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  1. A bug in 89 Tropics Fog. I fired on an enemy approaching from 100M->40M. I must have put 20 rounds into him. It was as if they were hitting an invisible force field. At 40M, he returned fire. And you know what happened ... KIA.
  2. I have switched from sniping to up close and personal. Tropics-XL-Fog two men in with silenced weapons. SIEGE (FIREFIGHT is too hard to find everyone). I have gone inveteran. I need to see how far I can push it. SIEGE-XXL at EXPERT!
  3. What are some good maps for sniping???? I like two teams with only two soldiers total. Fire fight. Sniper and scout/security. Either the M110 SASS SD or the HK417 16" SD. (I find the M110 generally better. As the HK417 has more range, but takes too long to stabilize. Very hard to hit moving targets or more than a single man.) I have been playing the map: "River Crossing". There aren't many really good sniping maps. Both of the above can reach across most of the map, but few maps have lots of open/distant LOS and good set up positions. It is a lot of fun hitting distant targets; knowing when to displace; and displacing safely as it is often through closed guarded gaps which you must do it.
  4. IBEX 3050 I made a mod since HUb8 which puts the binoculars back. Send me a PM with with an email, and I will send it to you. It is only about 1k bytes.
  5. I am using the one I made for HUb8 that works fine. I can zip and email if you cannot get it working.
  6. I don't know how to get the voice prompts back. But I have a mod that get the red OPFOR back on the map. And I use it. It is good enough for me.
  7. Why did Specialists Tunney and Ramirez swap roles from b8->b9? Thanks.
  8. So, I am playing GR/HUb9. Scoped shots for the most part fill the view with the zoomed image and the scope barrel. Yes, there is a slight bit outside the barrel which is visible (and I believe zoomed). I am wondering: (1) When you use a scope, do you keep both eyes open? (2) If you keep both eyes open, are you still conscious of vision particularly motion with the unscoped eye? (Yes, I am aware snipers go out in teams with a spotter who provides security for the shooter.) HUb9 has a full screen mod for scopes. It does up the FOV, but I don't use it ... it is nothing like keeping two eyes open. It would only aid in tracking moving targets while zoomed.
  9. Rocky, I would be willing to zip and upload, but you will notice that it is only applicable to the weapon groups which I fit my play style (7). Let me know. Thanks.
  10. New and improved. Grenades added back too. In fact, this was much easier to do as the text strings are quite unique.
  11. There it is 7 mods (ammo legacy) for the weapons groups which I always assign from. Personally (besides disability), I have jumped into an XXL fire fight using just 2 Ghosts in 2 teams. I don't see how one could play such a thing in HUb9 with the limited ammo. (I don't know why they {RSE} don't let you pick up weapons from the dead. There are certainly enough lying around. That would be cool.) The mods were built with 3 tools: * Opus File Manager (to cull what I wanted) * WinBatch to drive the file edits * SED (UNIX stream editor) to zap the files About 3,000 files were altered.
  12. I am working on my ammo mod now. I am considering just leaving it in place all the time. Why? I have twitches and tremors which are already enough of a challenge to hit anything!
  13. You go from 12 -> 5 magazines. That would pretty tough for XXL. As I only use 8-10 weapons, I am thinking of just creating a mod to reset the number of magazines when playing XL and XXL.
  14. With the limited ammo how is one suppose to achieve XL and XXL missions? Thanks.
  15. Well, I like it. Some really challenging stuff. * The AI rapid reinforcement by vehicle. * Ammo is really an issue and you need to go single shot. In the past, your could only run out of ammo if you second kit was not ammo and were on full auto. * The AI seems to often seem to run when they would have walked. The running does not necessarily lead to harder shots, but as a team is on the move it is harder to take down the running team. * The AI seems just a tad slower on draw. It is more exciting as you can actually get the drop on them. * Some missions perhaps the timing needs to be reworked. Like flaming pillar. I don't see how to get to the refinery in the allotted time. You have to sprint, and there are many guns drawing a bead on you along the way. * Finally, as for the multitude of kits. I don't really find that as a problem. I have created some standard squads like: - Heavy Assault1 - Heavy Assault2 - CQB1 - CQB2 - Assault Quiet - Assault Suppressed - Sniper Thus, I can quickly put together the team I want based on the kit numbers. It doesn't seem to a problem. I have yet to try the stun grenades for hostage rescue. Looking forward to that. I am also wondering how stun rifles work. Sounds like another good hostage weapon. Stun whoever. If it is not a hostage, take a pistol out and shoot them in the head. The only issue which I have really had is the save/load crash on the caves map. PS: I am mainly playing in mission mode as opposed to campaign mode. With the absence experience points, this seems the way to go.
  16. Ha ha ha ... a lucky break. Rigor mortis takes hours in real life. In GR, it is instantaneous.
  17. Been playing. Fanatastic! Now if if i could on fix he save mission #1.
  18. Actually, I was surprised by the automatic saves. Apex, I thought it goes against how you feel it should be played. In any case, I don't know where the setting is but, I made my own checkpoint and screen capture script delete them as they occur. The clutter is now gone. Thanks! DirCount=ItemCount(GameSavePaths, @TAB) For DirIndex = 1 to DirCount GameSavePath=ItemExtract(DirIndex, GameSavePaths, @Tab) CurrentDir=DirGet() DirChange(GameSavePath) ErrorMode(@OFF) FileDelete("heroes_unleashed_*.sav"); <========================= This takes care of it about every second. ErrorMode(@ON) SaveFileName=FileItemize(GameSaveQuick) If SaveFileName<>"" Then Delay(2) Base=TimeYmdHms() NewBase1=StrSub(Base, 3, 17) NewBase2=StrReplace(NewBase1, ":", "_") NewBase3=StrCat(NewBase2, ".sav") FileRename(SaveFileName, NewBase3) Beep() End IF DirChange(CurrentDir) Next
  19. What is the path to that timer file? Thanks! Any way to fix the cave's map crash on load of a save by copying something out b8? Thanks.
  20. Thanks for this excellent work! How to turn off autosave? I have my own checkpointing facility based on quicksaves. Thanks.
  21. Thanks. I got that by unpacking the mod. Would you know the answer to this? Thanks!
  22. I have Ghost Recon + HU100b8 installed; slightly modded by myself. I have just completed my first campaign of "Base GR" and have moved on to "Desert Siege". I am reluctant to just toss it. At the same time, I am really psyched after reading about HU100b9, and want to get that loaded. What I did was when I originally had a clean install of GR and the expansions, I zipped it up. Now, I would like to unzip the clean install to a different directory and add HU100b9. Can I run two installs of GR side by side? (Or were there registry settings created during the first install which are critical?) Thanks!
  23. It says may account is unable to access that page. Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1 Contact Us
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