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  1. Yes. Quite a bit too. The Rand is SA's currency. I think I've got about 900Aussie$. I'M FINISHED WITH HIGH SCHOOL!!! I'm free until February 2006 when I go to uni.
  2. Last day of High School tomorrow! I write two geography papers and I'm done. [boast] I did quite well at prize giving. 1825 rand well. [/boast]
  3. Finds the fact that nuttykatty has had his sig removed hilarious. nuttykatty: a katty in Afrikaans/South African English is a slingshot. A nutty slingshot has invaded!
  4. Why am I not surprised?
  5. Has anyone heard from Rocky recently? :worried:
  6. Happy birthday SF! Many more to come I hope!
  7. I've been in the local newspaper a couple times. I've been in the background of a national programme about the national moto-X a couple years ago (I was a marshall).
  8. My point exactly. I work in a restuarant at the local sports club and some of the people in the bar there are quite honestly nuts.
  9. Rocky: Why not link the guy to Thumper's 7.62 mod? Tell him that we have more weapons that fit the 7.62 NATO round....
  10. Most live long lives in South Africa (even if the life expectancy is dropping due to AIDs....)
  11. I'm not a party/club person. I'd rather sit at home with a book or good movie.
  12. Must get the Island at some stage. Too busy studying at the mo. Bought a cookbook yesterday: Nanny Ogg's Cookbook. Very, very, good. (It's a spin-off from the Discworld series [Terry Pratchett])
  13. Learning like a nut for Physics.
  14. Why does no one like answering the questions?
  15. Thanks for the answer D. I'll try track one down.
  16. 5 exams to go! 2 Physics, 1 Afrikaans, 2 Geography. I never have to write another English exam again! Yay!
  17. Dickie: good plan. Why do we want the body back though? Chuck the teletubbies and Barney in as targets and you've got one killer mod.... Anyone feel like making it?
  18. If you happen to have one....
  19. 6/10 It's not a bad one but I can't really make out what is in it. (I know it's a soldier with an arty shell for a head, but only 'coz you told us.)
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