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  1. ghost_camo_01_556.jpg

    Messed around with the ghost bodies for quite a while trying to get something that looked decent. This is kind of growing on me in different lights. There were three things I really hated about the ghost uniforms. 1) the space helmets just didn't look too cool. 2) they were one solid block of camo for everything. It just didn't look right, even if a real uniform is like that it has more contrast from the vest to the clothes. Some variation or something. 3) their gear was too "stuck" on looking.

    I mixed and matched some of the gear and seperated the vest from the clothes. This makes it "un-switchable" with camo swatches, but it's the only way to do it. Not sure if I want to keep this or not. The necks stick through the back of the collar and the black mich2001 helmets don't look very good with them, so I switched Jenkins to tan. On the plus side, the tan helmet and other head gear blends pretty well.

    these are fantastic

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