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  1. Regards, the other day my pc was invaded by a virus and I had to format it. Among other things lost my savegames Vitale Campaign and was on the mission 3. So please if you can please send me a savegame to allow me to start this mission savegames or even the best of all the missions in this campaign: Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hello, I had to reformat my pc and I lost the mission of the Cartel Campaign "Gunrunner" .I was wondering if someone could send me? I would be very grateful. Thank you very much, my email is pacualt@yahoo.es
  3. Thank you, thank you and thank you friend that Ranhman and candy76041820 was the mission that you were looking for. I recommend in SP that jueges to cartel campaign, this very well. By the way sorry my English but I am Spanish and not be much English.
  4. Hello Friend ghost, I could say if you remember a mission in which we had to find the remains of a plane and pick up your black box. All of this without stepping on land mines and night and a forest.Then they had to rescue some prisoners in a hut in the forest and finally extraction. Thank you
  5. Hello, I can say if I play in coop online but with a partner BOTS? I'm talking about the PC version.
  6. Hello friends, we have something new for new campaigns without single player? I look forward to return to fight with my Ghost. Very thanks.
  7. Hello, I have a doubt on the missions coop or Lone Wolf You can saving the game? Thanks,
  8. Hello friends, could you sent equips Operation: Storm Campaign. It is that when the disclaimer says that corrupt .rar file error. and the truth I like much to play with this campaign. Very thanks pacualt@yahoo.es
  9. I wonder if it would be possible to change an established mission to play it online to be able to be played with my three ghost my pc AI-driven company and plus offline? Do you know if there are BOTS for the GRAW2? Podemos añadir a una mission One Wolf los tres compañeros que lleva la IA del pc? Thank you for your clarification.
  10. Do friend JohnTCO2, I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful work you have done with the design of your campaign mission Fort Horizon Night strong?, I hope you animes to create a new campaign soon or by l less you might create one or a few individual missiones but that if may play in SINGLE PLAYER and about all OFFLINE or with the company of my three colleagues the pc guide with his AI. Good new congratulations and encourage you.
  11. [Friend John just finished your VIPs mission ' Retreat Night your Bushmaster campaign and not I must give you a big bravo bravo for your final video, you know of the jeep, which is certainly the best I've seen in all the missions that I have been and are already. Truly I say unto you done GHOSTMASTER. PS: See if soon we sorprends with another super campaign like this.
  12. Hello Friend need your email address to send you the savegames you want? I have: Missions of the No. 5-6-7-8-9 campaign and the mission but individual no 4
  13. Hello, I would like to much encourage a ghost to design a new campaign for GRAW2 because I love this game and with the sp missiones I just enjoy my what I like is not lead to my three colleagues in combat and above all to record our progress. You'll see I recognize the GAW2 online is very good, but the truth is I (and I fear that many ghost) I prefer the OFFLINE although a little hard to believe it. Thank you and encourage you.
  14. [Fail to complete the devils island mission to continue with the campaign, could send me a savegame Urban war is the second mission of the campaign If you have the entire campaign... savegames Thanks very thanks PS: pacualt@yahoo.es
  15. Please, I have a doubt, what is the difference between one mission to singleplayer and one lone-wolf? Perhaps singleplayer you are your and your three men (that is your and your tre ghost " no-player" like in the campaigns)? And lone-wolf is alone that is your only? And of being thus. where I can install one mission to singleplayer (I and my three ghost not players) to be able to play it? Perhaps in CUSTOM LEVELS like the campaigns? Very thanks
  16. Hola, me gustaria recibir respuestas a mis preguntas en Español ou bien recevoir mes réponses en français-

  17. Thanks for your savegames but better serious if you said to me that mission is done? Now the one that I look for, she is one to be able to begin Sanchez City Day? Please you have if it…? Thank you very much and until soon. PS: Yes please more more campaigns?
  18. Hello KRP56, I am in Relative Sanctuary Evening Map and not as to take the Black Box You can help me.? Thank you very much PS: finally it passes to my ghost to the other side of the boat for his extraction
  19. Hello: I am in Operation: Oceanic Suppression Morning Fog Map, after destroying the first Havoc and not with himself that my ghost follow and raise the stairs to be able to happen to second half of the boat where it waits for the second Havoc to us and after the gas pump to be gone away. Some advice so that they follow to me? Since if they do not come I do not finish mission and if they die when beginning the following one they are not. Thank you very much Pd KRP56 thank you very much by savegames. You have but? Of another campaign? pacualt@yahoo.es
  20. You would help me to create a list of missions to singleplayer? For example: - Mission canyon Thank you very much P.S. when I say to singlaplayer I talk about to 4 ghost one and the other 3 directed by the PC and to lone wolf that I create is not missiones for ghost alone. Or perhaps mission lone wolf also can be added 3 companions? Serious possible using boths? And coop using boths is podrian to do? And the MP (deat match,…)?
  21. Hello, friendly I wonder myself if it is possible to be modified… to obtain that a Havoc remains quiet in a point? for example: Script ------ mission.xml <event name = "e_havoc01"> <element type="ActivateVehicle" vehicle_id="havoc01"start_time="10"/> <element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="havoc01" order="move" speed="0" up="?" start_time="0"/> <element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="havoc01" order="guard" speed="1.2" position="x y z" inner_radius="900" outer_radius="2000" start_time="15"/> Or better to even clear it of mission?, for example: Script ------
  22. Hello, a- everything mission coop can gamble in single to player? For example Operation Zetas claims to be sp but he is coop? b-To say to me where I can install these missions sp to be able to play them with my GRAW 2? Perhaps in custom_levels? Thanks
  23. Marin sos!: Some of you could send savegame to me obtained after destroying the Havoc (Helicop) that me !@!@… of the campaign Bogie:- Operation: Oceanic Suppression Morning Fog Map? With himself not to destroy it no matter how hard attempt and I have been 2 weeks to it proving it. Please help, I want to finish this mission to me tanks, tanks, tanks Marines ayudadme, estoy b loqueado en campaign Bogie:- Operation: Oceanic Suppression Morning Fog Map por un maldito helicoptero que me tiene j... , me pregunto si me podriais mandar una savegame obtenida cuando el j... Havoc esta y
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