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  1. Hi Bogie, I will download this and give it a go. Nice to see some good maps for GRAW2 being released. Keep up the good work, think I might have seen this map before somewhere!! John
  2. Hi All, Ok I'm back again, I have got islands v1.1 finished (I hope), It should work alongside v1. All the changes are listed in my earlier post plus I have added a fence at the top of the cliff near the antenna, If you are on this objective and spawn at the second location there is a short way to the antenna, from the cliff top it's possible to pick of the enemy from there, so I added a fence to make it harder for all you snipers out there, it's not perfect but harder. Don't know why but filefront list the file as v1 but it is v1.1. Looking forward to your comments. Thanks, John Same password: http://files.filefront.com/coop+tc02+devil...;/fileinfo.html
  3. Hi All, Thanks again for all the posts, I really need all the help I can get so keep them coming, sorry if I can't reply to you all but I do read them and try to take it all in. Davros, I don't think I can make the trigger circles any bigger, they already overlap by almost half way, I have tried but still seeing ai spawn near me. Sorry I did 'nt do many posts yesterday as I was busy revamping the Islands map. Changelog: Redone the c4 placements around the map. The f15_husk is gone. Placed some fencing and wood piles around the littlebird/extraction point. In the world.xml (Bogie's suggestion) I changed all the ai <order order="Guard" line to "patrol" but tey are still sitting around,even added the line <element type="AlterGroupStats" group_id="patrol02" combat="true" (changing the group_id= as needed) to the mission.xml with no change any Ideas here Bogie! The panel hovering in the tree has been destroyed. The gas tank hovering at the rocks is sorted. Now for the biggest change: I have redone the mission.xml to make the mission objectives appear in sequence, this has made a big difference to the way the game flows, I think it's a lot better, the lag has all but gone (for me anyway). The c4 can only be placed an the current objective to stop players roaming around and blowing the wrong panels as I think this would make it impossible to complete the mission. Now the ai spawn at the next objective when the current one is completed, I think this has solved the problem of ai spawning close to the player. There is a second respawn location near the middle of the map after three objective are completed, you need to watch out here as there are a few bods waiting for you. This has also made the mission.xml a lot shorter (dose this help with lag, less work for the game and pc). I'm sure I made more changes but can't think of them. I was going to post this updated mission (version changed to V1_1 and socialised) last night err sorry 2am but I was doing some final testing and got near the bridge to destroy the littlebird then it CTD, it seem to be when the ai spawn there, error message below, still trying to sort this. I don't think some of you wanted this change to the mission (sorry Bogie) but I think this is a big improvement to the game play, the way it flows and the lag. Thanks All, John
  4. Hi All, Thanks again for all the feedback. All these error messages are way over my head, I'm a bit out of my depth here as to what to do next. The line <unit name="f15_husk" amount="1"/>, I am certain this was not added by me, must be part of the map by the original creator, I don't know where to find it but I will remove it if someone can advise me how this is done. I was working on the map until the early hours of this morning, I have redone the c4 panels that was causing an issue, also added a second spawn location near the middle of the map, fixed the hovering gas tank near the rocks. Thanks for noticing the panel in the tree Porter, I will hunt it down and destroy it (looks like Dr Who's tardis). Like Bogie said, can't understand the CTD's when playing over Lan as that is all I use, never had a problem yet. Again like Porter said, I think it would be better to have the objectives in sequence rather than them all showing at once, just wanted to create a map where the player could decide in which order they wanted to complete the mission but I am thinking the is the wrong type of map for this, I am thinking of overhauling the script and changing it so the objectives appear in sequence as this would also solve the enemy spawning problem, your comments here would be helpful. Bogie, not sure what you are saying in point number one on your last post, would it be possible to clarify this for me. Ok quick update, just had a look and found the f15_husk in the world.xml and unit_list.xml, can someone tell me what this unit is and do I just delete the lines from the two xml's. Thanks All, John
  5. Hi Bogie, Thanks for the feedback. I feel overwhelmed by all the feedback here just don't know where to turn next, I hoped for a couple of replies as this is all you got from the car simm forums and most of that was "hey ****of that's my car set". I had some lag a well (I have a fairly hi spec pc with a GeForce 9800gtx+ 512mb card), I used the map as is I have no idea about this side of map creation, just want to master the coop side of things first. I did wonder about the TGA files, didn't think they should be there, I used photoshop in my car making days so I already have the Nvidia plug-in for dds files, don't know what settings to use for the plug-in in this game though. I think I mentioned this before I wanted to add some more triggers but could not decide where to put them as the map is so open I did not want people to miss them and wander about looking for the ai. I will expand the locations, I noticed the same problem as you. As for the littlebird, when I first blew it up I was surprised to see it still there, so I had a look at your Oasis map and saw how you did it so I think it's almost a copy of yours (sorry). Bit confused as to what you are saying about the fire/smoke code and how I can add it to my map. I will look into adding extra respawn points just need to learn how to do it, also noticed the issues attaching c4, I need to fix this just was not sure if it was to high/low, I will try your suggestion first. I'm pleased you think the guard towers are ok, I really could not decide on this one as I am very colour blind, they just looked washed out to me. Thanks to all the other comments from posted here, I will go through them one by one and see what I can do, still finding this a steep learning curve (saw my first mission.xml about 3 weeks ago) so you have not heard the last of me yet, more questions will follow! Still can't get my first map "coop_tc02_urban_war_v1" version of Urban Legacy to socialise with the mp version (told you more questions) I works fine in the data folder but when bundled it CTD's, plus at the spawn site there is a texture missing on the building to the right. No idea what I have done here I will post it here soon. Time for a lay down in a dark room!! Thanks all, John Hi All, Below is a link to my first coop, it's a conversion from Urban Legacy. I have tried for hours to get it to socialise with the mp version, it's ok when in the data folder but when bundled it CTD's if I remove the urban_legacy bundle it's ok. Also at the spawn site there is a wall texture missing on the building to the right, it was ok before I started to change folder and path names. I don't think the map is to good but it was my first attempt, had a right problem getting the pannhard and pickup to move. Same password for the map as last time. John http://files.filefront.com/coop+tc02+urban...;/fileinfo.html Error message Crash in application version: 30899.3048 [TextureDB] Name collision for texture set atlas_world/urban_conflict/industrial_addon_bump in file data\textures\/atlas_world/urban_conflict/industrial_addon_bump/tdb_texture_set.xml - clean textures directory/resolve conflict Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded
  6. Hi Davros, I'm pleased you like the mission so far, I welcome all comments on my maps good or bad, after all how can I learn without people in the know like you pointing out the problems. As to the initial spawn, I'm not sure where to place extra triggers in this map as it's so open I think people might miss them a be wandering about looking for the kill. I used the guard in some of the ai to keep them near the objectives (as if to guard it) I did not want them wandering of and when we got there it would be easy to complete it and move on or is there a better way to do this. I noticed the same thing where I could see the enemy spawn but I thought that making the circles to big would cause even more lag, will fix in next version. Whoops! patro07 is a typo, I some times sit up untill 2am trying to get things done, must be falling asleep at the pc (a least the wife don't mind I built her a pc to keep her quiet). As for the snipers in the middle of the map, one is the General I wanted to keep him there so I made him a sniper and set the cone low so he would not shoot at us or be seen by us until we get to the top of the building he dose not spawn until the end of the mission, I tried changing him to guard but when I got there he had left the building (bit like Elvis), that is not what I want. Right time for a strong black coffee and see if I can sort out this urban conflict mission (conflict is the right word)! Keep the comments coming. Thanks, John
  7. Hi, Davros, Thanks for the detailed reply, I will look into changing the name of the prop. I do intend to make a custom load screen and include the name of the original map maker, just need to find out how it's done, I will check the wiki for this one. As to the rest I used the map as is all the xag_ props are the work of the map designer. As to the "CreateUnit" unit="cypher_wreck" this came from Bogie's Oasis map, as did my inspiration for the whole mission. Being new to scripting I looked at his mission.xml, as the LittleBird dose not explode when the c4 is blown (it stays as it is) so he replaced it with that line. Again the error in the texture_scope.xml is down to the map maker. At the moment I have no idea about this side of map creation. I would like some help, I have added some guard towers from the oasis map but the colour dose not look right to me, I have no idea hoe to fix this, I did look at the the tint option in the editor there is a list of colours there but could not get them to work. As I said before I got the idea for this mission from Bogie's Oasis map, hope he will not mind me going through his mission script and taking some of it and changing it for my needs. I find that I can learn quicker by looking at other scripts rather than spending hours reading the tutorial. Thanks for a great map Bogie, I have played this several times. This is my second map, the first was a conversion from the Urban Conflict map but at the moment I am unable to get it to socialise with the original , I'm getting some CTD probs, as this map has been updated the folders and files differ from the tutorial in the wiki, I will try this again but if I am unable to make it work I will do a post here, do I need to post just the error message or the whole map. One more thing the map worked ok when it was in the data folder but when it was bundled it crashed the game. Thanks John
  8. Hi Davros, Thanks for the advise, I live in the UK, sorry I do not have voiceIM. I hope I have got the map sociable, as I have ran the bundled file with the MP version installed as well, below is a link to the download, I will PM you the password. I did have some lag issues with this map, I think it's because the map uses the xtreme physics. (I think that's the name for it) Looking forward to your comments (I think). http://files.filefront.com/coop+tc02+devil...;/fileinfo.html Thanks All, John
  9. Hi All, Thanks for the quick replies it's nice to see a friendly community online, I have moved to first person shooters from car racing sims I used to do a lot of skins for the cars on the game rFactor also used to re-mod cars to improve the realism but was never allowed to release the modified cars due to ownership problems. There was so much backbiting over who owns what or who made what, if I changed a car set then released it there would be a uproar saying I had stolen their work and the cars I changed was removed from the site. Sorry about my ramblings but this is so annoying when we are all just trying to make things better. Right I feel better for that, now a question, If I was to bundle my coops and post them here without going into the Sociability problems would this be ok, then the people with better understanding than me of the problems that arise can then tell me. I know this will cause conflicts with other maps of the same name installed. If this is ok I will try and get two maps uploaded in the week. Great Community Thanks All, John
  10. Hi Bogie, Thanks for the quick reply, I now realise what the location shapes are for. When you say create the height to 1000-5000 I assume this is the height of the sides of the circle, so do I leave the altitude as set by the editor. One more thing (I'm a bit dumb here) If I post my maps here who do I give the password to and who are these supporters, consultantants, administrators are the part of this site or do I just post the map and let people PM me to ask for the password, I have done all the work myself and don't know anyone who will test the maps, Sorry if this was a daft question. I did not realise until today that you are converting the same map as me. If my map gets released if will cause a conflict with yours I know there is a way to avoid this by changing some of the folder names and the xml paths but not sure which to change I will have to look into this, if people install both maps it will be CTD time so I will change mine so it will not cause you any probs (and lots of "my map is no good" posts). I have installed all of your maps and completed them all as alone-wolf (I like doing coop's alone) Yours are some of the best out there. Thanks again, John
  11. Hi All, I'm new here, I have been using GRAW and GRAW2 for about 3 months, I think it's a really good game. Now to my question, I have been converting two maps for GRAW2 from MP to Coop, can I post them here or do I need permission from the person who made the original maps first. The maps I have converted are Urban Conflict and Islands Of Fire the second map is not quite finished just needs more testing, if I can post the maps I am not sure how to go about it as I think there is a 5mb limit to what I can email to Rocky, your help here would be appreciated as I am hoping to do more coop maps. I found the editor quite easy to use but writing the scripts almost melted my poor little brain. I have one more question (sorry about this), I am not sure if I have done the right thing with the Islands map as it is so open and you can approach the small groups of buildings from any angle I was not sure how to spawn the AI. I used a sphere which is quite large to cover the group of buildings to trigger the AI to spawn. I have setup 8 objectives to complete in any order you want so I can't use these to trigger the AI for the next objective. Do these large spheres cause lag as I seem to be getting some lag on this map. Hope all my questions make sense, Thanks all I have found these forums to be very helpful in learning to make these maps. John
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