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  1. I am a multiplayer Fanatic. I prefer shooting real players rather than AI. Except when my internet is down. then I have no choice
  2. Never had that happen. but then again always played Ghost Recon on xbox.
  3. Hey white Knight! I consider the FD forum crowd to the tough. This one seems like a walk in the park to them. (its a compliment). Anyways its about time I get on forums other than FD and GB.
  4. Ouch! I think that would be quite painful for some to read. Especially guys since they have to visualize what is going on in the book.
  5. I am over 18. but I started playing Ghost Recon when I was 16
  6. Has anyone here ever read Ghost Recon the book? I consider myself a pretty hardcore recon fan (even though I have been MIA on the games for quite sometime) and reading the books seem like the next step. The reviews on amazon seem pretty good too. Thoughts? Linky! http://www.amazon.com/Clancys-Ghost-Recon-...4503&sr=1-1
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