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  1. Over the past couple of weeks the amount of spammers here on the main forums has increased dramatically, before we were getting around 2 or 3 a month but now it's anything up to 10 per day. While Rocky is busy finding a solution to the problem posted here I'm battling to keep the spammers from our door. I hate these ing spammers!
  2. The name of the mission is located in the world_info.xml, I'm sure it's in the quick.bundle but it's been a few years since I did any modding. I'm on the iPad now but I'll be on the PC this evening, I think I still have the quick.bundle unbundled on there so I'll take a look. If you are making a different version of the mission you will need to make it a separate mod, this will mean taking all needed files and putting them into a new mission. This is no easy task as you will have to rename all files and the paths within those files to give them a unique name, not doing this will cause the game to crash.
  3. Yeah I saw this on the news this evening. Like you I never missed an episode of the original (and best) series of Star Trek. Sad to hear of his passing.
  4. A fitting tribute to a great modder. Thanks goes to Rocky for putting this compilation together.
  5. Hi and welcome to the forums. I think you are asking for help to add the bonus credits to your account, if so then you need to go to the Ubisoft forums and ask there as we are just a fan site so have no connections to Ubisoft. John
  6. Interesting debate but please keep it civil. This is allready starting to deteriorate into a name calling argument so to avoid this thread being locked or posts being deleted please play nicely. Thanks!
  7. Sorry I can't help you as I haven't played Rainbow 6. I know AGR-S.com is very quiet these days but there maybe some old posts over there that will assist you.
  8. You have asked this in your other thread, no need to start a new one. Thread closed.
  9. You may get more help over at our sister site: Rainbow 6 AGR-S.com.
  10. As there is another thread about this I will close this one to keep all replies together. I'll leave this one here so others visiting this thread/forum is aware of this sad news. If you want to comment in this thread here is the link: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=60746&hl=
  11. Very sad indeed. Bob was an amazing modder, he did a lot of GR:AW to GR:AW2 conversions for both maps and missions, he worked with me countless times testing my maps and I helped him when he first started modding. Please pass on my condolences to his family. RIP Bob, we will all miss you greatly.
  12. I've changed the permissions so guests can see the forum but only read the topics within it. Obviously this will stay like this providing Rocky is ok with it.
  13. Have to agree with Rocky here, threads like this often deteriorate into disagreement so with that in mind I'm closing this one.
  14. Thread closed as a new one has been started here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=60732&hl=
  15. Hey Papa, Had a look through your video, nice looking map I hope Bob will do a mission on it for you. I've done a few missions using this terrain in the past and they all turned out quite good, my Armageddon mission was quite popular. Bob will need to do or show you how to do the lightmaps on the map as it will make it look much better, at the moment some of the props and trees look black but rendering the lightmaps will sort this out. Sorry but these days I don't have the time or interest to make any missions. Good luck with the map. John
  16. If this game works the same way as GR:AW2 then all files you save in the editor are placed in your Users folder, open the user then the "your name" folder, you should find it in there. Can't remember the exact location as I'm not on the PC.
  17. LOL, trust you to post a picture like that on this festive time of year. Have a good chrstmas Blame.
  18. Yeah!! Merry Christmas all, hope you all have a good one and a happy new year.
  19. Your account looks to be ok now Super_Criquet, any problems then let me know.
  20. Nice, good idea putting them on a USB drive. That Kingston drive looks nice, may have to place an order.
  21. Happy birthday Rocky. Hope you have a great day mate.
  22. Forum rules are there for a reason, to protect people that visit here and protect the site owner from prosecution. Currently there are 58 users online, how do you know if any of those are minors?
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