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  1. From checking out the Ghillie sutes all three Ghosts were wearing in the teaser video it looks promising.

    They weren't guille suits. They were active camo ( invisibility ) cloaks.

    Yea pretty much the same thing if you think about it. It blends with the enviroment to mask your presence. This might be a sp feature though can't see that being in mp modes lol, that would be a campers dream come true.

  2. Ghillie suit is back

    From checking out the Ghillie sutes all three Ghosts were wearing in the teaser video it looks promising. Thats one eliment from the [GR] that made it's way back. I hope they keep the Exfiltration mode and build on it. What are you hoping for???

    [Merged with the existing thread, where that is already under discussion]

  3. i figure this would be the website, maybe some old gr fans who bought graw2(360) like i?

    if you take the co-op campaign(no respawns) seriously and play like we are doing this for real let me know. i'll work as a team and take orders. i want a leader/host who won't end the game just because he died earily.

    Hey cajun47 check out www.Co-op-elite.org if you want a mature tactical approach to GRAW2. We run everything on max level with no responds and no indicators (optional for those who need them but we perfer to turn them off). Check out our website for a full breakdown of our Unit and leave a message for a time to play if you're interested. Keep it tactical!

  4. Yeah i downloaded the throwback packs the nowwhere map and some kinda demo that was also available and now it works..... you have to have exzactly what the host has downloaded i guess.......

    Make sure that you turn the downloadable content on, from the menu where you select your class and character. In one of the options it is at the bottom. It will give you an option of either yes or no to allow downloadable content. you should be good after that.

  5. I was Wondering if anyone that is still playing ghost recon 2 wants to set up a date to have clan wars with my clan or possibly agaisnt different clans as well just let me know if anyone out their wants to have some clan wars and we can set a date and time. (Deadlyderek30)

    Hey Deadlyderek30 i sent you a message on Live so we can set something up in the future. Hope to hear from you soon. You can private message me through this site as well if you want so we can work out the details.

  6. My boys and I have been trying to get this achievement for some time now with a bunch of failures... we basically have 8 to 10 players in my group, we assign 2 man teams to each compass direction, then a 2 man reactionary force, but still fail...

    Anyone know what the best map and tactic for this mission type is for the achievement? And thx in advance.

    It sounds like you have a good group of guys playing with you, but they can be alot better if they follow a set plan, i hope this helps.

    Best Map: The CUT

    Reason: Two narrow entry points for the enemy to attack, Good positioning on this map can pay off big time.

    Game Plan: Make sure that EVERYONE use the M36 SAW on single shot, It carries a max of 100 rounds and can be switched from semi to full burst and you have 750 reserve and it is very accurate, not bad for the task at hand. If your use to full auto this is not the game mode for it.

    Try your best to make head shots only! this is very important because it saves on ammo and you don't have to waste countless rounds on one enemy combatant.

    If you are in a room of Ten then only 4 of you should defend each point of entry (2 on each side) with the rest staying in the back to give relief if one of you run low on ammo ( which shouldn't be for a while if you follow the plan laid out above) never have everyone on your team firing all at once, there is no need for it. You're playing against the clock and ammo is the key, so make every round count, everyone will get their turn at bat... trust me.

    When someone runs low on ammo try and draw one or two enemies closer in and then put them down so that their guns are easier to acquire, the enemies slow down every now and then so plan on when to move to collect the gun. Once you do, don't wait too long because the guns will be gone after 15 sec, So only move to change guns when your down to your last magazine and nearing 50 rounds remaining. Let your team know that your running low and someone should step up to take your position while you acquire a new weapon. Nearing the end the enemies will be coming even more so this is why you need more available guns at the end, and you will be ready once you plan for it.

    Results: You should win everytime with this strategy, it's all about team work. Let me know how it works out for yah, and remember, "Keep it tactical :snipe:

  7. I feel that Ghost Recon 4 should be situated in Somalia. The story should reflex the lack of a functioning Government and the abuse of power e.g.

    Warlords are running wild again and threatening the stability of the African Union. There are atrocities committed at every level, and no one is immuned. Any attempts to elect a new president and restructure the Government are met with harsh violence. Government officals are threatened with death threats and the international communities are feeling the affects from their resources and supply ships being pirated off the African Cost for ransom.

    Ghosts, this situation has gotten out of control. The Warlords have now grown exponentially and are well armed. Mogadishu has become the training grounds for terrorism. Intel shows that most of their weaponry now rival some of the world best armys. We know that this has not all been amassed from stolen arms. They are being aided, by who is the question? We suspect foul play in this one Ghost at the highest level. We're going back to Somalia gentelmen, to put an end to this reign of reckless power once and for all.

    Now that would be a Ghost recon to remember, you have your Jungle missions, your coast line or river missions, and once you fine the supplier you can have another venue in the mission log other than Africa.

    I would like to see missions in either of the following venues as well:

    Afganistan, North Korea (again), Post Iraq, Pakistan.

  8. Due to the lack of any squad or team setups in GRAW2 you have to become very creative to keep the fun going. Some do pistols only or no grenaidiers. These different variations are cool but don't really last very long. Well i have one game variation that i play and with the right ppl in your room it never gets boring. I have been playing "Radio Man" since GR2 and it works great on Exfiltration mode. So what is RADIO MAN? let me explain.

    To keep it Simple, RADIO MAN is all about communication, following orders, patience and serious team work. IF you don't have these qualities don't bother reading this, but if you do, get ready to have some fun and breath new life back into GRAW2 Co-op modes. RADIO MAN can be played in any Co-op mode or even MP modes if you like. However Exfiltration is the mode of choice for this explanation because it offers great Co-operative values.

    Step One:

    Split the room into two groups with each group having a Squad leader. Both squad leaders are your RADIO MEN. Both squad leaders work together as they each lead their squad to flank and overwhelm the enemy. There must be NO unneccessary talking between teammates only from the radio men to their teammates and between both Squad leaders to coordinate the mission.

    Step two:

    Once everyone is on board and understands what they have to do and the game starts, Both RADIO MEN are to highlight themselves Orange by press down on the D pad. This distinguishes them from their team as leader. Both teams must take different routes on the map that will lead them both to the goal at hand. Working together is key on small and larger maps. One team may have to wait until the other team gets to a certain point to then advance because they may have to cover more ground, in order to create the flank.

    Communicating with your team:

    Squad leaders use the map and compass extensively so get use to it. When sending teammates to a certain location the order is given along with a set way point so that the team members know just where to go and what to do when they get there.

    Squad Leaders acknowledge each other by saying the name of the squad they want to talk to then saying this is "Squad leader" e.g. "Alpha, this is Squad leader" IF there are more than two squads then say your squad name after so that the other squads would know who your are, e.g. "Alpha, this is Squad leader Charlie" and so on.

    Working with Exfiltration:

    Both Squad leaders should have their teams in visual few of the P.O.W once they both reach the points they need to be at on the map. Make sure to maintain a good distance from the P.O.W while maintaining a good visual. Any detection of your presence will result in the P.O.W being killed. Target the guards closest to the Officer and make your shots count :snipe: Team work is everything,

    Rules of the Game:

    1) They're NO solo players in RADIO MAN. Everyone works as one unit. If someone is wounded his teammate can reach him quicker then if he was elsewhere across the map. Also several guns are better than one. When you work as a team the enemy gets cut down quickly and you can bring more fire to bear on a specific target..

    2) If your Squad leader is killed, the next player can take command by highlighting himself (this is decided in the lobby who will be next in command on both squads) It also helps to maintain order during the gameplay.

    3) No player can go ahead of his Squad Leader, unless he is told to do so by his Squad leader, maintaining good spacing to avoid friendly fire is a given, avoid bunching.

    4) Each squad must have a grenidier and a sniper roll.

    5) NO drones are allowed in Radio Man but it is Optional for those who perfer it. All settings are custom for Hard and the enemy density should be on HIGH.

    Once you play Radio Man a few times it gets addictive. You will love the tactical teamwork and the effectiveness of this style of play. Getting killed early and having to sit out is no way to play, but if you work together and follow instructions everyone should be able to make it to the chopper at the end. EXFILTRATION is a great game mode in GRAW2 and Radio Man makes it even better. Hope you enjoy playing RADIO MAN and remember... keep it tactical! :gun:

  9. (Also posted over in PC)

    Today Ubisoft has announced its Q3 financial announcement that a new Ghost Recon game is in the works. No other information will be released at this time but be sure that we will keep you updated when there is additional information available. :thumbsup:

    Yes sir, it was wonderful news indeed as i read it myself. Looks like they got a lot going on this year ...

    "Initial targets for 2009-10

    Yves Guillemot continued: "2009-10 looks very promising and our teams are working flat-out to provide gamers with the best the industry has to offer. Our line-up comprises several potential blockbusters with the launch of 7 franchises, including Assassin's Creed®, Splinter Cell® and Ghost Recon®, as well as 4 license-based games including James Cameron's Avatar, 3 new brands and a further-enhanced casual games portfolio."

    Those are some great titles in the working, man what i wouldn't give for a sneek peek of Ghost Recon. :wall:

  10. Outstanding post DBest1 :thumbsup:

    I agree with every bit. I was sure there was nothing I like about R6Vegas but there is ONE thing and you nailed it; the FPWV is superb, and as you said, adding/removing the suppressor in real time is a thing of beauty.

    Thanks doubletap, let's just hope that UBISOFT thinks the same way. Here's to a GR4 that we can all be proud of :cheers:

  11. In order for Ghost Recon 4 to be a major success it has to incorporate tactical realism. It must include eliments from the following Tom Clancey titles: The [Ghost Recon], Rainbow Six, and GRAW2.

    From: Ghost Recon:

    The Menu system in the [GR] looked more tactical and the break down in the AAR looked more detailed. True fans of tactical shooters like to see things of this nature, it gives them more performance related feedback and they can assess other players performance and see who is more effective and who needs to work harder at certain things. The menu's in the [GR] need to be included or an updated version of them. Missions are important, and the prep work for the mission should feel that way as well. This sets the tone in the pre-game lobby even for players who are not that military minded, and it also sets the replay value very high. Simple put, keep it tactical even down to the menu's.

    From: Rainbow Six Vegas2

    FPWV is a must have at this stage in the game and RBSV has one of the best ones to date. 3rd person view or over the shoulder view is nice and everyone likes to checkout their characters uniform and gear however it has it's drawbacks, one being the ability to see more than you should. This takes away from the realism big time. The second drawback comes from the lack of not being able to see your gun and it's animations at a FPV. RBSV allows you to not only see your weapon but the awesome reload animations that is unique to each weapon. Attaching the suppressor in RBSV is simply a thing of beauty, and running with your weapon is much more realistic. Your more in control of your weapon and what you want on it but still they can do so much more. The ability to Tag enemy targets is very tactical and should be included as well, but in a tactical warfare enviroment it is all about the equipment, and in the long run it is all about your weapon. Not only should the new Ghost Recon 4 include FPWV as a default but it should give the ability to change features on your weapon in the pre-game menu as well as in-game. Give us the Rainbow view experience minus the peek-a-boo feature.

    From: GRAW2

    Customizations in GRAW2 is what makes it a great game. The ability to host up to 16 players, good graphics and large maps has kept a lot of players satisfied to say the least over the pass few years. However it can be even better. As of now the customizations are limited only to the game play i.e changing difficulty settings and enemy number and in some modes the time of day, enemy helicopters on/off or enemy vehicles on/off. Also you can change the camos and the kind of weapons class your team takes with them i.e, silence only, no grenaider weapons or pistols only etc. For the most part it ends there. Should it??.. For a special forces team we should have more options to perpare for the mission at hand. Even a special map to train on where paper targets pop up, and where you can try out all the guns and their different features to keep your team in battle readiness.

    The tactical map is nice but should be more intuitive. We should be able to do more with it, like mark certain sectors for air strikes, and extraction points. Plan our own path in the pre-game or go the route the A.I chooses.

    We should have the option to set teams Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc

    We should be able to cutomize our weapons and outfits before missions with special outfitting for sniper classes and Grenidier classes, and over view the map with the objectives at hand as an option.

    Large open ended maps, with Gobal missions

    Ability to set the weather and time of day and also the way you want to be inserted. Via water craft near a river source or by helicopter. how about a few civilians on the maps for realism.

    Missions should be diverse. i.e. Pilot down, P.O.W, Key target assasinations, Recon, etc.

    Smarter A.I. with distructable limbs

    Incorporating key features from pass Clancy hit titles in Ghost Recon 4 will pay off. Just stick to what works, it is the simple things that made these franchise titles great at one point they shouldn't go away from that but bring it all together to make one great game.

  12. I would love to see the following in a Future GR title:

    1) Like Paladin said above, definately the option to create teams, and also to set way points for those teams and even certain members of said teams.

    2) Different extraction zone options, i.e. extract using boats, as well as choppers

    3) The option to choose your own insertion point and extraction points in the pre game menu.

    4) option to change weapons and mod weapons in pregame menu

    5) 1st person view with weapon like RBSV.

    6) The ability to walk through a bush, or jump down from a small ledge.

    7) Run without the gun pointing forward, or your character bobbing up and down.

    8)Fix the A.I. In Exfiltration mode. The officer don't duck, or even use the gun he carries to defend himself much. And on occasion he does not follow you like he should.

    9) Effective camo, the A.I. can still see you a mile away even if your covered in grass at night it is really annoying. If the camo is affective enough you should be able to remain undetected even at close distances.

    10)The use of the M-72 Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW) as an option for a secondary, it is smaller and more compact than the Zeus and they should be different warheads that you can choose depending on the mission at hand. All done in the Pre-game menu.

    11) Proximity mines, or trip mines should be available.

    12)The ability to fire your pistol when injurd, to defend yourself or crawl to cover

    13) Various missions around the Globe.

    14) return of the Gillie suit

    These are just a few i would like to see, and i'm sure they're more, but simply put if they stick to what made the original GR a hit and keep it realistic then GR 4 will be amazing.

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