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  1. thanks mate. that did the trick. Changed the full-screen option to FALSE in the .xml file and GR loaded fine. I guess that means no full-screen, but I can change the resolution within the game, including to a windowed 1920x1200 (my monitor's natural resolution). yeah, it's odd the options.xml file wasn't loaded with the game, and it definitely wasn't there before. I had searched not just the ghost recon directory, but all of steam's directories before requesting it. GR probably uses internal settings for the initial defaults, then writes them to file when it successfully loads. It just never got to that point... [EDIT: ah Dannik beat me to it ] Oh, and at least one other person reports the same problem on the Steam's GR forums. I'll point them over here.
  2. thanks for the responses all. will try them all out. Thought I'd be out of luck trying to play an older game. anyway, anyone willing to PM me an options.xml? Or, better yet, post one to a file-sharing site, in case anyone else needs one besides?
  3. Steam had a Ghost Recon package deal over the weekend, so I jumped on it. Tried playing the original GR on my machine (xp/sp3, 2.4ghz c2d, radeon 3850, 4gb ram), but it gave a "ghostrecon.exe has encountered a problem" error and closes to desktop. My Ike.log is below, and searching the forums, I found one person with the same issue, but that was 5 yrs ago and the solution was to revert to DX8 . Steam has an option to "verify integrity" of the game cache, and it checks out. Any ideas? My other non-ghost-recon games on Steam work fine (eg HL2, CS:S, etc). Microsoft support site has an error article about xp+recon, but their advice is to unhelpfully suggest reinstalling. I'll add the a brief version of the dxdiag output, but i don't think thats the problem (the sound tab is mysteriously empty below, but all sound works fine on my system) ********************Ike.log************* ***** User's system configuration ***** CPU: GenuineIntel 2400 MHz Recent Intel RAM: 2048 MB O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.1 Service Pack 3 build 2600 RSOptions: Could not open options file options.xml for reading, using defaults Ghost Recon (RELEASE) version = RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Creating a 1920x1200 window at 0,0 on monitor Plug and Play Monitor attached to ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series RSDisplayMgr::CreateGameWindow: Game running on primary display Plug and Play Monitor attached to ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series RSDirect3DRenderer::Initialize3DEnvironment: Could not create device RSDirect3DRenderer: Could not initialize 3D environment RSDisplayMgr::CreateRenderer: Could not initialize renderer RSUIMgr::Initialize() : Could not initialize mDisplayMgrIkeGameMgr::Initialize() : Could not initialize UI_MGR: -1 ********************DXDIAG************* ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 2/9/2009, 12:11:31 Machine name: E6600CORE2DUO Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp.080413-2111) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: GBT___ System Model: GBTUACPI BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG Processor: IntelĀ® Core2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs) Memory: 3326MB RAM Page File: 1985MB used, 1434MB available Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS DirectX Version: DirectX 10.0 (4.10.0000.6000) DX Setup Parameters: Not found DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.5512 32bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab: No problems found. Display Tab 1: No problems found. Sound Tab 1: Music Tab: No problems found. Input Tab: No problems found. Network Tab: No problems found.
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