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  1. There is a new pubic group you can join on steam to see who's in game. On Steam - search for group "FarCry2 CTD" and you can join. its at: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/FarCry2CTD The next FC2 patch supposed to include a fix so clan members can better fine each other, this would be a good aria to see who's on from other clans.
  2. Hi all, i go by Butter_Cup on FarCry2 Thanks for having the SPARTA - Legion of Sparta server up, its the only FC2 server that actually allows me to connect for more then 5 seconds. I still get disconnected from it every 20 minutes or so where i lose my rank, and i can only get on it and stay on it between 10am-1pm and 9pm-whenever, buts its still fun wen FC2 works. I hope the people at Ubi fix the MP so we can have clan wars. As for the game itself, i love it but i spend more time trying to get it to work then playing.
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