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  1. We tried the move to VBS when I was in Red Sector mate, the biggest problem is the size of the maps, GR was all nice small maps and you knew where you were going, once you start making missions that can take a couple of hours to do, and its not hard once you start playing around in the editor, thats where you'll put some folks off.

    Addons too, while nice, can be a right pain in the bum.

    I think we can have a big map and not have the player get lost. Not sure exactly how ArmA works yet (buying it soon), but I sure there is some type of map/GPS system in place. So objectives will be marked on the map, or it could just say head east for 3 clicks, etc.

    One thing that would need to be taken into consideration is pacing. So don't make the player walk for 10 minutes to the target without seeing a single enemy patrol or something.

    If there is a long way to go then maybe the player could steal a jeep or something to get there quicker. Although, I know you don't want vehicles LS, it does keep the action flowing somewhat, and it could be there as only an option, rather than making players take the vehicle.

    On a site note: anyone know where I can get a copy of ArmA in Australia (specifically Ballarat).

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