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  1. And you don't? (Never mind....) I would love to see anyone get down our chimney.... It's about 6" x 6"
  2. So what are you so excited about it arriving? Ronin: A storm trooper's outfit.
  3. You could improve the standard grunts by editing their .atr files. It takes some time but can be worth it....
  4. Bad luck dude. Glad you're all right though.
  5. Thanks. I can't wait for December 29. That's when matric results come out.
  6. It is quite good. Climbs are graded from about 11 (easy) to 32 or 33 (go there, look and go home...). It's the same system used in Oz btw. The fact that I'm now climbing above 20 (just) is good.
  7. Trouble probably.... I managed to push my grade up a few notches, I lead the second half of a 21, did another 21, a long 18 and 17 and another short 20.
  8. Funny, I was thinking something similar....
  9. I'm leaving tomorrow to go climbing. I'll see you guys in a couple weeks.
  10. Hehe. Don't worry. Our lips are sealed Foxtrot. We won't tell anyone you intend to take oever the worl.... oops.
  11. Have fun boet. I'm sure you gonna have a blast.
  12. Pretty cool. I'm going climbing next week, get my license early next year (I hope...) and get some good books for Christmas (I also hope...).
  13. I would have thought Ronin would know that.... Looks a bit like creatures.
  14. Doesn't seem to approve of obvious statements^
  15. We used the periodic table in our class as a target. You ended up with some weird chemicals....
  16. Dannik: I didn't actually look but just guessed that if it's near Greece it would be Great Britain. Is it working yet?
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