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  1. Hi John, I had the same problem, it drove me nut. What am I doing wrong? What it is, is I found that if I have to many maps on the run, I get the same fault. I spent a weekend trying to work out what was going wrong. I removed line after line and still had the same problem, even if I played a different mission?????? Then my one year old boy turned off the computer ( the little bug-ger) I restarted it and all is OK. Then about a week or so, it happen again. So I put two and two together , turn the computer off then on ,it fixed it. I still get the problem time after time. The fix for me is, I
  2. Hi all, I got this message form Rico He is referring to, where he adds the sound folder. Is there a fix for this? Do they just create a english folder then add the sound folder there. Rad..
  3. OK , so is the only conflict that my and your mods have is the mrc/crye? what if I use a gun like your default gun or a different set if guns, so if someone plays the map with or without your mod, the game doesn't crash? I still like to give the gun as a prop a go. Because I have a second project, it's a paint-ball game. It's just like the real game, small combat areas, I have 5 maps from indoors, outdoors and a stadium one, with some cool sounds in it. But the real trick to this game is the gun, I can't remembered who make this mod,but he replaced the bullets with red paint or maybe blo
  4. Brettzie, just an idea with the BlackHawkDown map coop version. can I or YOU , LOL, make a gun setup as a custom prop. So all the guns in the rules will not conflict with your mod, so I rename the MRC to rad_mrc, then in the mission rules, I'll have create_weapon = rad_mrc. Rad..
  5. So to clear things up (1) Are you using one setting.xml and is that xml in the loc/eng/sound folder or somewhere else? (2) If John makes a map, with custom sounds in it, does he place his sound_rego_##.xml just in the loc/eng/sound folder or dose he have to place a second sound_rego_##.xml with your mod, so he can play your custom weapons mod ? (3) Is the only reason you have the blackahwndown.rules in your bundle because of the weapon in the map? (4) About 4-5 months ago, you said that "There's no way you can get sound to play in a bundle" So are you saying that my white ass wa
  6. LOL. I had a good look at your sounds and I don't see much wrong? but I do see an wave.xml that I don't understand . bp_m4v2_wave_share - why do you have WAVE_SHARE separate from the rest of the wave file and not apart of the main wave.xml? ie. bp_m4v2_wave.xml bp_m4v2_wave_3rd.xml But you have bp_m4v2_wave.xml bp_m4v2_wave_3rd.xml bp_m4v2_wave_share.xml ??? Can you e-mail me just your bundle of sounds, so we are looking at the same thing. And have you tested to see if the sounds working at all. What I mean is, we know the sounds are not work with the guns ( when you pu
  7. I just tryed it and it works. I removed all the sounds from the mission, then bundled it, then placed the sounds in a second bundle. It all works fine. Are any of your sounds, named the same as the original sound ( mrc ) If not, it must be the way it's setup in the bundle. The way I understand it is, when you startup graw it loads all the sounds. from the weapons, the tree's down to my sounds. Then all the sounds are placed in the big bin , and when my mission triggers play a sound, it finds that sound from that bin and plays it. the same with your weapons, you pull the trigger of the gu
  8. Hi Rahnman , Thanks for your 2 cents. I agree 100% with you. About 3 months in to the map, I said the same thing, I also said that this should be a coop map now. I decided to finish it because (1) I was to far in to stop, (2) I what'd to see if I could do it. make a full mission with two sides. And the third reason was, I know that there was so much going on and so many new props in the map, I wanted this to be more of a test map, to iron out all the problems (like the sounds been compatible with Brettzies mod) . then having this map as a coop and fall on it ass. Thats also why I added
  9. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD BRETTZIES PATCH Hi Brettzies, Thanks mate. But I just had a quick look at your patch, and it's not right. You made the rad_custom_sounds.xml look at all of my missions only and no-one else, the problem is if someone else makes a new mission with sounds in it, they will crash. And the way you have it know, is you will be sending out a new patch's every week if someone makes a new mission. ( like John and Boigie ) You need to make your settings.xml to point at my settings.xml, then my settings will point at all the new sounds that everyone makes in there missio
  10. I read your post and suddenly remembered that I actually a wife! So I ran round the house to find her, but the house was empty. No beds, no fridge, no clothes just my computer in one room. But that's OK as long as the map's finished. LOL Dav, All is OK. She's said, "Thank god I don't have to hear that damn song again." I don't know want will happen when she finds out what COOP means. For the Coop side of things, just give me some time, I have to remove some lines in the scripting, to convert it in to a one sided game (Coop) and with 4000 lines, I can see some late nights. Thanks Ro
  11. BLACKHAWKDOWN SOMALIA - EAST AFRICA - 1993 Over 300.000 civilians die of starvation.The most powerful of all the warlords, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, rules the capital - Mogadishu. He seizes all international food shipments. Hunger is his weapon. In late August, America's Elite Soldiers, Delta Force, Army Rangers and the 160th SOAR are sent to Mogadishu to remove Aidid and to restore order. The events of 1993 shocked the world. The mass loss of lives and the public outcry from the Somalian people, forced President Clinton on 1:00 pm, June 18th, 1995 to order an inquest on the events of t
  12. Ha John, I can leave comments on the main page, but when I go to the edit tab, it asks for an admin to grant access rights. This could mean that you have to edit alllllllll the pageeeeessss Good work John Rad..
  13. Only in the wiki, I ll try him on graw.net. The good news is BlackHawkDown is finished, I was going to put all my tricks on the Wiki, over the weekend. If I can't get the Wiki to work. I ll post the map tomorrow.
  14. Has anyone got admin rights for the wiki, I can't edit any pages. Rad..
  15. Yes mate, I have all my sounds in the bundle. No, In there mods they put there sound mod in a deferent folder, when you start the game (Brettzies mod) it loads a new sound pack. But no the sounds will not conflict. But the problem we have is, there's 4 or 5 deferent sound file(Brettzies, Rahn's Weapons mod, Wolfsong's Extended Mod and custom sound) we'll have to make them all to look at one sound file. This is a quick fix, I'll copy there sound mods to the new sound list and just replace there sound mod with the new one. That's basically what I did. No flash modding just work
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