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  1. Hello old friend.(JOHN) I will never stop testing your maps so must be very bad and I think still I want to test ha ha John is stupid money I give out when I make my server free for all but still not being used I might as well shut it down but John is your good maps that have helped to keep alive serve these years it has been running but john as I say I will never stop playing GRAW2 long as you are doing as good a job and your friendship, I would certainly not do without . Take care Egon ebk52 Ghostsoldiers Elite
  2. Dear Players Ghost Soldiers have now been 3 years I do not play so much more as I have done but I was ready to let it run even though I do not as often as I have done on the server but if not there are so many using it more I will shut it down at the next installment of money that is soon it's a shame to have it be used more would have let it go on but this is not so thank you to all players who have used my server,my English is not the beste but I hope you understand it anyway so again thanks for the good times we've had on serv, together ebk52 Ghostsoldiers Elite hey guys
  3. Hi Cjo 1964 what are you trying to suck you into the john we have accepted at once a few years and he knows what I mean stop it and stay in your sandbox when the old talk together, nobody thought it john doing it largest in history graw2 ha ha it's not really john (joke) but true, you develop the game faster than I can follow you john that is probably why you can not cope with excitement to the next map ha ha but ofcause john as our little boy says take your time take your time do not get old to fast toast to your good work little john, toast to your good work little john, greet your wife and say I want to return to the contact we had I've been hit by a blood infection and has gone and been lax in a while, but of course if she wants it . =GE=ebk52 Ghostsoldiers Elite
  4. hi hi John, I will not be repeating myself, the new still you do is of course a piece of good work for graw and, the same I am told by my players and they are good at helping to tell me if there are things they think is not as it should be, but John from the folder has finished testing and give it out , is too long to wait, you can not short it down a bit I have to take it off and on every time I need to test, I let the folder be on my server player can not use the service the time it is on the folder, is this possible John a little shorter after the completion test =GE=ebk52 Ghostsoldiers ELITE PLEASE lol you know i have only first class maps on my serv that why i only play you maps lol lol and my team and mapmaker friend triplex maps lol from the past
  5. UHI John, I must give JackDoe right, that it is and has been in a little while ready for release as everyone says nice with something new and good, without much lag, all in all legs good piece of work is again done by you ha ha, ha ha ready to release it. john ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite P.S....., a good piece of work can not connect my server if I put it on the players (not testers) can not access my server it can go a short time while we are testing but it can not go after lool
  6. Hi John it's running just further along you are doing a splendid piece of work and we will be more happy to play your folders which gets you all the things that needed to renew the folders in this way they are almost too beautiful to play lol and more exciting to fight through ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite
  7. Hi John yes I can only say again that you are doing good work graw2 continues to evolve for the better, I'm excited to see how far you can reach, because there is always some change each time when you are doing new folders, colors and surroundings are just beautiful, had it not been for that you have developed so well I would probably quit the game for long time ago, but I'm just glad that this has not happened, the last map here is again one of your best and to be honest john if I encounter a small error is so small a format that I do not like to mention it but this would of course then not be helpful to you if I did not do so it is of course, I keep saying if I encounter a error, finally I would say thanks and I hope I do it for everyone who plays your folders ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite
  8. John you cant give the map free i think it is god and you shal not do more whit it .ebk52
  9. Hi John now has the folder the good things that make it very good to implement the changes you have made with the houses and towers are just Extremely beautiful you have made ​​some changes that make graw 2 again an exciting game to play I thought it went a little be a transition but now it is again an exciting with a sharp curve upward on the last map here is just so exciting to implement that if I start it, I stop not until the end, you develop graw2 now so it again is nice to play, good job john the praise you deserve and as long as it develops as it does with your good work as you put in stops Ghostsoldiers not to exist ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite
  10. Hey John, I find it hard to give you enough praise for this map is one of your back beste masterpieces I found not so much as one place where there was a problem it was so exciting to me and MAD-M could not stop until after 4 hours we ride alone all the way to the end you have developed Graw 2 that players still after so many years and it is also myself love the game and as long as you're doing so good maps Ghostsoldiers Elite will exist my friend John as long as you continue to make so god work i dont spop play graw 2 i hope you cant read it as you know my english is not the best
  11. , HI John Triplex and me wars trying to get you map dawnloadet bot whitout eny lock the mesage we get is the file is not ok if you cant take a loke whot there is wrong and make it we whot like to test it hey ebk52
  12. hi daro48 I can support much of what the others say whit too many blind alleys I went to your map by faith now I really enjoy myself when it was your first map but I had shot my ass in the laser many times the meaning of your map war ok what I found difficult was that when you have conquered a place were they keep coming from somewhere behind at you,i think there is to many spaw behiend you where you have been it was hard but all in all you have done it very well when you think it's your first map so congratulations on the result and i loke fore to join you next map whit a litle better colour i hope lol lol :santa: ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite
  13. hey John not bad with renewal I was alone on hard and reached 94 aier before I had to bite into the ground but the map was ok until I gave up playing when i file it wars to hard to play alone on hard lol lol, it was too hard to will be fine but I have not some problems, it run fine too, will now fine one to run hard and get it out completely ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite
  14. hello my friend John since the map has stood still for a while now it's to it is ready to get out what I've tried to run is very delicate and could be a very nice track but I would not put it on my server before you say ok to it, it's not much you listen to you the last time, keeps you pause or perhaps stopped for awhile =GE=ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite
  15. Hi John I had no problems playing the map now lag, way to put a map up on is that you know exactly my style and do I test it for errors and can not find any so I can only say one litle more masterpiece in my eyes, and I'm so glad your back turned to graw2 and gave something dead back to life,, to take your good work John is a few who do not see the god work you do for Graw 2 =GE=ebk52 =GE=Ghostsoldiers Elite ::: PS:i hope you cant read it as you se my english is not the best.
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