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  1. When I was with Tactical Gamer we where working on version 3 of the TG mod in which Sarc was adding a "porta bush." Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like and it would be perfect for this. I haven't seen him around in a while but he has a profile here so you may be able to get in touch with him through that. If not I can poke around and see where he is. I also created a grid overlay system that makes it simple as hell to add overlays that have faded inner coordinates that show up nicely when you zoom in map (see sig for link). These would be a necessity for something like this since you shou
  2. Has anyone mentioned modding tools yet?
  3. Thanks, that was a great reply, you have given me alot to think about.
  4. I recently had a chance to test my mission in multiplayer and found 2 bugs that do not keep the mission from ending successfully, but I wanted to fix anyways. I was also going to add a few more missions to end the storyline. Here is my dilemna, while I think my work is definately worthy of the download and a must have for any GR fan, it does not seem to have gotten the attention, I feel it deserved. The post on the front page was mediocre (no offense) compared to those "MUST HAVE THIS MOD" posts and the # of downloads wasn't quite what I expected. It does not seem to have caught the public
  5. Have you thought about making it more like the movie (since you did such a good job recreating it anyways) and making the base in the middle of a large open expanse? Maybe using some rocky outcroppings? Man I am really wanting to make some missions for this!
  6. It really captures that look and feel of Starship Troopers. Very close to the original base of idiots in the first that thought they would be safe holing up behind that lil wall. Excellent, excellent.
  7. You know what...we don't care about the progress, we just get wet at the fact you are finishing the mod! MOISTURE!!!! Ok, it's nice to know what kind of progress you are making, but I can't help but just be excited you are finishing a project of this magnitude. If you need any help.......aw who am I kidding, I don't know crap. Good luck!
  8. I don't think my work is in the league of some of these others, but if you want a submersive, story driven experience, I think I accomplished that in Operation Take Back. It features, No new maps, No new weapons, No new skins (well one), No new kits, Only one mission for a 36 meg download. Some people think that 36 megs is alot for the one mission it contains, but that is the price you pay for depth. I believe it's worth it. I may finish the remaining missions, which would only be a few kb download. The link is in my sig. Has anyone mentioned Ossetian Woodlands yet? Or Tac
  9. Do you have bodies turned off? There are alot of dead people in the mission.
  10. This is the first time I have heard of anyone having this problem. I know there are alot of enemies in certain parts of the mission, obviously the first question would be system specs. The lowest lvl pc I have tested the mission on was a 1.2 athlon, 512 megs sdram and a gf3, with little to no problems. I went to great lengths to make sure there was never too many enemies at once, but I really pushed it at the end. Thanks for the compliment, I worked hard on it.
  11. Operation Take Back What a shamefully blatant plug. I feel disgusted with myself, now go play it!
  12. Looking at avatar, needs some blemish cream. Kind of scares me.
  13. What gets me is, the fact that GR would not be what it is today, if it weren't for all the modders out there making it a fresh experience for so many years. The console versions would never have happened if not for the success of the game based on pc sales. The console versions came much later than the pc titles and were lacking. Here we are years later, Ubi has enjoyed the money, success, and large numbers of sales from the original campaign and 2 expansions. They have a large modding community constantly pimping the game and basically driving up sales. How do they reward the community tha
  14. Considering the objectives you have stated it seems like it would be cool if you used a story line telling the players they have an idea the terrorists are holding up in this lil hideaway. The ghosts have to first, cut off all avenues of retreat (that would be obj's 1, 2) After you are sure the enemy can not escape you can have them go in to rescue any hostages, gather intel, and if possible, take out the bad guys. Make up the location. It doesn't HAVE to be a real place. As a matter of fact, it's easier on mission scripters if it is fake. No one can argue with your facts if it lives in your h
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