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  1. Do we get to kill it? Doesn't look like it.... *Not* interested. And you thought Ubi was bad before? I'm waiting for Ghost Recon: Operation Crazy Frog now....
  2. What are the new chrs for? Ghosts or OPFOR?
  3. Does this mean that someone will be able to release just the map? Because the whole mod is a bit too big for my 33kbs connection.... Unfortunately
  4. Ryan: It's my second favourite book. I'm off for 11 days. I've only got 5 more exams.
  5. I wouldn't say it's undeserved. (BTW: Have you got any idea how many mods use you OPFOR vehicle pack? Just out of interest....)
  6. Liteluvr: Good points there. I'll agree that there isn't another GR out there and likely won't be but I don't think that GR can work as well on a console as on a PC. (I haven't tried it but if you can mod the game, forget it.)
  7. It was addressed to you. Sorry. Thanks for the answer anyway.
  8. I think that will be the biggest mission pack ever....
  9. I decided to take a look how long this would take to download. Darn well forever.
  10. Another suggestion? Knock a hole in the wall....
  11. Do you? www.jasperfforde.com en.wikipedia.org www.gutenberg.org
  12. Bye Dekela. We'll miss you in here.
  13. Good luck.... Can't wait for a final version.
  14. Show us what it's like in a year or two....
  15. I heard this burst of static 'cause I was looking somewhere else. I imagine that if you were watching it could be nasty though....
  16. Ryan: It's 6 subjects with two papers in each. My next is on Tuesday: Technical Drawing 1 and then TD Paper 2 on Wednesday. That should be an A. Should. Dan: I enjoyed the His Dark Materials trilogy. Quite thought provoking.
  17. Hehe. Wondered how long it would take before someone asked....
  18. Sounds good. Pity I have exams and dial up.... 33kbs.
  19. It's dough. Plaited (traditionally, now just twisted) then deep-fried and dunked into cold syrup (cane usually, maple is not common in SA). Quite nice but can be very sweet. I can try get the recipe if you are really interested. Bummer. Now I want one.
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