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  1. That is bizarre.... Not gonna bother with a welcome then.
  2. Rocky: I've still got that slideshow Dan made for your birthday (last year? year before?). If I upload that somewhere will I get banned?
  3. Weren't there some being planned/dreamt about?
  4. Hope Dan can come through. I'll do something anyway, but his'll be about a trillion time better....
  5. There's nonherb sites? Not the impression I'm getting....
  6. By the time I get to uni I'll have my lisence and it won't be as much fun anymore....
  7. Still nothing after the second lesson (and third time on the streets of eShowe....) Very disappointing really. The people kept dodging. Cowards.
  8. Very nice. Agree with the comment that it is too smooth though.
  9. Why do you have to cut yourself out?
  10. Have to drive manual for the full license.
  11. Feng-shui workstation? Is that anything like the now-abandoned "Rocky's Online Kung-Fu."? That was going to cover Tae-Kwon-Do, Wat-Dis-Krap and Ju-Jitsu. I would like to do that. Or read the interview....
  12. Why for me? I'm not getting married and I didn't know in time for my sister's birthday. Next year maybe? 09/09/07: Diarise.
  13. I don't think any of zjj's kids are likely to go off the rails. Have fun SR! Cameras use film?
  14. ^doen't mind being asked for mod-work... PS: what idiot started this again?
  15. He's absolutly brilliant though. Especially Pyramid Scheme. Went for my first driving lesson. Didn't hit anything.
  16. I can't imagine why... although, there has to be some reason why the apparant answer to these questions in all countries seems to be a slap...? ← You obviously missed the word she.... The slap could just be you....
  17. Sorry Ryan, it is gutenberg.org (I know about Baen, Dave Freer is my best friend's dad....)
  18. Why am I not surprised you said this....
  19. I can't belive that I'm still the only Seff Efrikan after what, 3 years?
  20. Do you do weddings and birthdays too?
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