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  1. ]As the title of this thread says , this was my first attempt at a weapon skin, any comments on looks etc are more than welcome , (I reaaaaaally didnt like the "day-glo" original Scar !!!!!!! ).
  2. The BBC shot themselves in the foot when they first introduced the IPlayer , from the start it should have been a subscription service , with those who pay for a TV licence fee receiving a password in order to access content and those who just wanted to watch online being charged in a manner similar to the way "ITunes" works. The BBC simply did not predict how popular watching "content " online was going to be when they first introduced the IPlayer, and the loss of revenue that would come with that popularity. The figures speak for themselves , according to "http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4641006.stm" in an article written before the IPlayer was introduced "The government revealed that the total television licence fee revenue collected by the BBC for 2000-1 to 2004-5 was more than £13bn." yet according to the BBC's 2008–2009 Annual Report this figure now stands at £3,493.8 million in licence fees collected from householders. As usual it's all about the money .I do not agree with the BBC now in hindsight trying to introduce plans to charge a licence fee for their online program content.......closing the stable door after the horse has bolted springs to mind !!!
  3. There I am happily playing away and out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of something ......... now I have been modding away happily but I didnt create THAT MONSTER , who knew that the AI could mod their own weapons !!!! Has anyone else ever seen any funny in-game glitches ?
  4. Loving this mod !!!!! (now if only I could get my team to stand together for a group photo ! )
  5. Thank you , what else can I say apart from you're a god amongst men Brettzies !!! , it both works and looks fantastic .
  6. Thank you for the reply , I have got to say that I wasnt expecting a reply from "the creator" himself ( V impressed!!!!!) All I can say is ...........thank the [deleted] for that !!!!!! it wasnt me !!!! LOL ,
  7. First things first ,I am using GRAW1 with the latest Brettzies mod pack (which is fantastic!!!), using this pack I have worked out a quick fix solution to changing the headgear by simply changing the name of the DDS file following the path "textures / atlas_characters / bpgear / diffuse and so I can affect a global character change through the various different colours / versions of the "bp_mich2001" (eg _tan ,_ ,black _ ,grey) and the same with the ballcap, I have tried on many different occasions to change the headgear to the boonie hat and the skullcap by editing the "XML" doc but to no avail . My question is simply this firstly how do I change what headgear each individual character is wearing from the options that are available in brettzies pack ( boonie hat , skullcap , ballcap , mich2001 )? After 5 months of trying to work out how to do this and numerous "google" and forum searches I have not been able to find any information on how to do it , and so with a plea of "will somebody please help me ! I havent much hair left on my head after pulling most of mine out after countless failed attempts and I dont wanna be bald !!!!! ", I await any help /advice anybody can give me . Many thanks in advance !
  8. Thank you for the very prompt replies on the original post .....may I just say a huge thank you for one of the best if not the best mods I have played GEEZ I am addicted to ghost recon all over again !
  9. I have searched through the forum and also my friend google has let me down on this one! Can anyone please assist me ? currently playing the DYNACOMP Mod and have reached the 3rd mission ,have completed all the objectives yet when the mission ends it tells me I have lost! Is this an error in the mod ? as I know it is an incomplete mod, or is there something I am missing ? I have tried playing this without any other mods activated but still have the same problem when all the objectives are completed and the mission is over ! Help !
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