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  1. You pinned it down quick! Thanks a lot Tinker, you're a savior. = D
  2. You folk noticed this already probably. But in this version the M32 MGL has "bird sounds" when you trigger/shoot the grenades. Just reporting a bug..
  3. Nice job. I noticed the outfits look more varied in this version, or is that me ?
  4. Nice to know! Any SAfrican specialists (SADF Recces) on mind, maybe ?
  5. Beautiful mod. I really like what you guys have done. I'm sure you folk are aware of this issue, the hand placement on the weapon is off. Also, I would like to know, just curious if at a later time you guys will cook us up some "Specialist" for the mod.
  6. Awesomeness! A standing ovation for the progress!
  7. Indeed, looking good. Some highly detailed models!
  8. The DL link is down and there is no other alternatives, since the alternatives are also not working. The official links (down)
  9. The models and skins are top tier! It's been a long time since someone posted in this thread I know! But it'll be nice to have a woodland version of this, since it was never created.
  10. Awesome! Personally, GR1 is the best GR in my opinion, and in the opinion of others who I spoken with, who are gamers themselves, tactical gamers also. I have plenty of PC games and can run all of the titles flawlessly but the oldest title I have, and still looks good, the environmental sounds are good also, is in fact GR, I tried the newer versions of it and it did not interest me. It didn't have the same "feel" as the original did.
  11. Lovely! I personally would love to see new models and skins for our Ghosts (Green Berets) in game, which includes new camos, helmets, protective eye wear, packs, ect. Something similar to the Marine: Force Recon 2 mod for our GR1, which is primarily skin-model and equipment focused. Something that will bring our GR Green Berets characters up to date, including the specialists. Now please, someone with the skills, form a party and get to work! I'm sure the community will approve and show 100% of support.
  12. Almost a year without a reply, it was looking rather interesting. And man, I wouldn't mind grasping that Denel NTW-20.
  13. Again, all looking rather interesting. Any new updates ? It's been a while now.
  14. Yes, the project was looking rather lovely and highly appreciated. Is there still a lot to be done ? Best of wishes..
  15. Part one Fragmented into 18 parts, the rest is here
  16. Magnificent! Those arcades are a +. Both GR and Pac-Man/.
  17. The weps, they all look wonderful! Splendid detail. Oh when oh when can I have these precious..
  18. They look outstanding! I am anticipating this modification, great job. If interested here's a 15 minute recent documentary featuring and a discussion with the rebels of the Niger Delta - Click
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