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  1. Check out Wolfsongs Igor tutorial in the Recon section here at GR.net.
  2. Zip line deployments like in the DS intro. Ability to specify how much ammo. Ability to choose 2 ammo types. (see Swat 3) I like the 9mm standaard idea.
  3. Send me some small ones or point me to a download for 'em and I'll make some. slinkay@freemail.absa.co.za No bigger than 6MBs plz.
  4. Where? I haven't noticed any. And OOI what is the difference between a damage effect and a rocket? Thanks.
  5. The_Slink

    Funny you Asked!

    I'm glad you have sense of humor. BTW where are you? (country. I know you're working on the computer .)
  6. What do you want? Assault, stealth, demo, sniper, escort, SAR?
  7. What's the diff between a M4 and the Diemacos?
  8. Actually this is true. There has only been one year since WWII that the British army haven't deployed somewhere.
  9. I think you guys are straying a bit. This was originally a mod with the best of the best type thing. Therefore you shouldn't make new weapons. I don't care though. It looks good!
  10. Definatly! Except campers will rejoice more .
  11. BTW Alfa. I can't use your jungle specialists in quick mission. I can use the Desert ones. I have copied the unlockedheroes.xml into c_unlockedhero.xml and d_unlockedhero.xml and added the d_ or c_ prefix. This works for DS but not IT. Any suggestions? I still think it is great though. In your rifleman tactics you mention taking Gordon up to 8 points in leadership. However anything past 6 is useless. This is due to every 3 points upgrade the others.
  12. Check out this comic strip: Madam and Eve Enjoy. If you can understand it.
  13. Did he make that Coyote Armoured Car. Man I want that.
  14. Oh well. I just wanted to play with South African weapon. I'm from there. I guess I'll have to d/l the GRMEP v1.0. BTW: don't kill the cat.
  15. Depending on which side you're on... Reciving end. or Dishing out end.
  16. How long are we going to be counting for Yoda?
  17. Won't be funny. Be impossible! You'll be out-gunned threeways to breakfast.
  18. I don't have many classics. I like your VR idea Firefly. How those tools coming?
  19. Do you guys want me to make some missions? I'm working on a campaign that would fit quite well. It might take a while though. Maybe the updated version.
  20. Earl. Are you going to use those textures for a C-mag M16(?) and M4/M203 from Island Thunder? BTW excellent. I can't wait.
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