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  1. Binky can covert .wav files to .bank? that's great... the main idea was really overwrite the original ones. thank you
  2. Hello, I'm planning make a mod to GRAW based in Rio/Brasil which will have OGR Missions in Rio with new textures and of course the sound must be changed/replaced from others that match with the new city. I don't remember see any GRAW mod that change audio files... is that possible? I saw that all audio files are .bank in the game how can I create them? is there a converter from wav or what? or is not possible to change the audio from the game? thank you
  3. www.mods.hajas.org

  4. seams a bandwidth problem... where are you hosting your server? at your home? if yes, which is your UPLOAD connection? and which rate you setup in the server config?
  5. Hey, we were since that time at ArtOfWarCentral (http://artofwarcentral.com/Graw-servers.asp) which have GREAT prices and HAD an amazing service. Over a month ago they changed the servers to Win2008 and simply our both GRAW and GRAW2 servers are unplayable. The servers ALWAYS crash after few minutes online. The configs are 100% FINE! and was working in the other machine and works here at home. We are now looking for another game hosting that can host GRAW and GRAW2 servers, those above only host GRAW2 servers unfortunatelly. Any idea about another hosting service? thanks!
  6. Searching a new game host for GRAW

  7. I don't belive that still have DEMO servers online now... but the game it's REALLY great... try the SP Demo, and if you like buy it at www.xfire.com (best price I know) cheers
  8. ok, but what exactly is your problem? what happen? any msg error? "can not launch" didn't tell us anything... your machine will load GRAW2 fine, I have a old PC here with the same specs running both GRAWs fine. did you installed AGEIA drivers right?
  9. I'm not at home on the moment, but it's not difficult to find... hit control+F and search for "ghost recon" or "graw" and you gonna find without problems. cheers
  10. I had a similar problem and opened a support ticket at Ubisoft and they said is not possible to get the key back. *Deleted They offered me a new key for around US$15 on that time... but since you can buy GRAW2 at XFire today for US$9.95, I can't believe the key only will cost more than US$5 today, so will worth pay a little more to avoid all that trouble. Open a support ticket at Ubisoft and take a try. good luck! * Admin edit for content. We do not allow discussions regarding pirating games.
  11. Hello, I'm playing GRAW for years but never with a dedicated server, I'm going to upload a server to my clan here in Brasil and I'm a little lost about some stuff... 1. where/how to setup the map rotation? or he will simply load a map after another in the same gametype of the server? 2. how to setup the autodownload files? I know that GRAW2 doesn't have that feature, but GRAW1 has right? if anyone host a GRAW1 COOP server please send me your config files to let me know how it works, I have a GRAW2 COOP server with very nice features, I can send you my config if you want. so, please zip the files and send to hajas@bloodculture.com.br or copy/paste here. thank you!
  12. Hello, any of you could point nice host providers to let me host 2 coop servers in USA? I want to host one GRAW and one GRAW2 server. thanx!
  13. yeah, I only hosted LAN servers of GRAW2 before, but no one were dedicated. I started a copy of the server at my machine, and give me the same error... well, then I start again in the original game folder without RIP anything... then not crashed. maybe is just a coincidence... but I'll try to upload the videos to see if stop the crashes. we are hosting over here in Brasil, and for sure the quality of hosting here is not close as host in US or Europe. any other suggestion is very welcome. thanks for the reply...
  14. Hello, we just opened a new server over here yesterday, but is crashing in the end of the maps, sometimes the map changes without problems, sometimes it just crash. the error is always the same: how I installed the server: 1. Installed GRAW2 at my machine 2. Patched to 1.05 3. Removed the Videos dir (\Data\movies) 4. set the settings to our server 5. Upload to our host it runs great, we can play for more than a hour, but at the end of the map, it's 80% of chances to the server crash... is the missing videos? or something else that I did wrong or simply forget? thanks!
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