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  1. Thanks for your reply guys. I'm certainly looking forward to a new GR. With the new Medal of Honor in it's new format + GRFS things are looking quite rosy. Call of Duty MW2 was a big disappointment (at least to me) after all the hype, so let's hope GR comes up with the goods!
  2. Can anyone tell me whether FS is to be solely multiplayer or will there the a single player campaign? Thanks
  3. Thanks Guys, Ive been trying my own research, but I must say I find it all a bit complicated. If I just got a really good video card, do you think it would make much difference to have PhysX or not. I don't know whether you are supposed to make recommendations but I would like to know the best Nvidia card I could get for around £200 or so. Thanks again fot your time.
  4. Thanks for your response. By the way I bought Arma2 and I find it very difficult to play on PC as I find the controls very loose and imprecise. I thought it would play like GR, but obviously not. Anyway thanks for your time and opinions.
  5. Thanks for your replies Guys, I'll try your suggestions and Halli it's not a regional thing as I've been playing it fine for several months after returning. Anyway I'll try paly.com and amazon. Thanks for your time and advice.
  6. In missions 1 and 2 (and others) Mitchell has to blow stuff up by approaching the object and pressing X etc. Is there any command that can be given so that one of the other team members can accomplish this? Thanks (I'm something of a REM* and I just like delegation of authority!)
  7. I bought my copy of this game a few years ago in Hong Kong before returning to Kent in UK. It's still my favourite game, but for some reason I can't now get it to work. When I put the disk in the CD slot it freezes everything on the computer. After it unfreezes, if I click on 'explore' the preview pane is empty. I'm assuming that this disk has given up the ghost (sorry) as all other disks including GRAW2 are working OK. Unless someone knows any way I can fix this, can anyone tell me where I can buy another copy of this game. Ive tried my local GAME dealer and it's out of stock. [Ad
  8. Does anyone have any experience of this programme and: (a) are there any problems attached to using it (I'm a bit worried about shutting down essential programmes; and (b) does it really make much difference to game play.
  9. Hi Thales100, I have NVidia GeForce 8600GT (196.21) on XP with PhysX enabled and not seeing much effect with GRAW 2. I saw the Guru3D article recommending using a card like mine dedicated to PhysX and a better one (I'm looking for a recommendation (in the NVidia range) for graphics. I have seenthe free download for NVidia physX pack #1, but I have a newer driver and am not sure whether to download it. Can you please advise; and apart from any recommendation you wish to make re the above, what can I do with my current specs to get the most out of it. Finally I'm not technically minded, so
  10. Thank you very much that's very helpful, having balanced it out I think I'll just switch it off!
  11. Thanks guys, that's what I was looking for, thanks for your time and help.
  12. I'm trying to get the best out of my Nvidia GeForce 8600GT with PhysX (v 9.09.1112) I'm playing GRAW1&2(amongst other games) and trying to get the best possible graphics. I have PhysX enabled and frankly don't see any great improvement. My monitor is a 19" LGW 1943SS and I was wondering if a similar size HD monitor would significantly improve things. In time I will get a better video card, but with what I've got would a HD monitor make much impact. Any advice (in simple terms please) would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Sorry Rahn, That went over my head a bit! In the GRAW1 mod it was easy jsut to change the ammo count. If you could direct me to a specific XML file in the weapons pack local file and help me with what to do. Sorry to be such a pain, apart from being very inexperienced and a bit old so a lot of stuff needs to be explained in the simplest of terms. Thanks for your time Peter. Also could you tell me the correct forum for questions about PhysX. Cheers.
  14. AMeYeBlind showed me how to tweak the sb_templates file in GRAW1 Brettzies weapon pack (v5.0), can the same thing be done in GRAW2, BWP (v2.05).? I've looked in sb_templates and I cant find what to tweak?
  15. AmEyeBlind. Re the above does it work for the BWP in GRAW2? I cant find what to tweak in the same file. Thanks
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