leg skiing this weekend so I won't be going on the 31st as planned...it'll be several weeks before I'll be able to head out. Not going on schedule means I've blown the sign on bonus with the company, but at least they still want me when I get better. With this economy I need the money...I've got three kids of my own and a stepdaughter to put through college.
  13. I've always enjoyed GR and I'm happy that I can play it on good old standard type laptops without it crashing. Now, as for dedication...I dunno...kinda screwed up on that. Went skiing up towards Flagstaff way this weekend and hyperextended my knee, and nearly dislocated my hip. I'm used to being a fast healer but the docs say it'll take several weeks before I'm back on my feet without crutches or a cane...which blows my departure on the 31st *and* my sign on bonus with the company. I suppose on the plus side I'll have some more time to finish the mods I've been working on.
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