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  1. I didn't buy GTA4 for the PC because of the DRM. Stupid idiots.
  2. No offence, but I thought SOC was a better game. Clear Sky felt like I was playing SOC again, but without the originality.....also, despite patching, I got stuck in Yantar and dumped the game after that. You only need a 250GTS or 4830/50 to max SOC at 1920x1200, but Clear Sky is nearly twice as demanding for minimal improvements.
  3. It took me 9 hours according to my xfire log but that was playing with no regard for the secrets. I think the first one wad about the same sort of length. I'll spend more time on the demo's when I get a break from playing GTR Evo, but I'll probably buy these as a twin pack later on.
  4. Are you challenging the authenticity of the recent spate of video's? The video's prove to me that OFP... Looks very good and this improves the level of realism and atmosphere. Has a combo of long and mid range shooting, but more focused on mid range as CM's know that's more fun. Vehicle and character animations seems heaps better than Arma2. Has a compelling day/night cycle Has a huge range of weapons and vehicles, and the vehicles should be easy to use compared to Arma2. Should provide well in excess of 15hrs gameplay in SP mode. Guns looks excellent, sound great, and both hit detec
  5. Buggy and incomplete Arma2 can't compete, so what else is there?
  6. This will be the best tactical shooter ever.
  7. IMO, this game is probably going to be fun for an hr, and then it's console clunkyness might get the better of you. I have both the original demo and this one, but my feeling is that the first one might be better. COJ strikes me as a mix between run and gun and cover and gun but either due to the console clunky weapons, or just the weapons themselves, it doesn't seem that satisfying after a little while. Can anyone tell me how long the game time is in the first COJ?.....I know most people complete this one in approx 5-6hrs.
  8. I won't say anything other than when I used that feature, I noticed how few posts there was relative to the apparent size of the forum.....but Pave has made his case and sounds fair enough.
  9. I wonder if forum activity could benefit by reducing the number of forums? There seems to be so many different forums, and many of them get very little activity, OTOH, if the forums were condensed, it would immediately give the appearance of being busier, and people might feel compelled to post.
  10. Gr4 will now have to compete with OFP DR. If you've seen the latest vids, you'll know what I mean....granted, diehard fans will probably buy it anyway, but if they want to appeal to a wider audience, they'll have to offer something up to date, if not class leading.
  11. I typically don't hero worship developers nor follow gossip, so it may have been repeated 80 billion times and I'd still be oblivious
  12. So I dled the demo. I guess it's okay but it looks like 2004-5. I'd rather risk the money on Arma2's SP.
  13. Not sure, but if it went gold in may I would assume it's been released somewhere in the world. I'll do some googling for it. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1218079341045 It's out. It's also on Steam....but I always prefer a DVD and would like some feedback regarding my questions, so hopefully someone sees this eventually
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