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  1. Doesn't leave much time to fish does it?
  2. Thanks Rocky, I have been doing pretty much exactly that. Looks like it's going to be a 27" Dell. I don't have the model number in front of me, (you know how long they are) but it has all the high end stuff and it's on sell for $450.00 US. And NightCrawler........how much time do you spent playing GR-W on that monitor? And judging by the room decor, how much time do you spend watching fishing videos??? Let me guess. You need it to be that long so you can see those really big fish. OldGhost.
  3. So did the game creator's include a first person view in Wildlands??? OldGhost.
  4. That's his concealed carry weapon. Just sayin.
  5. Hi all. Well, after 10 years of flawless service, my Samsung monitor died in it's sleep. Now I need you all to educate me so I can pick a new one for my gaming. I've started looking around and I see there are some monitors with higher refresh rates, curved screens and features like G-Synk. What is that?? Also, I have red some things that hinted that there are games out there that can't be played on monitors with higher refresh rates. Is this true and how can I tell which ones can and which ones can't. So can you give me some links that I can go to so I can read up on all the latest cool features and gizmos a good gaming monitor should have? What they are and how they work? And of course, any knowledge you would like to share with me here in this forum would be appreciated too. Things like, what monitors you would recommend and what ones I should stay away from. Or any other thoughts you may have. Thanks all. OldGhost.
  6. Yea, from the gameplay I saw on the internet, I figured it was pretty much like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and Battlefield. Sense these are games that I have been playing I thought what the heck, It might be worth buying. But if I can’t launch and play it from my computer without having to logon to some UBISOFT website then it’s not worth it to me. I would appreciate it if someone could let me know for sure about this. Anyone know if UBISOFT is going to require you to logon to their website to launch and play the single player part of Ghost Recon: Wildlands? OldGhost.
  7. Hi all. When UBISOFT came out with GR:FS, I didn’t like what I was hearing about the game so I left the GR community to play other games. Recently I came back to this website just for a look-see. Red some posts, found some gameplay on the internet. The game doesn’t look that bad. Other than the cloaking camo, I like the tech and it is not all that different from the games I have been playing. Some questions though. 1. You do not have full control of your squad like you did in the rest of the GR series, correct? 2. When you buy the game, do you get the entire game or do you have to go to a UBISOFT website and download some part of the game? 3. After the game is installed on my computer, can I play the single player part of the game without my computer having to be connected to the internet, or do I have to play that part of the game through a UBISOFT server? And anything else you think that I may need, or need to know in order to buy, install, and play the game would be most welcome also. Thanks all. OldGhost.
  8. Hi all. Been away from this site sense they came out with Ghost Recon: Future Solder. Didn’t like the direction UBISOFT was taking the series so I left to play other games. On impulse I decided to come back here and see what’s new and found that my user name and password still worked so here I am. Surfed a little through the forums, red a couple posts, and now would like you all to catch me up on what’s been going on with the Ghost Recon series with some questions. 1. Has UBISOFT come out with another GR game sense GR:FS? And has UBISOFT found the wisdom to make it more like OGR? 2. What is Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and what is it about? 3. What is Ghost Recon: Phantoms, and what is it about? Apologies if I posted this in the wrong forum. Any and all answers and comments welcome people. Thanks all. OUT. OldGhost.
  9. Yea. For me, between TPP and UBI's DRM crap , this kills it for me. All I can do now, is wait for the next installment after this one and hope UBI figures it out. Ghost Recon has evolved into something defferent then it once was. Like the difference between dinosours and birds. OldGhost.
  10. If............repeat........if........they have trashed the idea of the always on-line DRM, . Then they have at least moved in the right direction I think that the basic idea is sound but I agree with Zeealex that they need to monitor a more perminent part of a computers hardware. But I am not sure what that would be OldGhost.
  11. Yes I agree with BS PALADIN. Now it's time for you detective tipes to dig and find answers to questions like what kind of anti--piracy crap they are going to include to muck the game? OldGhost.
  12. This is why I Love posting such questions on GHOSTRECON.NET. I'm going to copy these highly to another file and print them out so I can take them in to the local computer shop with me. Thanks for your time people........and keep the thoughts and comments comming. OldGhost
  13. Thanks Pave Low. So, I take it that both games will let me play them offline, and that the downleaded STEAM client in my computer is the key that unlocks that ability? OldGhost.
  14. Hello Ghosts. I’m hoping you can answer some questions about two games for PC for me. They are “Call of Duty MW3” and “Battlefield 3”. First some background information. Both of these games require you to at least register them with STEAM. And some games require you to play just the single player part of the game online on the company servers. Well, I have had nothing but bad experiences with putting my gaming computer online. I contract some kind of virus and end up having to “ Flush the whole Toilet” and start over loading in all the drivers, settings, games, mapping the keys, playing all the missions, and when I get it all back just where I want my computer to be, here comes another virus. So my gaming computer just doesn’t see the internet. But I still want to play computer games. Soooooooo.......... Question: I dropped in to the STEAM website and red the licensing and registration agreement. It said...”YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SECURITY OF YOUR COMPUTER”. Well, sooner or later a virus or something worse will find us all. And if my account and password gets out, STEAM will try to prosecute me? Do I really need to be concerned about this or am I just making it more difficult then it needs to be? And just how difficult is it to open a STEAM account? Question: If either or both of the games above require you to play the single player part online, I just won’t buy them. But if either or both games require that you only need to register them online and then you can play the single player part OFFLINE, then I would consider buying them and taking my computer in to my local computer shop and using their very good anti-virus protection to register the games and bring the computer home to play. So, what are you required to do before you can play these games offline? Thanks for your time people. OldGhost.
  15. A prediction. This may force game console makers to include this technology and control hookups into their consoles. AND......... Speed the extinction of games made for PC. OldGhost.
  16. I agree with you **STAR**. The PC really is the best way to game. But the game companies are forcing you to jump through so many flaming hoops, it's getting just too hard and not worth the effort. It's forcing me to look at other options. OldGhost.
  17. Thanks MF. I went to that website listed in the Xbox 360 forum ( which is where my post started ) and printed the front page so now I have something investigate. By the way. What did you have to do online to play the single player section of BATTLEFIELD3? OldGhost.
  18. Hi all. Been a long, long while sense I’ve had any real reason to post. Been lurking here though. Elsewhere in this forum there is a post about a device that will allow you to use a keyboard and mouse on your gaming console. I’ve been wondering if this was possible. Looking around the local game stores, I’ve noticed that it’s all console games on the shelves. No PC games. And, I was told that if I want to buy a PC game, I should pre order it as they receive so few PC games that I could miss out when they sell out. And something else to consider is that in order to combat piracy , it seems like all the PC game companies are forcing you, one way or another, to go online with your gaming computer just to play the single player portion of the game. My experience with putting my gaming computer online is that sooner or later, I contract some kind of virus and have to “flush the toilet” and start all over reloading my drivers, settings, games and missions. For these reasons, my gaming computer just does not go online. All this is leading me to feel that games for PC’s are going to go the way of the dinosaur. So, I have started toying with the idea of buying a gaming console. But I just hate.......as in.......JUST HATE using those console controllers. My experience is that they are nowhere near as fast and accurate for getting on target as a mouse. So the idea of using my keyboard and mouse on a gaming console really has my interest. Soooooooo, any information you could post here on the subject would be too cool. One other question. I am interested in two current games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (the latest one) and Battlefield 3. I will not buy these games if I have to play the single player portion online. But if one or both of these games needs to go online JUST to register my ownership, and then allows me to play the single player portion OFFLINE, I mite consider buying one and then taking my computer in to my local computer shop and using their very good anti virus protection to register the game. Is this possible with one or both games? Thanks all. OldGhost.
  19. Thanks Pave Low. you have been more than generous with your time and knowledge. Soooooooooooooo, under the heading of "give him an inch, and he takes a mile"......the video card setting of: Multi-Display/Mixed-GPU Acceleration is currently set to "Multiple Display Performance Mode" (default setting). I have the option of "Single Display Performance Mode" or "Compatibility Performance Mode". What do ya say, set to " Single Display Performance Mode"? FYI, my video card CUDA setting is currentiy set to "use global setting", and the check box by "8800GTS" (my video card) is grayed out so I assume it's turned off. OldGhost.
  20. O.K. I succeeded in switching my video card's PhysX over to CPU but not before it forced me to close a running program. GamerOSD.exe. Not sure how to turn It back on again. I fired up GRAW2 and it looks like I got my FPS back. Running the Ghosts around the quarry and following them while watching my FRAPS counter, the lowest count I saw was about 48 FPS. However, a lot of the time it still looks like I am looking at the game through the blades of a turning fan. The FPS are good enough so that the game should run smoothly so I may have a problem somewhere else. Any guesses? FYI, Vsynk is not on. I then played MoH and the new setting didn't seem to have any bad effects. That game has issues of it's own. I'll save that one for another post. Making a little progress. OldGhost.
  21. Seems I've opened another can of worms here. Pave Low mentioned CUDA. I've seen that in my video card settings. What is it and what doesit do? And yea, I wish someone was looking over my sholder. Thanks for all the effort guys. I'll get back to ya. OldGhost.
  22. Hi all. Been preoccupied for a few days. In my last thread about PhysX I was advised to set my video card PhysX setting to CPU. Sense this will now be a constant on condition, how will it effect my other games that may or may not have PhysX capability? How will it effect the FPS, mouse or keyboard lag, or anything else? Thanks for your previous help. OldGhost.
  23. PROBLEM SOLVED! I plugged in the settings you suggested and the gun magically appeared in my hands. Also, I unchecked that box that said “show only those programs found on this computer” to find a long list of games and MoH was among them. I copied the settings from the Global Settings tab and it all worked. O.K. now for some fine tuning of my settings to try to get just a little more speed from my 8800GTX video card . With Vsynk on, the game runs good overall but there are places and moments when my frame rate drops down enough to cause stuttering. Here is the complete list of the settings for MoH in my computer. Some of them I know about but most are a mystery to me. Any suggestions on setting them with the goal of getting more frame rates out of my video card without loosing too much picture quality along with a short explanation of what they do would be much appreciated. First, the resolution I am running is 1680x1050. This is the native resolution of my monitor. Would it harm anything if I selected a lower resolution from the in-game settings? The latest driver for my video card bumped up the default clock settings to: Core bus = 761 and the Memory Bus to 1122. I have run as high as 770 for the core bus with the memory bus wide open while playing GRAW with no problems. So I’ve got a little room to grow here. So O.K. here are the rest of my settings. What do you all think can be changed to make the game run better and maybe even look better? Anisotropic Filtering = Application Controlled. Antialiasing Gamma-Correction = On. Antialiasing Mode = Application Controlled. Antialiasing Transparence = Off. CUDA-GPUs = All. Extension Limit = Off. Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames = 2. Multi-Display mixed GPU Acceleration = Multiple Display Performance Mode. Texture Filtering Anisotropic Sample Optical = Off. Texture Filtering Negative LOD Bias = Allow. Texture Filtering Quality = Quality. Texture Filtering Trilinear Optimization = Off. Threaded Optimization = Auto. Triple Buffering = On. Vertical Synk = Use the 3D Application. CRAP! There are a lot of settings. Thanks all for your time helping me get the most out of my games. OldGhost.
  24. I put my computer into the shop to have it upgraded just to play MoH. I did so before I loaded the game. I know that I have "A" latest driver for my video card. Where he got it from, I don't Know. This driver has a check box that says: "show only those games/programs that are in this computer". Or something like that. I will un-check the box and see if it will show me it's compleat list and maybe I can find it there. Meanwhile, I have made some changes and improvements in the general appearance of the game by using the global drivrers tab and running on that. I will try your driver settings and let you know what happens. OldGhost.
  25. I'll try it. Now. Because this will be a constant on condition, could it effect my other games? OldGhost.
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