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  1. Thank you Rocky, and thanks also ApexMods, though I'm not sure what I can contribute. Oh! Three elements, always: Alpha, a lone wolf who walks sideways into obvious traps and kills people with silenced rifles; Bravo, a three-member team that does overwatch and kicks people in the ass; and Charlie, a ninja babysitter plus the scenario's required specialist -- they're the original Odd Couple! "Yo Poindexter, could you maybe grab a rifle and return fire?" "Sorry, got these rockets. And an MP5K, how's that? Look upon my armament and tremble, tools!" "Just shut up and stay low." Hopefully the mods will challenge my view of GR. Except DTD, or NED, or PMC, whatever, that sucked. The first mission started, I advanced slowly in overwatch formation, and just when the vertex fog "sandstorm" cleared and I saw a building, I failed the mission -- fifteen seconds, max. I remember clearly because it was an "escort the brainless friendlies" mission. That's when I originally uninstalled GR. Some people think "reality mod" translates "deafening, clipped samples of gunfire and unexpected and total defeat for the first thirty attempts." Forced sterilization has never really caught on, but fortunately these reality modders are easily recognized and avoided.
  2. As a matter of fact I don't have a credit card and haven't had one for over ten years. (American credit slang for people who pay their balance in full every month: "deadbeats." True story, and they mean it; you're wasting their time by not paying the minimum every month for years on end, leaving the principal untouched.) My feelings about the Economic Middleman Industry in its various forms resemble the distaste animal-rights activists have about testing cosmetics by spraying them directly into the eyes of lab animals, and I'd argue that needless layers of middlemen, point-shavers, percentage-hunters and the innumerates and self-satisfied Thugees on Wall Street have a lot to do with the world economy being on its knees. This is hopelessly off topic and yes, I started it, but the older I get, the more obvious it becomes how smart my grandfather was all along. Even the loony stuff about fiat money and how you can't print steel, precious metals or electricity. Thank God I was forced to learn most of what he taught me; too bad it wasn't more of what he knew.
  3. Cool beans! Now I just need to find someone with a PayPal account I can borrow, and I'll be set up. (There's some reason everybody involved with PayPal should die in a fire -- or maybe dealing with PayPal is like actually inviting the nice door-to-door missionaries into your house -- I can't remember which, off the top of my head, but it's a Bozo No-No according to house rules. Give me a break, I'm American. My country is controlled by plutocratic war criminals who deliberately poisoned the world's economy for short-term Monopoly-money rewards while pumping out a steady torrent of direct lies about everything, to everybody, and denying responsibility for anything at all. So I'm a little twitchy. Honestly, can you blame me?)
  4. Hey, um, my account is like six and a half minutes old, and uh... can I get in on some of that DVD action? I'll send the medium and the case and a self-addressed stamped thingie and a few of those brightly colored dead presidents the guy at the bodega keeps slipping me instead of boring dark green non-counterfeit money. And I'll be your friend. I'd be your friend anyway, because you're just... you. But I got a hankerin' to revisit South Ossetia when it was goofy political-thriller wargame fodder. Please?
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