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  1. John Ran through the map last night on hard and it was superb. Your work is getting better and better and I think the new buildings really stand out. As Rahn says it really adds something having to fight your way to the objectives and being able to do this in 3 dimensions makes it much more fun . Bring on the escalator though as I'm getting breathless running up all these stairs! Loved it from start to finish and encountered no problems whatsoever. Didn't get the blocked stairs as reported by CJo1964 but then I don't use frags so that's not a surprise. Great work again John. Anthony
  2. John The only issue I could find was the wallpaper but I have already voiced my opinion in earlier posts so we won't go there again. Your maps are now so polished the beta phase seems almost unnecessary and therefore we have become almost redundant. Really like the new layout and the new buildings are spot on but in terms of gameplay another winner all the way. Keep on with the good work. many thanks Anthony
  3. Daro It may just be me but I tried to run v1.5 a number of times and it crashed back to the desktop every time. I thought it might be because I had too many files in my custom_levels folder so I took a lot out but that made no difference - it still crashed. Has anybody else experienced the same thing? Anthony
  4. Vicmaal I was constantly getting the scope problem when changing weapons but as you say switch to your secondary weapon before making the change and it doesn't seem to be a problem. It onlt seem to happen when changing one primary weapon for another. Hope that helps and apologies for going off-topic. By the way am really enjoying the tracer mission and it has been running faultlessly. Anthony
  5. John Another great mission. Well done. Played through twice with regular and Rahn's modded weapons. Had no problems. Using Rahn's mod I was able to take out the tanks quickly & easily but as Rahn said using the regular weapons I had to work a position to get close in. This took more and as a result one of the tanks got stuck. I think it was the one on the way to the Shorad from the prisoners but would need to check to be absolutely sure. I really like the new buildings and as Rahn said it is good not to know the layout before you enter that makes it much more of a test. However the whole mission is a stern test - plenty of AI waiting to shoot you in the back if you pass a builiding without checking first. Frame count was up and no lag experienced. Good work Anthony
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  7. Knuckles a quaint old english version of
  8. I'll take one if you still have a spare. Thanks
  9. John Finally got round to giving Stonewall another go and this time managed to complete the Chemical Supplies objective and eventually the whole mission. I think this is another fine achievement. I found no problems during testing. No evidence of lag at all. Only one AI with his face stuck in the wall - could have been a punishment, of course, and no sign of dopey AI they all seemed intent on doing me harm. Overall an excellent mission on one of my personal favourite maps and like Rahn I am very impressed with the new buildings. I am looking forward to your next effort being a wallpaper-free zone!! Thanks for all the hard work you obviously put in to bring us all these new pleasures. Anthony
  10. Hi John Like most of the comments here the new mission played really well and the new buildings look really good but I had a problem in completing the "Chemical Supplies" objective. Worked my way round the map to this point but could not find a way to complete that objective. I searched but could not see the obvious things like "Plant C4" or a wall box, I guess I must have missed it. Will have another go later. Other than that everything went well, absolutletly no sign of lag. The shooters on the hillside were very difficult to spot but that made it all the more enjoyable and the buildings layout was spot on creating just the right amount of CQB. Another great effort but the wallpaper really is woeful. Bring on the hessian and the bamboo furniture. Anthony
  11. Zeealex I play at 1920 * 1080 if that helps Anthony
  12. John I have played the mission several times now without experiencing any problems at the explosives but I did get a bit of lag at the MI17s but not enough to be a problem. Still looks good to me. Anthony
  13. Hi Daro Thanks for giving us another new mission, this time something quite different. Haven't managed to go undetected yet even though the last time I only killed one AI and then got called an idiot for getting Rosen killed. You can't win everytime. Unfortunately I have been experiencing quite severe lag from early on even at times when there seemed to be very few AI around. Even though I blew the mission each time it was still enjoyable to fight my way to extraction. I am loving the challenge of getting along the bridge to safety. As noted, on getting to the sandbags and killing a couple of AI that seemed to trigger a rush and I was taking a lot of fire from off the bridge on nearby buildings - that was fun. By the way I got the alarm to sound before I went over the bridge so if it hasn't been working I can report it is now. All the best on getting it finished and I shall persevere with getting to Rosen undetected. Anthony
  14. Hi Daro

    Thanks for the PW gonna try your latest mission out now.


  15. Hi Daro

    Thanks for the PW gonna try your latest mission out now.


  16. John Excellent mission. Played through twice now and found no problems whatsoever. One AI seems to be trying to run through one of the doors in the building opposite the explosives where we detonate the switch to access the explosives hangar. Other than that all good - don't really see too much to change and I would suggest it is in such a complete state you could issue it tomorrow. One thing I would say it's going to be almost impossible to find a way round without losing a life but it's going to be a lot of fun trying. Some of the AI are positioned in the cruelest of places particularly those guarding access to the roof with the M117's. Something I was very concerned about is the boredom element and to alleviate the onset of boredom I would like to make the following request. Can you pls see if you can accommodate the following; Dry ski slope in one of the empty hangars A turbo trainer for my bike Coffee making facilities with biscuits Dancing girls 60" plasma with Skysports subscription for 5 years The entire works of Charles Dickens but with pictures ..and a change of wallpaper so that all of our European friends don't think we all live in houses decorated like it's the fifties. Thanks and goodnight Anthony
  17. Hi Daro Same thing as TAWGoose, I couldn't remember the password. Can you pls PM me. Thanks
  18. Hi Daro Tried to download the map but the link wasn't working. Happy New Year to all Anthony
  19. Belated happy birthday to GR and my usual thanks to Rocky and all at GhostRecon.net for keeping things going. All the best Anthony
  20. John Checked out the Pheonix beta earlier today. Completed the mission in SP and found no problems whatsoever. No lag, no AI in walls, maybe one or two a little unresponsive but generally a good flow to the mission and some tricky sniper placements. Thought I was going to have a problem at the beginning after destroying the wall of tyres but eventually found a way through. Nice work John. Anthony
  21. John Have been away from the forum for a long time but I did manage to try out Silver Dawn and I can report that I had no problems with the way the game played. I did not experience any of the problems reported by Kaapo and JackDoe. In fact everything I experienced says the mission is good to go. Played through in hardcore and had a hoot. The damn vans that blow up in your face are a pain but other than that I got through the map OK and really enjoyed it. Keep 'em coming. Anthony
  22. Rick

    Hi. I haven't seen you for ages. I can never find the Killerbees server up these days and I have been back playing Borderlands. I am interested in getting a regular evening session sorted out if you're interested but need to find a server although I am happy to host my own. However when I tried that before it seemed to have connection problems for other players but let m...

  23. Hi John Congratulations on creating such an excellent mission - I really enjoyed it. Played coop and solo and both times got past the roadblock and in the 2nd building on the right beyond the tower (alongside the roadblock) seems to be an AI who can kill the Ghosts by firing through the walls of the building. Once you pass that point you can use the other buildings as cover but it definately appears to be a glitch. Next time I'll try and remember to get a screen shot to make it easier to locate the correct building. Once again John a really fine piece of work. By the way I tried your beta campaign and enjoyed that too but for some reason I have crashed twice before completion. Will give it another go and report back. Best regards Anthony
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