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  1. Hey all hope you are keeping well, been a while since I was on here. Sorry but my main game on here was GR:AW2 which I made all the mods for, I have played GR:AW but never modded it.

    It's been quite a few years since I've played or modded these games so I have forgotten how it all works. Sorry I can't help you but I hope you find a solution to your problem 👍

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  2. WOW it's great to see that people are still playing my old GR:AW2 mods but unfortunately I no longer do any modding nor do I have any of my old mods or even have the game, I think it's safe to say that they are now out of warranty.

    Sorry I can't help you as I wouldn't know where to start with modding the game anymore, in fact I didn't know anyone was still playing it.  

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  3. A very good friend of mine is a professional automotive spray painter, Tony from Tony's Refinishing has a very busy and helpful YouTube channel where he helps anyone with their spray painting problems.

    Each Friday he hosts a live premier with a instructional video along with a live chat, if anyone is interested head over to his channel at 7PM tonight (23rd April) and every Friday after that.

    Thanks all,



    (302) I Messed Up - Porsche Cayenne - Devilbiss dv1 - YouTube

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  4. Hmm could be Zee, but the profile is clean and this is the only post. IP does originate from India so it's possible, you can keep an eye on him/her if you want, any dodgy posts the just report it, I'm not on as much atm but will check in again later, cheers Zee. 

  5. 28 minutes ago, sainivedant41 said:

    Hey, hey, Johns a nice guy, he's also right, this is more a FS based discussion than a wildlands one, you want our opinions on why we dislike GRFS, no? 

    Just wondering why you would copy/repost Zeealex's post without adding to it? plus this thread is over 4 years old :) 

  6. I caught this spammer in the forums yesterday he made at least 20 posts in various forums, I deleted all posts made by him (his name here was adc580888) and banned his ###### from the site, what you had in your inbox was just a notification of a deleted post from a thread you are subscribed to. So no there is no virus here but just a stupid spammer making multiple posts in a very short time.

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