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  1. I still think we could skim a few more replies out of it.
  2. Great steaming piles of onions.... This is still going.... Um.... Fortress Around Your Heart, by Sting.
  3. Should be interesting.... They've already tested part of the flight model with AEP....
  4. Not if I have much to do with it.... Anyone feel like making me a new sig btw?
  5. Not when it comes to English however.... How's life been Dan?
  6. you still qualify for a whole bunch of these, despite not having played GR for a year or so. They've become inbuilt....
  7. Rocky: What guy. That is actually frightening....
  8. And like a leviathan from the deeps the Calling All Aussies thread is brought back to life with the simple words: Pretty cool Ryan.
  9. You do have an option of changing back to the familiar green by scrolling to the bottom of the forums and selecting the classic skin. Thank you. I think.... *wonders if it's worth reviving that thread.... Hello again. Nice to see you're still around as well....
  10. Heh. I write Earth Science tomorrow.... Thanks for the revision.
  11. I recently saw "Keeping Mum". If you like dark comedy, give it a whirl....
  12. Thanks guys. There's water? Why have I never gotten any? hehe....
  13. Thanks. Almost forgotten about this. *drools over weapons again Thanks SF.
  14. Looks like I timed a quick return well. Bye GiWeDa. Thanks a lot.
  15. This is wasted if no one remembers me. I was around often till early this year when I left for Uni. Decided to come back for a bit. Bloody addiction I tell ye.... Site looks good in blue. I see some of the regulars are still around. Hope I'll fit back in.
  16. Bloody hell this still going! Jethro Tull, Broadsword
  17. Update time.... Name:The_Slink Date of Birth: 16/05/87 Location: Grahamstown, South Africa Occupation: Student Romance Status: Ummm, romance? Image: Favorite Aspect of GR: That it's still going Least Favorite Aspect of GR: Friendly AI Favorite GR Mod: Out of touch with these now. Have to be NED I think. Favorite Ghost: Ramirez. Always gets the cool toys.... Favorite Kit: M-24 and SR47 from Standard Upgrade (custom kit....) Favorite Aspect of GR.net: People. (If this place hasn't changed completely) Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: People (Always some....) When did you first
  18. Don't have GR on this computer. Still installed at home though. Don't really have time for games either. Like the new look by the way....
  19. I'm a bit out of touch. Glad you guys are cool. 'cept Dan. Glad he's hot.... (fry you )
  20. Good bye guys. I'll check back in a few days (or in April). I go to university tomorrow.
  21. Tax cooldrink? That makes very little sense to me at least....
  22. Then you don't exist since I don't believe in ghosts.
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