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  1. OK - now I'm stuck on the 'destroy helicopter levels' the reason - the RPG disappears, or if i manage to get one it has no ammo in it!!! what is wrong with the people who produce this game - what are they... just money grabbers believe me - I WILL not be buying another game from them. GRAW = FULL OF BUGS RI
  2. hello, I wonder if anyone can help! When playing Act 3 (mutliple axis) - or something - first time around the Tank followed my orders to move and attack, and all... but anyway, I died (on first attempt - quite normal for me) and since then, on starting the act again, (savegame) the tank, now, wont carry out any orders... it just wont budge, nothing, so I can't bring it into place to blow up the enemy armoured vehicle at the very beginning of the level. has anyone else had this? what am I missing (oh and I haven't slept with the Tank commanders daughter, before anyone asks)! Ikonik Rouge
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