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  1. This is my first mission guys, so I hope you all enjoy it. Bundle link - Coop Water Plant Mission Author: Stig783 File Size: 2.19MB Version: 9.3 Description:
  2. Nope im happy with the map. Besides I'd like to move on now hehe. I wanna thank you all for testing it. I truly appreciate it . Now quick question, how do I release it? shall I just put another post on here or will someone put it on the download section of this site? Thanks Stig
  3. Wow thanks Sightreader, im glad u enjoyed the map .
  4. **NEW UPDATE V9.3 COOP WATER PLANT DOWNLOAD*** Download link - HERE! Password is once again the same as before. Hopefully this will be the last release, but if there any more problems please post here. Thanks Stig
  5. I've managed to fix the issues Viper has pointed out, and the new version will be out soon. I thank everyone for their patience and time testing my map .
  6. Im guessin thats the wall u mentioned in ya screenshot?, if so yea ur not meant to go over there hehe
  7. My map has a maximum of 5 spawn points already, first is insertion, second is activated once you approach where the first tank is. Third is activated once the first ADAT is destroyed. Fourth is located in between the first and second adat. And finally the last one triggers when you destroy the helis. Fith spawn point is located near second adat. You must have somehow gone around the triggers :S. I'll have to look into that. Thank you once again fellas
  8. Thanks once again for the valueable feedback Viper. ill look into sortin the wall issues asap
  9. ***NEW VERSION 9.2 WATER PLANT*** Download link HERE! Please let me know asap if you have any problems. PM me if you want the password, but for those of you who tested previously, the PW is the same. Thanks Stig
  10. New version coming soon fellas, I've managed to fix the extraction/end game part, it now only takes a few seconds for the mission to end. Also re-located the Zeus's, hopefully they should appear on the map.
  11. Forgive me for misunderstanding there Viper. Ok well its strange how it behaves like that. Im gonna be re-inputting the Zeus locators, see if that fixes the issue.
  12. It could be the mod conflicting with the Zeus script for the demo kits. Because you say it restricts weapons? if so it might not be reading the Zeus script correctly. I'll try and fix it best I can .
  13. Hey Viper, there is a Zeus located near the burnt out car near when you spawn in (where you kill the first group of AI). All demolition kits should also have a zeus, but I haven't tested my map with the Barking Spider mod. I'll look into it asap. Thanks for testing!! Stig
  14. Thanks very much there John, I have noticed the lag in the 9.0 version. I've changed the smoke back to blue, and the other additions bogie mentioned. Playin the map on ya own is quite tough, and ill be fixing that last respawn area, I think i'll have it activated when the helis are destroyed . Thanks again Stig
  15. ***NEW BETA RELEASE VERSION 9.0*** Numerous fixes that Bogie and most of you have stated. Please feel free to test it. Password is the same as before guys. http://files.filefront.com/coop+water+plan...;/fileinfo.html Thanks Stig
  16. Cheers twix, thank you for testing the map. The new version will be out soon . It'll have the same password as before for you guys who wish to test the next version.
  17. Yea Bogie thinks the crash happened because of the physics AI i put in the map. I've now changed them all to normal AI so hopefully, it shouldn't crash. Zeus's are also located on the map, you just have to find them . Also the demolition kit has a Zeus if u cant find them in the map. Ive fixed most of the issues that Bogie has stated, just working on the Extraction. Next version will be out soon fellas, I'll be addin more AI to give you more of a challenge Thanks for the feedback once more!
  18. Appreciate the help bogie, ill look into it right away .
  19. Thanks for the info there bogie, im glad you enjoyed the map. I'll try and tweak the AI a little bit more so they don't get stuck as much . oh, Viper, Ebk and Goose, check ya email/PM's for the password to the map.
  20. Cheers Anthony ill get to work on that and see what the problem is. I've also noticed that in some areas particually near the first ADAT, you can get down in various areas where there are no AI triggers. I've fixed that issue, but I wont release a new version until i hear from the other guys . Ive had a look at the error u got there Anthony, using google and the error seems to be the actual game itself. I dunno if someone else could clarify this. I cant seem to find anythin on the Wiki on this error either.
  21. Hey fellas, yea it has been quite a long time since last I posted here. I was busy with University as well as cooping a map for GRAW2. Anyways there has been alot of changes in the map, I hope you all enjoy it. Ill appreciate ya assistance. Heres the link to download it... http://files.filefront.com/coop+water+plan...;/fileinfo.html Ill give you guys the password as you've already stated ya willing to beta test the map for me. Again thanks guys i look forward to the feedback Btw, i recommend you use Silenced Weapons hehe ENJOY!
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