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  1. Hey guys, decided to jump back into some GRAW and decided to d/l these two sweet looking mods to enhance the experience. Was just wondering if these two mods are compatible with one another or if anything has to be changed/tweaked to make em work together. Any help would b greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  2. Hey guys Ive recently borrowed GRAW 1 of a mate and installed it, updated to patch 1.35 and started playing. In game everything is smooth except that every so often (probs every 10mins or so), the game starts stuttering and lagging. This lasts usually about 2mins and is really irritating lol. It occurs no matter what resolution im on or how much i reduce graphical settings. Ive alt-tabed during the episodes and found that my cpu usage has jumped up to 100%, dunno if that is the cause of it or not. I have gone thru all the standard checks such as making sure nothings running in the background, video card drivers updated, tweaking the xml etc. My hardware is getting a bit old school but i have no problem playing games such as cod4 with all graphics options up high and graw runs fine xcept for these intermittent slow downs, any help/suggestions would b really appreciated. System: ====== GRAW 1.35 (played on 1024 by 768 res) ASUS A8N-E AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1.5 gigs ddr400 Geforce 6800GS(drivers updated to newest version) Creative Soundblaster Audigy2
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