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  1. Hi John, I had the same problem, it drove me nut. What am I doing wrong? What it is, is I found that if I have to many maps on the run, I get the same fault. I spent a weekend trying to work out what was going wrong. I removed line after line and still had the same problem, even if I played a different mission?????? Then my one year old boy turned off the computer ( the little bug-ger) I restarted it and all is OK. Then about a week or so, it happen again. So I put two and two together , turn the computer off then on ,it fixed it. I still get the problem time after time. The fix for me is, I remove all the maps apart from the one I am working on and I turn off the computer and restart it from time to time. Rad...
  2. Hi all, I got this message form Rico He is referring to, where he adds the sound folder. Is there a fix for this? Do they just create a english folder then add the sound folder there. Rad..
  3. OK , so is the only conflict that my and your mods have is the mrc/crye? what if I use a gun like your default gun or a different set if guns, so if someone plays the map with or without your mod, the game doesn't crash? I still like to give the gun as a prop a go. Because I have a second project, it's a paint-ball game. It's just like the real game, small combat areas, I have 5 maps from indoors, outdoors and a stadium one, with some cool sounds in it. But the real trick to this game is the gun, I can't remembered who make this mod,but he replaced the bullets with red paint or maybe blood. If I or WE, LOL, could get it to work,a mod gun that's a custom prop or a new gun or something, it would be great. but if it's only possible in your mod, then I'll make the game play and maps apart of your mod, If that is OK with you. and ALSO hehehehe how hard is it to put a plastic tank on the top of a gun like the real paint-ball guns? Rad..
  4. Brettzie, just an idea with the BlackHawkDown map coop version. can I or YOU , LOL, make a gun setup as a custom prop. So all the guns in the rules will not conflict with your mod, so I rename the MRC to rad_mrc, then in the mission rules, I'll have create_weapon = rad_mrc. Rad..
  5. So to clear things up (1) Are you using one setting.xml and is that xml in the loc/eng/sound folder or somewhere else? (2) If John makes a map, with custom sounds in it, does he place his sound_rego_##.xml just in the loc/eng/sound folder or dose he have to place a second sound_rego_##.xml with your mod, so he can play your custom weapons mod ? (3) Is the only reason you have the blackahwndown.rules in your bundle because of the weapon in the map? (4) About 4-5 months ago, you said that "There's no way you can get sound to play in a bundle" So are you saying that my white ass was right and your black dot was wrong. LOL Rad..
  6. LOL. I had a good look at your sounds and I don't see much wrong? but I do see an wave.xml that I don't understand . bp_m4v2_wave_share - why do you have WAVE_SHARE separate from the rest of the wave file and not apart of the main wave.xml? ie. bp_m4v2_wave.xml bp_m4v2_wave_3rd.xml But you have bp_m4v2_wave.xml bp_m4v2_wave_3rd.xml bp_m4v2_wave_share.xml ??? Can you e-mail me just your bundle of sounds, so we are looking at the same thing. And have you tested to see if the sounds working at all. What I mean is, we know the sounds are not work with the guns ( when you pull the trigger) but are they working in the editor as a location? Just start-up your graw2 editor, go to the sound tab and place a location sound on your map. Then type in cue tab - lets say "loop_echo" . You must place the man on the map to hear the sounds. You'll know if the sound works, because the sound location in the editor will go from gray to green. No, I just had a sound folder. Mate, I just re-read all of your post's again. All of 5000 lines. LOL . the only pattern I see is, you keep saying it works in my sounds, but when you go out side of my setup,it doesn't work. even when you bundled it to play the "intro" it worked (or it play a sound "intro") . so to me it must work and must be a setup problem. I think 2 bundles, the resane why, we have to use one sound settings, so it doesn't get confusing. placing a sound_rego_##.xml here or there, for the public users. It probably doesn't matter, bundles or local ? but I think one setting outside your mod, in loc/eng/sound Please e-mail me the bundle. I think we must iron this out , so we all have a code of practice, with sounds. radiator_ebda@hotmail.com Rad..
  7. I just tryed it and it works. I removed all the sounds from the mission, then bundled it, then placed the sounds in a second bundle. It all works fine. Are any of your sounds, named the same as the original sound ( mrc ) If not, it must be the way it's setup in the bundle. The way I understand it is, when you startup graw it loads all the sounds. from the weapons, the tree's down to my sounds. Then all the sounds are placed in the big bin , and when my mission triggers play a sound, it finds that sound from that bin and plays it. the same with your weapons, you pull the trigger of the gun and that triggers bullets to leave the gun and to play a sound. Try renaming the sound in the mrc to blackhawk_intro to see if this works, you must have my bundle in the custom levels, so graw can load the sounds. So when you pull the trigger the intro should start to play, if it dose then we must be on the right track. I'll have a play after work. Rad..
  8. Hi Rahnman , Thanks for your 2 cents. I agree 100% with you. About 3 months in to the map, I said the same thing, I also said that this should be a coop map now. I decided to finish it because (1) I was to far in to stop, (2) I what'd to see if I could do it. make a full mission with two sides. And the third reason was, I know that there was so much going on and so many new props in the map, I wanted this to be more of a test map, to iron out all the problems (like the sounds been compatible with Brettzies mod) . then having this map as a coop and fall on it ass. Thats also why I added TDM , S.I.T. HH etc.. This map is real good fun on this types of game play as TVT. I don't know about that, I had this map on my computer for about 6 months and had the map on a dedicated server many times, and not once did I or anyone else got the anti-cheat or kicking for the game. I don't know why, we should, maybe the game thinks all the files in the local/eng are the main files. Brettzie - don't get me wrong, I know that it works. I was just try to point out a problem, but reading your second post, you can see where I was coming from. It,s funny I don't know why, I am telling the sound setting to look for 100 or for now 98 sound that are not there. ??? if it works I don't ask the question. Have you read the wiki about adding custom sounds, if not have a read and I'll register you to rego_12. I spent months trying and testing to get some way so everyone can have sounds, and this was the simplest way. Even if you remove there map/mission and leave there rego_##.xml behind , it will not confect, even thow it's looking for something that not there. but the best thing I like about this way is if that person makes 50 mission and I don't like all of them apart for three mission. I only have to add the mission bundle, no setting up sounds . for eg.. John missions, the only setup I have to do is place his rego_##.xml in my loc/eng folder once, then add his missions when he finishes them. so I can have mission 2, 15, 55 and for the person that just plays the missions, this way seem to be working with 140 downloads and with only one that couldn't get the sounds working. He ever posted back, so he must of worked it out. I didn't think about this, should I remove all gun in the coop version, or do you have any suggestions? I don't know why your sounds don't work as a bundle, when the sounds work in my bundle. Maybe I am misunderstanding you or what you are trying to say about sounds in your bundle. can you help me understand you, come on mate I am just a car part. (1) Is your bundle placed in the custom_levels folder. If not where? (2) Did my sounds work? (3) Is your mod looking at my setting.xml or at the settings in your mod? Because if it is looking at the setting in your mod, well yes it will not work as a bundle. I had the same problem, you need to make your mod to look at the settings in the loc/eng folder, it was the only way I could get the sounds to work as a bundle. (4) Are your fingers ready to fall off, I've never seen you type so much in one day. Maybe we need to get on team speak or something. Rad..
  9. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD BRETTZIES PATCH Hi Brettzies, Thanks mate. But I just had a quick look at your patch, and it's not right. You made the rad_custom_sounds.xml look at all of my missions only and no-one else, the problem is if someone else makes a new mission with sounds in it, they will crash. And the way you have it know, is you will be sending out a new patch's every week if someone makes a new mission. ( like John and Boigie ) You need to make your settings.xml to point at my settings.xml, then my settings will point at all the new sounds that everyone makes in there missions. This way everyone can play there new missions with new sounds in it with your mod (bp_weapon_pack) and if they decide to play there mission with out your mod then can and still have sounds. So all you need in your sound folder is ..\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Local\bp_weapons_pack_v2.06.ots\sound bp_banks.xml settings.xml Inside the setting.xml file you need to change <xi:include href="rad_custom_sounds.xml#xpointer(/custom_sounds/wavebanks/*)"/> <xi:include href="rad_custom_sounds.xml#xpointer(/custom_sounds/soundbanks/*)"/> TO <xi:include href="data\sound\custom_sounds.xml#xpointer(/custom_sounds/wavebanks/*)"/> <xi:include href="data\sound\custom_sounds.xml#xpointer(/custom_sounds/soundbanks/*)"/> and you need to add both yours and my lines to the bottom of the list, in the <wavebanks> and <soundbanks> Why we have to do this is ,so the game will load the original sounds first then yours and the custom sounds last. It's more for the custom sounds then your sounds, it's because of the narcom sound group. for some reason it stops that group of sounds playing?? Give this a go, it should work. Rad... EDIT : this didn't work, and I tryed 4 different ways. maybe you might know, ( try removing data\sound and see if that works - <xi:include href="custom_sounds.xml#xpointer(/custom_sounds/wavebanks/*)"/> ) It's 1 in the morning, getting late, try tomorrow. Rad..
  10. I read your post and suddenly remembered that I actually a wife! So I ran round the house to find her, but the house was empty. No beds, no fridge, no clothes just my computer in one room. But that's OK as long as the map's finished. LOL Dav, All is OK. She's said, "Thank god I don't have to hear that damn song again." I don't know want will happen when she finds out what COOP means. For the Coop side of things, just give me some time, I have to remove some lines in the scripting, to convert it in to a one sided game (Coop) and with 4000 lines, I can see some late nights. Thanks Rocky and John for adding the map to the downloads and the screen shots, I just got the pm and I see that you already have added them. I didn't think of a readme, thanks Rocky Did you find your names in the map? The funny thing is, which Dav knows, when I added or changed something in the map, I tested it, so I changed the mission name so I would remember what test I was up to. eg. BlackHackDown200 then BlackHackDown202 and so on. I had a play last night, and saw a typo in the mission, My last test was 3471 and I still missed it. It will not affect the mission, just with3471 tests you think I would have it 100% right. No-one is perfect, I guess! Rad...
  11. BLACKHAWKDOWN SOMALIA - EAST AFRICA - 1993 Over 300.000 civilians die of starvation.The most powerful of all the warlords, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, rules the capital - Mogadishu. He seizes all international food shipments. Hunger is his weapon. In late August, America's Elite Soldiers, Delta Force, Army Rangers and the 160th SOAR are sent to Mogadishu to remove Aidid and to restore order. The events of 1993 shocked the world. The mass loss of lives and the public outcry from the Somalian people, forced President Clinton on 1:00 pm, June 18th, 1995 to order an inquest on the events of that devastating day. Two weeks later, all officers from the Major General, the Captain, down to the Cook, were stood down pending the outcome of the inquest. NINE YEARS LATER, the inquest released a 5000 page report. The findings found that there was one piece of evidence that could incriminate Major General William F. Garrison. Which left the new President Bush's hands tied to intervene. On December 23rd 2004 the trial of Major General William F. Garrison started at 12:00 pm. There were 400 interviews, 3000 pieces of evidence and this continues to the PRESENT DAY. A soldier has just been called up to testify. The Judge turns to the soldier and says, "Well Sergeant, Congratulations on the Purple Heart." The Soldier replies, "Thank you, your Honour." The Judge continues, "All we need, is for you to tell us what happened that day from the beginning." The soldier pauses, then says "Well Sir, it's like this....................................................." And that's all I am going to tell you about the mission, apart from your options and the must do's. At the start of the mission you can rearm your weapons, you have a choice of walking, running, jumping in heli that comes back to take more troops in, there are 3 different heli flights or taking a ride in one of 23 pickup vehicles to Mogadishu. There are 7 different entry points to the city. One is a usable key pad entry. Once in,if you find the crashed BlackHawk you must stay in the zone until the time counts down. You must stay with the crashed BlackHawk crew-member until he has been evacucated, if you're a ghost, or stay with him until he is at Mohamed Farrah Aidid's headquaters then assassinate him, if you are a rebel. You get points for every BlackHawk crew-member rescued (ghosts) and points for every BlackHawk crew-member killed (rebels). After you find the working phone you must remember the password ( It's a sound so it's spoken to you) and then you must press the right access panel in the underground security room. If not the game will end. Once the adat locations are found, you have 2 options. (1) Blow all the adats by hand or (2) climb the tower to a security control computer, this computer will powerup all the key pads for you to unlock and open all the doors (The key pads and the computers are usable by pressing your use key). In the undergound computer room you can call for one air strike. (A MUST SEE).you have 3 choices, adat 1 2 or 3, If one adat is blow up by hand, then the computer for that adat shuts down. You get points for destroying the adat (ghost) and points if an adat is not destroyed (rebels). Once all 3 adats are destroyed you must stay out of the rebels car park: air strikes blow the car park up. At the end, the more ghosts make it home, the more points your team gets (ghosts) and the more ghost die, the more points the rebels get. There's a sinbin in the game - this means you have 2 lives, on the second death you can not respawn until all of your teammates are dead or if the remaining alive teammates finish the task they're on, ie.once a crashed BlackHawk crew-member is evacucated then everyone is respawned and restored with 2 lives. There's a lot more that I have forgotten, but you get the idea. The download Because of the sounds in this game and the usable key pads and computers, you have to add some folders in to your Local\English folder. They are sound and string This is a one off mod and will not alter any of the original graw game and will not have to be deleted, if you remove the mission (blackhawkdown.bundle). These file are needed if other have custom sounds in there missions. once you download the files/folders you should have the files in these locations Local\English\sound\settings Local\English\sound\custom_sounds Local\English\sound\sound_rego_1 Local\English\string\mission and blackhawkdown.bundle in to your customlevels folder I have posted on the wiki about adding custom sounds, and I see no-one has registered, please give it a go, it will make your missions more enjoyable. I will also add on the wiki how to add and setup the usable key pads and computers. For all the boys that will open the map up in the editor, you must remove the pickup_loy_vehicle from loy_01 to loy_23 or there will be cars everywhere. where are two maps (1) tdm, siege etc.. (world) and (2) the main mission ( world_tvtm) One last thing this is a team V team missions, so I know a lot of you play Coop missions, but please give it a go and use this mission as a guide of your missions. Play the TVTM mission and play it as a Ghost if there is only one playing. This is a very big map and a very big mission script, so some of you with slow computers will have to lower your graphics to low. P.S. I am in the making of a coop mission of this map too. Download Here -DOWNLOAD HAVE FUN Rad...
  12. Ha John, I can leave comments on the main page, but when I go to the edit tab, it asks for an admin to grant access rights. This could mean that you have to edit alllllllll the pageeeeessss Good work John Rad..
  13. Only in the wiki, I ll try him on graw.net. The good news is BlackHawkDown is finished, I was going to put all my tricks on the Wiki, over the weekend. If I can't get the Wiki to work. I ll post the map tomorrow.
  14. Has anyone got admin rights for the wiki, I can't edit any pages. Rad..
  15. Yes mate, I have all my sounds in the bundle. No, In there mods they put there sound mod in a deferent folder, when you start the game (Brettzies mod) it loads a new sound pack. But no the sounds will not conflict. But the problem we have is, there's 4 or 5 deferent sound file(Brettzies, Rahn's Weapons mod, Wolfsong's Extended Mod and custom sound) we'll have to make them all to look at one sound file. This is a quick fix, I'll copy there sound mods to the new sound list and just replace there sound mod with the new one. That's basically what I did. No flash modding just worked out a good code of practice, so every one can have sounds. Yes and no, It is an external mod and no the servers doesn't need the mod, because I haven't altered any of the original sounds. For some resane the server doesn't need the sound files to run the game, on that same note nether does your computer. the game still runs, but you'll hear no custom sounds. So your computer needs the sound folder so the game can preload the sound info. So for example - We play a mission together,if I don't have your sound mod on my computer and you have the sound mod. And lets say in your mission you have to find a ringing phone box. ( so the phone box has your new sound attached to it) and you and I are at the phone box together. you'll hear the ringing sounds and I would hear no ringing sounds. The game wouldn't crash, the game will play as normal and I would be running around looking for a ringing phone box. And you would be saying that D-H needs his ears checked. I have a program that you can update your sound profile (on there computer) you update your sounds XML every time you make a new mission, so the none map makers doesn't ask 1000 question, how do I do this - how do I do that. In short, Iam registered to sound bank (1), in my sound bank 1 XML file (you are given when you registered) I'll make it look for the mission I've made. and when I make a new mission I make it look for that mission. so the person that would have the must updated file , is you. So every time you release a mission, you release a updated sound pack. Iam have a test tonight with Warhammer just to iron out any problems. I must go, the boys tell me there's a car on fire at the workshop. Rad..
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