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  1. In my opinion the ghost recon series has always had two sets of fans,you have the fans that feel that they are great because they can close a team of randoms down and spawn kill them for ten minutes, yawn, then you have the fans who enjoy the running,gunning and sneaking round the map moving from cover to cover, but hey each to there own, my first wish is for a map editor different teams,players clans can create maps that suit their play style i.e nice little maps for spawn killing or nice expansive sneaking maps for seige, i would like to see more balance and realism to the guns, would kneel at the feet of any man that could run as fast as the man with his pistol out while carrying a barret m107, stop and then left trigger and bang bang bang, get rid of the left trigger, also i might get flamed for this but i think that something that could be carried over from the cod series is the holding you're breath action for sniper rifles, a lot of poeple might not like this but it would add realism rather than just laying down and bang bang bang
  2. Brilliant news, i cant wait, lots of new big open maps, lots of crawling through grass and lots of sniping, i just wet myself
  3. lol i have to agree, when ever playing graw2 in co-op me and my friends half our time wishing general martin would just ****off, rather than having him flash up every 2minutes to hear "ghosts this martin"
  4. lol at man juice towel, yes very excited, my first xbox live game was rb6 blackarrow which was good, but lacked something for me,then a friend told me to buy GR2 which i did, and again enjoyed and met a lot of good friends playing sharpshooter, and then i played seige and was just totally blown away, i couldnt help it all that crawling through the grass as i tried not to be spotted knowing that 1 shot was gonna kill me while i tried to out think and out manouver the other team. since then i have played all GR games and enjoyed, maybe not as much as GR2 and GRSS but enjoyed all the same.here i am now though looking forward to the next installment of my favourite game ever, reading through the likes of paladins wish list and other peoples ideas, and thinking my god if ubisoft do take onboard some of the long standing communitys comments, this could be the best game ever, so yes very very very excited lol
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