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  1. Here is what I have found when running a on-line Campaign mission coops with the "cannot establish connection". ONLY 5 of the 10 Missions load properly. For me they are Missions # 7-9-1-2-10. ALL of the other remaining missions I get the "can not establish connection" . I can launch the campaign coops 90% of the time, which seems reasonable. But, only with the missions in the following order = 7-9-1-2-10. I am deleting the other 5 missions from rotation until the issue is really fixed. I have yet to crash as a server with the 5 missions that load ok. I still see a ton of crashes during the playing of the missions for the other players. For whatever reason. But, the problem I have is that when they try to re-join, they can not see my server on the server list. IF I close out GRAW2 completely and restart, then the server is listed and they are able to join again. But only if I restart the entire game I guess the "cannt see my server...." is another bug thread that I sure has been started by someone. Those having troubles loading Campaign Coops, start off with mission 7. (hacienda). That seems to work. Good luck! )
  2. In Pave's example, he has Dam and Hacienda maps which are add-on maps. Everyone has to have these maps to play on his server. Pave Low? Your server always has a password to get into your server. Did you set this up not for the public? I had a Campaign dedi server set up, you can get into the main game lobby. But, the game will not launch. Like Pave Low's said, no dedi server for Campaign Missions.
  3. From reading the above, it seem like about 10 players/1mb upload.. is that really all? How much upload does a server really need per player.. and what do the setting "internetspeed 0-3000" have to say here... I have 1mb(measured to be approx. 109KB/sec (875kb/sec)) upload.. how many should i be able to host without problems.. and what should the "internetspeed" be set to? Anyone have suggestion, and maybe a little "why" story to go along.. I´d really like to understand (thought netcode were better than old GR, and that used to run fine with 18 players) I thought the "internet_speed" was your upload? Provided you can confirm your actual upload speeds, (speed test, and/or direct downloads) and not what your ISP say you are paying for. You dont always get the speeds that are promised Is "internet_speed" your upload of your server? I would like to know this also.
  4. I am laughing that I am actually posting these specs of my other pc that I ran a dedi server on Found out you can not run dedi server and join/play all on the same pc. So.... I set up the dedi on my older PC, and to my surprise it actually ran the game. Here are the specs of my older pc with the dedi setup: P3, 933gHZ, 512 Megs of Ram, Turtle Beach Sound Card, 128 Megs ATI 9200 Graphics card, WinXP SP2. As you can tell, a very outdated PC My internet connection is 11megs download and 1 Meg upload. I set up a Dedi coop, had at the most 4 people playing the coops including myself. Loading the next map took some time, but I dont think dedi set up utilizes your sound card or graphics card or your memory after the maps are loaded. It seems as people join, they must load the map on their machine to play on the internet. As you can see, your dedi set up can be less than the minimum to play the game. I think if I had a faster processor, the maps would load much faster. CPU usaged varied from 50% to 95-100%. 50% when I was the only one playing in the dedi set up. To set up the game on your dedi server, its really easy. Create a Dedi server on your installed GRAW2. Copy your GRAW2 installed folder to your dedi server, install the Ageia Physic drivers and thats is all you need for the install. Then run your graw2_dedicated.exe I found it interesting that your dedi setup does not need to meet the minimums to run the game. I would not recommend my specs to run a dedi server. This is about as low of a minimun to run a dedi you can get
  5. I get the above error message when hosting PC coop server. Campaign coop, i do not get the "connection error....." I can only host Campaign coop at the moment
  6. Crash in application version: 30553.2792 data\lib\managers\briefingmanager.dsf(-1): Operator <void> - <number> does not exist! SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\briefingmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\briefingmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\briefingmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\genericstatemanager.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecampaign.dsf(0) Renderer: normal Physics : threaded patch 1.03, spawned without any weapons, but hands in position for gun. Went to mule to resupply, got the above crash
  7. Yes O is unlimited. You can change respawn from 0-9.
  8. The fix for updating of the server list is great! Now, you can refesh the server list as fast as you can click it with your mouse No more wild pings. You can scroll down the server list as you are refreshing at the same time. A very nice fix in the latest patch Oh forgot to add. When I was hosting before the latest patch, I had to go into my firewall (Black Ice Defender) and open all the necessary ports so that folks can join the server. Today, as a test, I DID NOT need to open any game port, all that was needed was a setting down one notch on the firewall. This is a good thing, I was concerned about security with manually opening the 14 different game ports to host GRAW2. I am also behind a Linksys router. This may help those that were having problems with seeing a specific server. It seems the newest patch helped in this area.
  9. "screws the hell up immediately" I had one of those a long time ago
  10. "what would the spec need to be as i was wondering the same i have an old comp sat next to me" All I saw in the manual at page 5.9 was "You can set up a dedicated sever on a computer (even one that doesn't meet minimun specs) and host a clan game for you and your friends!" Would anyone know what the spec's would be as I too have a older pc available? If someone could post the spec's to run a dedicated server, what would be nice One that is "less than minimun specs",
  11. I read some of the comments and found them.... hmm... entertaining? )
  12. Thank you Pave Low for your quick response I wont spend anymore time trying to figure out something that can not be done. Hope you have a good day! Jane
  13. I have GRAW2 for the PC. I have both the dedicated server set up and the game install on the same home PC (winxp). I can launch the dedicated server just fine. After that, I launch GRAW2 to play multiplayer, I can see my dedicated server in the server listing. I can not "connect" to MY dedicated server. All game ports are open on the dedi server. Is it possible to play in my dedicated server when both are installed/setup on the same home pc? Both meaning dedicated server and retail game. What am I doing wrong if this set up should be working? Thanks for any replies Jane
  14. Here you can check how many people and servers currently online GR:AW 2 online 386 players as typing. And GR:AW 1 online Hey thats a neat tool, but its is the DEMO You have one for the GRAW2 PC?? with server stats? BTW, a update. Played coop for several hours, had 12 in coops for awhile, then shut down to eat supper Me not so dissappointed tonight.......
  15. Something is wrong here. I go on-line earlier this evening and less than 40 peeps playing GRAW2. Maybe the game needed a patch. So I do the auto patch. Go back on-line, no change in the amount of peeps playing this game. I dont see the support of this game anymore. GRAW1 had less than 100 peeps. Looks like GRAW2 will be less. Am I wrong with what I see playing on line>?? We have more on-ling playing [Ghost Recon], where it all started. Is GRAW2 less popular than GRAW1? I know you can say "give it some time", I dont see the interest now.
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