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  1. FIrst off the video reviews were nice. However this still would be the very first GR download that i will not be purchasing. Had they put a new Co-op mode like Exfiltration in there i would have bought it but to me it's just more of the same.
  2. I agree with yah 100%....i wonder if they ever realized the gem they had in OFP. That game was a protential GRAW killer if they had done it right. Oh well guess we'll never know.
  3. The four player limitation didn't matter. If it didn't have the bugs, people would still play it. I hear what you're saying but i beg to differ. Had RR allow in it's co-op game play units, like Alpha and Bravo etc and about a 12 player limit with 4 man teams, then even with the bugs we would have had so many ppl playing for that reason alone. I can't tell you the amount of friends on my list that did not pick it up because we could not run a larger room like GRAW2. We loved to play Exfiltration on Graw2 and we wanted to apply the same game play experience to the CSAR missions on RR. D
  4. From the way they went with this game, i doubt they will go back even if there is a GR:FS2, This game has no lasting value, and it gets repetitive fast, Its like GOW now where you just pick it up every once in a while just to kill some locust but then after a hr or so its back to the pile of games that you hardly play. I really hope OFP makers are watching and see this foolishness because the only thing that really killed OFP:RR was the 4 player limitation (just like GR:FS) and their jacked up servers, long loads and some noticeable bugs. Other than that it's way better than GR:FS in my op
  5. Sorry to say but you can't fix this game. This series has now gone to the MP market. It really is a Ghost title now, i can list all that is wrong with this game and say what i would like to see but it's useless at this point, they didn't listen to us then and they won't listen now. Gun smith and some Character animations are nice etc but the Con's far out weigh Pro's in this game. Sad to say, but they killed the GR series.
  6. Yea the AI gives a nice challenge. They take cover, flank, throw grenades, etc but they are kinda easy to pick off. To be honest i felt the AI in RBSV gives a bit more of a challenge if you want to compare.
  7. The Longevity of the game has suffered to be honest. It is for the most part linear, though you can attack the mission from a different angle you are still limited to how far you can go in the map, (which isn't very far). Add to that the fact that you are limited to how many ppl you can play with (3) and no drop in drop out and a limited amount of MP options and Co-op modes and your looking at a limited life span. This will not have the long lasting appeal like GRAW2 had. It's good but lacks in a lot of areas.
  8. I really enjoyed the video, that machanical walking dog or whatever that was was scary as hell, when it started chasing that ghost i just thought about how hard that will be in the game itself. It reminded me of a "Boss" enemy in some games. Thats like the one thing the ghosts don't like to see showing up in battle.
  9. Glad they downloaded.Big thanks to John & Gr.Net also for placing the vids. I used Realplayer to download the original's but they failed a few times as the original site kept buffering and failing showing those vids.but eventually got them,after an hour of attempting to get part 2 to download. Peace. Nice Videos Jay, the graphics are nice and the game play looks refreshing. I can see myself running this with 3 friends with some if not all of the aids turned off. I hope they give that option to turn off some aids or have a hardcore mode. I don't want to say that it looked pretty e
  10. I'm not gonna judge this game totally yet simply because its a MP Beta. I'll be buying this game mainly for the Campaign and the Co-op game play. But what i would say from playing the Beta so far is it's a good game when you're winning and it sucks when you're losing. The most impressive thing really was the character animations, though it can be annoying at times, the ability to get from cover to cover quickly is nice and the shoulder lean peaking. The gun views are nice also and was a needed option from GRAW2 . Other than that, i was not really impressed with the gagets nor the cla
  11. [I too have met about 90% of my friends list from the campaign and Co-op modes. I feel limiting the co-op to only 4 players is a hugh mistake. I've seen nice games like RBSV and OFP RR suffer because of it. The MP modes get old fast because it is run and gun no matter how you cut it. This game should have had at lease 8 player co-op modes split into a 4 man Alpha team and a 4 man Bravo team, they should alost bring back the Exfiltration mode or at lease have a mode like it where you have to rescue a POW or execute a HVT (high value target) and give you the ability to customize it to make
  12. what can i say, i played a few matches and over all it's a good approach at a "future warfair" attempt gagit wise but it still has a past feel of other games. Though this is a first impression, it could be a lasting one if this is what 95% of the game will be like come launch. The character movement is nice, i like the speed of the character to get to cover quickly but you can make a mistake and just stop running to cover if you take your hand off the A button, leaving yourself exposed. Once you are in cover, your character seems to be magnatized to the cover and to move him off you have
  13. No fan of it either, and I see this and a few other GR:FS features as sort of the OICW of this game... Though there's probably little hope for these features being removed from the shipping game, there may be hope in the ship date difference for PC accounting for some sort of mod support being added for PC. If Ubisoft were to get a handle on the scope and scale of free marketing, positive image, and long term slow-burn sales that the mod capability gave Ghost Recon and applied that to GR:FS this could be 'winner winner lobster dinner' game of the decade. Well I can dream...
  14. Ok, i don't know about the rest of the fans of the Ghost Recon series but i for one and lot of my friends on XBox Live would like to see homage paid to this series. I think its way past due for Ghost Recon--one of the best series on any console, to receive a little recognition in this regard, What do you think, would you or would you not like to see a special edition signiture Console for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier just like the following?
  15. Thats nice but i'm waiting to see if they are gonna honor this series with a custom console like what COD got.
  16. It doesn't matter if they were mentioned or not, it is far to early for all that really. However when the demo is released and ppl actually get to play it, i'm sure all that will change.
  17. I'm sorry to disagree with you, but I'm going to do so. Even Counter-Strike can be tactical if you play it that way. That doesn't mean that the game itself is a tactical game. GRAW and GRAW 2 were both standard-fare arcade shooters. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like Counter-Strike and CoD. I don't expect that FS will be any different. Why? Ubi's track record of making arcade shooters should be enough evidence to support my view there. GRAW didn't require tactics, for example. GRAW required manipulation of game mechanics. There's a vast difference. Parabellum your point is
  18. Wow a lot of ppl are dogging this game already and it wasn’t even show cased in its entirety yet. All we saw was a few minutes of a demo. A demo that more than likely was on the easiest mode and stripped down. If you noticed the character had no side arm or exoskeleton on (except for the enemies by the truck) or extra equipment on him. They were no game modes shown or any shoulder mount rocket to showcase and no indicator as to how big that map was. All we saw was an almost empty Hud ( which I liked) and the cloak ability. The game play was smooth and a lot less sluggish than GRAW2 but n
  19. I feel we are just going to have to wait and see how much of the old school GR they allowed into the game. The question is will it still maintain the tatical aspect of war with the "recon" feel. This is set way in the future so the question is was it too far in the future? I will be picking this up though because it looks really good so far, We only saw a few mins of one map with not so good video quality but i could see myself adapting to it without much of a problem. In other words it didn't make me feel like i would be playing COD or Halo. By now we all should know that the old GR is
  20. Nice Pics, i can't wait for the F1 game also man it is about time. I think it is time for some in game pics from GR: FS these concepts pics are a real tease.
  21. Keep it Tactical!

  22. Nice work Jay, can't wait to see some live in game action.
  23. There is just no getting around it anymore folks. The “Military†has got some amazing ideas in development and is focused on making the Battlefield a technological one. This is not a bad idea in reality, but the question however, is how it will translate over in a “Video game.†I honestly feel that no one can make that transition happen more effectively than Ubisoft. They have the track record to prove it and I’m sure they will do it again. The real world battle field is changing, and GR: FS is set to showcase those changes. I can’t wait to see how this will all play out in
  24. Amen Well all i can say is that the technology is amazing and epitomizes the word “futureâ€. I think out of the Cloak and the exoskeleton gear the most unique was the shoulder mounted rockets. I’m a grenadier by class myself and never really changed for years now so it will be interesting. It was rather reassuring to see that they still have combat rifles and not lazer guns though, that would have really pushed it over the edge. I also noticed that the enemy has some amazing weapons of their own, even spotting a larger size red armored ground drone and tanks, sweet. Can’t re
  25. LOL i'll take the cloak and drone pass on the rest. But it would be nice if they do give us a special edition Ghost Recon console, not the bundle like what SC: C is getting though. cause that is just an elite with two controllers. I mean they could have threw in a face plate like what FFXIII got gezz.
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