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  1. Why where are you? It's only 15:37. I'm on holiday.
  2. The_Slink


    I fail to see the point. <engages clutch on tank><laughs manically as he run over Cyborg>
  3. I wouldn't know if that's all you do. I am only 16. We are fairly good though. Ever heard of the G6? It fires a shell 40km. We also were the first to use encrypted radios. I'll do some more rooting around...
  4. Clever! Did you make it up? @Ruin/Schenk: By the way is b@stard allowed? I saw it in the post above. In another post I mentioned spotted d|ck and it wouldn't allow it.
  5. I'm in South Africa. We aren't that high tech yet.
  6. Thanx. I feel that you should have some zoom. I have changed the OICW's GL zoom to match the rifle since I feel that with something like that it is High Tech enough to do so. I like realism but GR is just a game. If you disagree with the zoom issue go into the .gun file of whatever gun it is and change it. Don't come moan here that there should be zoom or there shouldn't be. That's why we mod. We want to change something. My 2c
  7. Plz answer the following: Where did you get it? How big is it? Ta!
  8. 'nades work to. Pity you can't get inside and wait for Priego. Then : BLAM!
  9. Island Thunder. You should get it if you haven't got it yet. It's the SR25SD. It's quite cool.
  10. Agreed! Your power button is right by your bed. You wake up press the button, go to the loo come back log on and at 11pm go to sleep after a days worth of playing.
  11. Same here. (cept the lean part but she is mean as anything!)
  12. And they are cheap in my house. So the "toy" breaks in five second.
  13. It's a pity that this happens. Maybe RSE will listen now... They should allow stealth ratings. How do those actually work?
  14. That movie is scary! It remains that the velocity may go down but because of the (usually) longer barrel accuracy should go up. Is the MP5SD more accurate in GR?
  15. The fact remains that I wish the tangos didn't glow like radioactive lollipops but it was still more effective than Jack57's NV.
  16. Who you thanking? Anyway if they aren't set to suppress they don't use any. Even then I've noticed them throwng Frags three times in countless missions. Pity they also suck at throwing 'em...
  17. That's a pity. I wouldn't be able to snipe without it.
  18. I'm glad I won't be joining the U.S. Army soon! (ever)
  19. Heard this on Friday: 9> Trade in Royal Sceptre for a huge foam finger with "Born to Rule" on it. 8> Group appearance on Jerry Springer show on "Inbreeding Monarchies" week. 7> Get Spotted Dik off the royal menu once and for all. 6> Convicted witches now microwaved at the stake. 5> Have the queen wear her tiara backwards and rap her speeches The Notorious H.R.M. Liz Crowny Crown and the RoyL Cru. 4> www.ourfirstbeheading.com 3> Void left by Ginger filled by the Queen Mum as "Old Spice." 2> For knighthood ceremony: Out with the sword, in with the head bu
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