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  1. I did elaborate though. Wasn't I clear enough? :worried:
  2. WK said: Snopes tells it all. It was caught in Africa. I say: Oh s**t. Where, do you know? Doesn't matter too much, no crocs at 500m on a hill that's about 88km inland....
  3. Ever tried Clive Cussler? He's slightly different but also quite good. If you enjoy Clancy, chances are you'll enjoy quite a bit of Cussler's work. (Specially if you like the sea/diving/boats.)
  4. Is the EA-6 longer than the A-6? I always thought it was.
  5. Thinks I'm a criminal. (Why? The comp screen isn't a mirror is it?)
  6. The second is easy: if you have all of the expansion packs and 1.4, in quick mission all weapons will be availible. If you want them in campaign, go to each of the specialist folders (in the weapons folder), and copy the contents to the normal troops'. I think that there are some you can't get this way, in that case they will be in the equip folder (I think.). You should get some wep mods though, they are a lot better. The second one, there was a mod around called Mike's Desert Boonies (summat like that anyway). I don't know if you can get it now, the download system has been updated and
  7. Looks like it was dropped from a long way up. Bit like some people at school really....
  8. Good luck. My mom sympathises and says if you need support, just tell me....
  9. I've got it at last. Take off: no problem. Landing: I'm bad enough on solid ground. I'll let the auto pilot do it...
  10. If it happens it happens. Don't nag. (I am in favour of a little persuasion though. Open to ideas here....)
  11. Let's see, I'm 45 minutes from Empangeni, about 88km (1 hour with traffic) from Richards Bay and about 1/5 hours north of Durban. ###### end of the world. It isn't that bad really. And it is a town. A small town.
  12. I don't mind dark chocolate but nuts and raisins and stuff always seems like a waste of good chocolate space.... Hope it isn't too bad zjj. Having to eat Belgian choccies all by your lonesome.... Ledanek:
  13. Not into bike racing but 5 world championship titles ain't bad. Anyone watching the A1 Grand Prix BTW?
  14. Is waiting for BF2. Or has got it and is happy.
  15. Looks like a 5-legged elephant. No reverse gears though.
  16. I think most weapon mods don't need eps, no?
  17. It does. I'm not going get to a university until next year February. By then I should have my license. My town is out in the gamadoolahs.
  18. I thought that the UK was another word for England which was the old name for London.... Just kidding hey.
  19. The_Slink

    Do you drink?

    Dickie: I'm the same, except I won't say never. My reason is simply that I don't like to lose control.
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