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  1. I'm tired of the desert and urban warfare and I long for a game that goes back to the jungles. I think if they make up some story that takes us to some places in Central or South America it would be great, just not mexico again.
  2. My biggest issue right now is that we don't have any info on the game yet. Ubi hasn't released one trailer that could let us know what direction they are even headed with the game.
  3. Reduce hip accuracy from the sniper rifles. It's just stupid to see a 50 Cal sniper used as an assault rifle.
  4. I also repurchased this game and play it Sun-Thursday in the evenings. Ghost Recon has always been one of my favorites and the only reason I didn't play GR1 and GRIT more was because of MechAssault.
  5. Yeah I picked up a copy yesterday and started playing again after a year and a half. Well one year was spent in Iraq though so I wasn't playing any games online then...LOL
  6. I checked with my local Gamestop yesterday and they said I can't preorder it yet. Too bad it's not coming out until September. I'm tired of playing Call of Duty it's a good game but I like the GR series alot better.
  7. I think separate ranked and unranked is unnecessary just add the ranks to one game type and let you play with friends. People are going to find ways to group up with their friends in Ranked anyway. The few times I played ranked thats what we did.
  8. The Origional GR was great online just wish it would of came out before MechAssault because I couldn't get off of that game to play GR. But GR was really one of the early games that really made xbox live. If I remember correctly it was the 2nd most played game on xbox live before Rainbow Six came out.
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