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  1. Blame, I deleted your last post here. If you don't know why maybe you should read the forum rules.
  2. LOL! thanks crash. Pretty much lost all interest in modding these days plus due to my wife's failing health I don't really have time.
  3. Thanks for all your birthday wishes folks
  4. As far as I know there is no one doing any modding for this game these days so don't expect anything new to be released.
  5. Hi Rykers, Thanks for the reply and yeah I'm on here every day it's just that I'm not doing any modding these days. I remember when I was making Operation Armageddon Rahnman and the TAW team mentioned something similar in that they would hear distant gunfire and all the AI in that area was killed by some strange unknown gunman, we never could find out what caused it but it didn't happen that often. The difference between the easy and hard modes is just that different amounts of AI are spawned depending on the difficulty level, plus some maps will have different amount of objectives. There was nothing in the scripting that would kill of any AI if you played the easy version. John
  6. Apex, as you are a GR addict it wouldn't surprise me if that's a pic of your setup.
  7. I have a button here labeled "delete" is that what I use when I like your posts Zjj?
  8. You are a credit to your badge Zjj, very commendable, ever thought about being on staff around here. Oh and welcome back.
  9. Nah, dont want a movie, just bring it over the pond so we can test drive it Man this thing sure does put my Mondeo ST to shame!
  10. LOL! must be something just us Brits call it.
  11. LOL! ok I'll bring the booze, you supply the burgers! So I'll see you in 10 years, I'll be the one using the zimmer frame.
  12. Amazing, doesn't seem that long ago when we reached the half a million mark. Rocky told me that when we get to one million we are all invited round to his gaff for a barbie!
  13. Ok thanks for the heads up Rocky, hope the upgrade goes well.
  14. Hmm interesting question. For me it would be Ghost Recon, rFactor and good old Tomb Raider, had hours of fun with Tomb Raider on the PS2
  15. What again!! Why can't they leave us alone, ing ######! Hope you get it sorted Rocky.
  16. Thanks for giving permission Para, I'm sure that shakealeg will be most grateful.
  17. Just been chatting to Rocky about these issues, if you see any can you post them here with the time and date they occurred plus include the error message. Rocky is working on a fix so it would be useful to document these errors. @Alex, yeah I've seen that as well, I also thought it was my PC.
  18. No problem, I've added you to the PM conversation so you can follow as well, it should be in your inbox.
  19. Sent him a PM asking him to contact you.
  20. Unfortunately you will have to do all you can to contact the modders first, send them PM's if they have an account here and send out emails. Give them a reasonable amount of time to reply, if then you hear nothing I would then start to create your detailed credits for those modders then include them in your mod. The above assumes Rocky is in agreement here, maybe send him a PM and ask him to review this thread to post his thoughts.
  21. IMO if you have done everything possible to contact the authors, email and PM or if they have a FB account that you know of. Some modders will provide contact details in the readme of the mod. If all the above doesn't get a reply the all you can do is give detailed credit of what you have used in your mod, this game is so old now that most modders have moved on and are no longer on here or contactable. As Alex pointed out Rocky may want to have the final say.
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