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  1. especially the jungle look..... wow amazing!!!!!!
  2. It is a download error. Had it myself a couple of times.... Probably u used fileplanet?! Took a different server and got a good copy after a while, you don't need to get rid of your old files. It installes directly over them, so no problem Good luck!
  3. Xatar


    To be honest I think that is indeed more demanding than IT... Needed to lower everything to minimal except for shadows, but I need those ofcourse! lol It gives me a hard time in MP since my framerates drop to below 10 sometimes.. AS for specs: P III 733, 512MB, Geforce 2 GTS, win XP Ok it's probably outdated already hehehe I found sometimes that shadows showed even when AI's were behind a wall, don't know if u can change that? Haven't got a clue about moddeling except for Unigraphics, but that's different hehehe I also found that the firefight mission with the frozen ship (not good in names) was strange, AI's seem to try to walk through an opened door, so by shooting at the door I killed some, and no one tried to walk around the door But again can imagine that it is basic. Really love the mod it's the best I've seen so far. Great job! And Neutron good luck with the job hunting! Shouldn't be a problem after this I expect.....
  4. predators also host Frostbite! It's a Dutch server can be found in All Seeing Eye... great hosting as well
  5. PROBLEM SOLVED! THNX for the help, problem was bad CRC in the end... fileplanet......
  6. Somehow after reading these remarks I want to use the compas more than I did before!
  7. Ok checked all directories, and found that I haven't got the Modcont.txt file for Frostbite?! I did download it here.... I sort of created a own file (copied from a different mod and changed content...) but it still doesn't work! I can see the mod in the list now, but that's it! Can't select the campaign nor anything else of frostbite Can anyone help me?!?!
  8. I am sure I installed it in the mod directory of Ghost recon.... I can also see it in the directory. And like I said all other mods were deactivated, and GR does start up with the launcher... I will check out the ModsCcont.txt file, thing is ofcourse that I am currently working, so my game PC is still at home can you tell me which mods are supported by FB?
  9. Hi guys, Yesterday I downloaded Frostbite. Then installed it and used the launcher to start it. What happened was that all my other mods (like HX4 and DAGRM48 and so on...) were deactived. The only active ones were DS and IT. The thing was that Frostbite (FB ) was not activated. To be honest I could not find it anywhere in the list?!? I did install it in the right directory, and even can see it there! I also can launch GR with the launcher, the window and the framerate options work... What am I doing wrong? And then ofcourse is it possible to use FB in combination with other (not official) mods?? Grtz Xatar
  10. ........great story..... This makes me wanna be at home instead of being at work, how I need to be playing R now......
  11. The only thing which I really do miss, and even gets me ###### sometimes is not being able to climb or jump in this game. Everything else is still nice.... But seeing a small stone in front of you and knowing that you need to walk around of it (probably directly into the line of fire....).............. It's just not that good
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