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  1. Welcome back Steve! Umm no hissy fits this time please, LOL! As old as this game is it's kind of addictive isn't it.
  2. If you look at other threads in this forum you will see a lot of them have similar content to yours. Anyway I left a link in the GR PC General Discussion forum ((which is to: Discuss and debate tactics, features and gameplay) But not to advertise your clan sever) that directs you here so you have this promoted in two forums, twice as likely to get a hit.
  3. Nicely explained, thanks for helping here Alex.
  4. Thanks steinbeck, please, call me John, no formalities here. Oh and welcome to the forums.
  5. Interesting as this is can we please keep on topic.
  6. Oh, to be 18 again! Damn can't even remember that far back, must be getting old and senile.
  7. Happy birthday Alex, hope you have a good one.
  8. Thank you for your usual informative and helpful post Blame.
  9. Gamespy is still working here on my retail disk version, there are a few servers up an running with a few pkayers online. Even when it does close you should be able to play offline using a LAN server. Gamespy was due to close May 31st, not sure why it's still working.
  10. WOW, very nice Ruin. I bags first test drive.
  11. Great stuff Apex, I really enjoyed playing HU. Makes me want to dig out GR again.
  12. While I think that the GRAW days are numbered I think that GR will be around for a very long time to come. GR= the best tactical game out there, even If it is older than some of our members. Even good old Heroes Unleashed is getting revived. And yeah, I'm still here Riley watching your every move, it's been fun looking after you for the past couple of years, LOL!
  13. Don't let me stop you Mr Crash, for the record you are not my usual suspect. They know who they are!
  14. So far you have all been quite civil in your disagreement, but I can see this degrading into another chest beating contest by the usual culprits. Just thought I would throw that out there
  15. Are there any in our downloads section? If the links are broken there then report them so I can fix them.
  16. Hi, While we don't have a problem with members posting in their native language we always ask them to include an English translation as most of our members only understand English. Please bear this in mind when posting. Below is a translation of your post done via Bing: Hello, old fan of "Ghost Recon" I have still a lot of fun was playing again, I discovered this forum and your post about the possible changes on the view distance and fog... I first tried mods "fogless beta" and "fogless" without real success.I did not understand their operation or settings fail me.On the other hand, grace is your evidence, I could edit the map "beach resort" and the result is impressive, you can enjoy the sniper and binoculars, finally!The question is: is that you can change all cards? and with the same values? On the other hand, have you knowledge of another effective mod or a command console because I'm afraid to 'plant' the game by making a hand.Thanks in advance for your advice.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone. Not that many posts here lately but it's good to see the regulars hanging around.
  18. Sounds great, brings back memories of playing Tomb Raider on the playstation I had the complete series. Awesome game just a shame I sold it all.
  19. I had a lot of problems with IE11 in Windows 7, links not working, not remembering passwords and crashing issues. I went back to IE9 and all the problems went away. When posting YouTube vids I just paste the URL directly into the the post and they always work fine. Pasting this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz_VaCQw-qA Ends up Like this:
  20. Hi Daro, Sorry mate but at the moment I have little interest in doing anymore modding, I've found myself a new hobby away from gaming which I have been perusing for the past year. It's outdoors so much more healthy than spending hours swearing at my PC when my scripts didn't work, LOL! I'm still on here every day though and always willing to help with any problems.
  21. Great to see you are still modding Daro. Download Entry Added.
  22. Happy birthday Pave, good to see you back again.
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