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  1. Yes, it did recreate the file with no entries. So, in the future, I will be playing against myself. Thank you!
  2. The game shows me the best mission times for defplayer, but actually I want to keep track of my best mission times. Is there some file which I need to delete? Thanks!
  3. Thanks. So, if I hear a crack, then I am firing supersonic ammo in GRHU? How do I know when I select a weapon in the game what type of rounds that I am getting? Thanks for your help. (I am having a great time with this GRHU!)
  4. There is a PDF in the extras folder which has ranges. Would you know if HUb8 has flash bangs or only frag grenades? Flash bangs would obviously be nice for hostage rescue. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for that. It was the sound which confused me, since I was pretty SD was for silenced also you can see it in the gun's graphic. I wonder why these were not set to produce a click sound? BTW, the range on these weapons are very short. 200-300M. I assume that all silenced weapons are going to be short range, correct? Thanks.
  6. Okay, so I should just ignore that many of these make loud bangs and opposed to quiet clicks? Thanks.
  7. GR 1.4PC + HU b8: How to recognized silenced rifles? To be used for stealth mission types. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone know where all these quick mission types are documented? Thanks.
  9. This is the version from GOG with DRM removed. I can live with it like this, but it is hard to imagine that anyone missed such thing in testing.
  10. Threat Indicator East/West Reversed? Only East/West; not North/South. Is this a known bug? v1.4 PC
  11. I found the AI not be very helpful. Like I would jump to each of three squad and very quickly position them to defend the three axis of advance. However, the AI even though it is covering an exposed flank just likes to turn to the nearest threat. Invariably, those who are covering my back get shot in theirs ... and then me in mine. I've tried various weapons. Each has its pluses and minuses: (1) SAW. Great for dealing with a close charge. Not so good for stealth or distance shots. Although it does supress the enemy, it seems that you actually prefer them not going to ground so that you can kill them. (2) Silenced. Good for shooting from the shadows repeatedly and they don't really pick up where it is coming. You can pick off a steady stream of hostiles provided they are close enough to not consider the low velocity rounds to be bee stings. (3) Rifle. Good for picking off the enemy as they approach from distance. But it does give away your position and you are somewhat vulnerable in the rush. --- I find displacing quite hard. I mean you cannot move backwards very fast. It seem shooting prone it best if you got your flanks covered. However, once you get a red threat indicator, you really need to displace, since you know someone is going to lob a grenade. But it is hard to displace ... it would be nice if there was some type of withdrawal command. Sort of a reverse bounding overwatch. So, one guy could turn run and set up in cover while having his back covered. --- Another thing that makes things hard is that they cannot reach your base. (even if you would wipe them out) I found that if you can make it through the initial wave, then going on the offensive and counter attacking may be best. First, when the teams spread apart it is more likely that someone will have field of fire rather than everyone being screened. Second, pushing out seems to have affect of breaking up the rythm of subsequent attacks. --- I must say I like the pace and speed of DEFEND; compared to slow and careful movement of fire fight or a mission. I used to play a lot of Combat Mission. DEFEND reminds of a CM fire fight where at close range squads would quickly be decimated in just five minutes. Additionally, the feel is very different than other modes of play where there isn't too much of fire going back and forth ... everything is pretty long range and lethal. In DEFEND, there are lots of burst and suppressing fire. --- BTW, I have tried the trick of playing DEFEND in COOP-MP with all AI. You get an extra three men. Additionally, it seems that the attacking AI is not as good as in SP. --- Is there any way I can alter the standard defend profile? Generally, the attack seems to begin in 45 seconds. I would love to have say 3-5 minutes and position each team in cover with the best possible fields of fire and protection of flanks. IMHO, this would still be a hasty defense (it's not like in 3 minutes anyone is going dig any foxholes or trenches; or deploy any heavy weapons). --- Has anyone made any MEETING ENGAGEMENT type scenarios where the both sides enter from opposite sides of the map and shoot it out? Or how about a CAPTURE THE FLAG where both sides maneuver trying to take a position and then hold it for a certain amount of time? Thanks.
  12. Recently I have been enjoying some defend missions. But I find them very brutal and hard to survive. Does anyone have any tips for me? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for your very detailed answer. Some of what you noted was covered in some of the site articles as to how to use movement and fire orders. I started playing around today with using the commands as opposed to controling each team manually. I certainly am able to cover ground much quicker in moderate safety. However, the teams although they move okay, they tend to have various shortcommings: (1) They don't know when lack of LOS puts them in a bad situation. (2) The command map shows cover and concealment well. However, it does not have topological features. This makes it difficult to know if you are ordering teams to move in dead space or ordering them to sky light themselves. Or to know if a team is in a good position to provide cover. (3) The teams do a better job of 360 spotting than I do manually. However, manually I spend my time using binoculars or scope scanning and am more likely to pick up distant threats.
  14. The site has an article on stats. It states that each 3 command points of the soldier with the max boosts everyone else's points by +1 in each category. My question: If that senior soldier is killed during the mission, then does everyone immediately drop -1 in each category or the stats fixed at mission start? In other words, should you make a special effort to protect your leader? Thanks.
  15. A friend game me his copy of GR Gold a few weeks ago. The only FPS I ever played was a little bit OFP back in 2001/2002. I have the say this is great game. Very immersive and addictive. I was curious if any of you vets use the command feature to move teams? (note my question pertains to SP) I played around with that the first couple of days, but I now find myself taking personal control of each team to move. I find the AI doesn't do such a great job on the hunt or attack. However, it does very well providing cover, overwatch, and abush. If do use the movement orders, then when and how do you use them? Thanks.
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