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  1. Hi John, Thanks for another great map. I played it in SP and MP modes, and couldn't find any serious issues. SP is just perfect in my opinion. MP on the other hand has at least 2 VERY annoying campers behind bushes: As you know, the ai can see and shoot through the bushes and we can't see them. So please don't ever do that , thanks.
  2. Hi John, There's a few things Brett forgot to mention here We've found one bot behind the fence: If you climb up the fence, you'll be able to get inside the extraction area(screenshot was taken one week ago when I was testing with jfk): AI gets stuck at some poles: That's all for now. Wish you all the best John, take care.
  3. Hi Bob, What changes have you made to Urban Conflict and Bogie's Pollux? I'm asking because I don't see anything different apart from the text on some buildings...
  4. Hi John, Played the map quite a few times and didn't find any serious issues. I saw 1 guy spawn in view at trigger 04 though (same guy as in daro48's screenshot). Other than that, I think this mission is ready for a public release If you need more help then let me know.
  5. I found this guy in a wall too:
  6. Hi John, Here is my report. 1. I don't know what this thing is, but it's floating: 2. More floating stuff This time some grass at the extraction: 3. This tank sometimes gets stuck by the pillar: 4. Panhard spawns in view (I think this trigger was activated by me but I didn't see a trigger number): 5. Some bots spawn in view at triggers 08A and 08B. They were activated by justFineKill as he was approaching the building from the West: My favourite part in this mission is the exploding tower. I didn't even know it was possible...amazing is all I have to say. One more thing. When I test the maps I usually test them in a small team (2-4 players) and most of the time we stick together. I didn't have any lag, but as kaapo already mentioned, I have noticed a LOT of passive bots too. Other than that, it's a great mission. Keep them coming John
  7. I and ebk played v1.1 the other night. This time I found only 2 issues: 1. RPG guy at the extraction is still spawning in view: 2. I tried restarting the server about 10 times. Server restarts without a problem, but each client's game crashes every single time we restart the server with the same error message: data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecustom.dsf(-1): cant find member: composition in type <Unit> Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded The only time my game didn't crash was when I had started the mission, but trigger 1 wasn't activated yet. Also, having 3 mules in this mission may cause even more issues.
  8. I and JustFineKill tested v2_1 last night and didn't have any issues with extraction. I think it is ready for a public release.
  9. Hi John, You are getting better and better at making maps and missions. Although, I have to admit I didn't like this mission the first time I played, because every dark corner is filled with campers, but now I can't get enough of it. I just memorise these spots and take them out with a bang Ok, here are the issues that I found: 1. The first obvious issue I found is the names of every objective, that contains a word "Destrory" in it. 2. Then I've noticed that some objects like a bridge has no texture and the bottom of HQ building has some texture missing. 3. Not sure how this happened, but the first tme I played the phone booth parts got in my way inside the Intel building: This is probably because of my nade spam...It helps to have a mule next to the objective 4. Next to the Intel objective there's a building with 2 campers. One of them is spawning inside the wall every time I play. I took 2 screenshots from 2 sides of the building so you could get a better idea of where it is: 5. As you've mentioned, at the extraction most of the barrels remain in place, but the last time I played most of them were destroyed and we could easily get through. 6. At the extraction, just after I passed the barrels, I saw some of the AI spawning in front of my eyes. 7. This map is crashing a lot. When I tried to reload the map, got a client crash: data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecustom.dsf(-1): cant find member: composition in type <Unit> Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Tried restarting again and then the server crashed: data\lib\units\extensions\damagesystem.dsf(-1): cant find member: activate in type SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\script_network\networkdamage.dsf(0) Renderer: normal Physics : normal Before the extraction I selected a shotgun at the mule and server crashed: data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecustom.dsf(-1): cant find member: setup_grenade_ammo in type Renderer: normal Physics : normal That's all for now. Btw, I love the way all doors are opening. I guess you borrowed this idea from Rad. I simply love it. I appreciate all the hard work you put inside your maps and missions. Thanks for keeping graw2 alive Cheers, trip
  10. I played the mission again with another 6-7 players, but we still couldn't extract.
  11. So maybe none of you were killed at the extraction and you were moving very close to each other?
  12. I think there's always going to be a problem if there are 4+ players on the server. They will try to hug around the objective and at least one of them will be outside the extraction location. I'll let others speak for themselves now
  13. Hi John, I was playing with daro48 when this happened. We were unable to extract because the extraction objective is quite far away from the middle of the extraction location.
  14. I don't know why ebk used a noobtube to destroy his ride home. You know I never use it
  15. I and ebk just found one bug in this mission. At the extraction there is a pickup truck coming. I think at least one player has to get inside to end the mission. But if you destroy this pickup with GL or a nade, then the mission won't end.
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