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  1. <bursts into tears><swears as keyboard shorts> Oh well.
  2. That is so effective it's scary! I'm glad I'm not a tango...
  3. Still be be fun to have them in the colt mod. You can never have too many M4s.
  4. The_Slink

    Funny you Asked!

    Where then? (In the trees?)(j/k)
  5. It most likely won't. Just wish it would.
  6. What gun were you using? I find it unlikly that a M24 can do this.
  7. Why not? With a fast enough or large enough round it should. But a thrown grenade? That should just leave a hole.
  8. I'd love to do some testing. I won't be prejiduced and will give you feed back. If you agree just don't send everything at once. (I'm on dialup) Send to: slinkay@freemail.absa.co.za Thanks. And good luck!
  9. I doubt it. Even some of the patches for GR have screwed up mods to varying degrees, I doubt they'll be compatible with a brand new game (presumably) running on an updated - or perhaps all all - engine. I was just saying I wish it would work.
  10. These are mostly good ideas. Glass shouldn't shatter completely from one shot. (Even a 'nade does this!)
  11. Holding my breath for this one! How big is it? (@ present)
  12. The only thing is that if mods can be used for GR2 direct. (no new d/l) I might swop completely. I did say if and when GR2 comes.
  13. What about a M4SD C-Mag with M203? Could really partner the M4SD... Or just a M4SD with M203. PUH-LEEEZ.
  14. Just what the topic title says. I won't. (because I am very limited on funds)
  15. This would really be good. I hope it happens.
  16. The_Slink


    I probably won't even buy GR2. Don't have the HD space.
  17. Alfa. Well done. This is an excellent mod. BTW I can't view the rsbs in Paintshop Pro.
  18. That's good. @Dutchman - That sig is hilarious!
  19. Uh...what did I do? I just said that the SR25SD is in IT. Oh well I have down my good deed for the day.
  20. Ye-es but it is usually counted as one. I don't really care.
  21. I agree! Mortars! The Brits have/had a light 51mm mortar for one man. I think somthing like that is a good idea.
  22. To make it more realistic I agree with Alfa. The 0.2 shows extra concentration. I don't mean that your way isn't good, but if we are talking about realism Alfa's is better.
  23. Sorry. I thought it was. Anyway I'm not normal. I won't post anymore like that then.
  24. Funny. Very Funny! I actually copied it and filled it out!
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