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  1. I see you have been given a solution but I was gonna say that the Coyote *is* wheeled. It acts like a truck with turret apparently. @Pyro. Dam nice. I thought that one gun (Tokarev?) looked like a Sterling. All hail!
  2. Great. I don't mind the FAL. I was just thinking of something I saw in a book where it mentioned the SLR with a SUIT. This looks great though. JUDGEMENT DAY HAS COME <insert enemy's name here (Cuban, Ossetian, Ethiopian or Russian. note may include others if used in conjuntion with other mods.)> BWAHAHAHAHAH
  3. There are two types of websites. Those concerning GR and... Those that don't. You have Four windows open and all are in various places of GR.net.
  4. This explains a lot. Now I know how you get so many. Good one though.
  5. I'm just wondering what the biggest mods are. I can think of Dangerous Babes : 60+MB WOI: 60+MB Spetzgruppa Vympel: 30+MB SEM: 23MB Another big ones? (20+MB) FIS(For interests sake)
  6. He says they moan. I don't mind being a sissy. I just don't want my seat wet. Actually it looks too big for me to d/l.
  7. If you want me to I can try making some. Send me the outline of the missions. (Name, map, order, objectives, place, time, the co-ords, the map for the briefing, etc) slinkay@freemail.absa.co.za Otherwise I understand. Good luck.
  8. About the jeep firing. Talk to Bajabravo. I*think* he made Coyote APC so he should know. (If he made it) Excellent work guys.
  9. <runs screaming from the room> Dam that looks freaky. I don't even know if I want to download this. Well done Mono and Hotpants. Hip pip! Hooray!
  10. I think you get 1/3 of a point for each point in leadership. Probably wrong.
  11. Yeah. These ARE the sweetest models in current exsistance. Gr8 work. BTW if the FN-FAL has a SUIT then it should be locked to single shot for authenticity and be called the SLR (Self Loading Rifle) but then it wouldn't be much fun.
  12. Robin Montgomery: SA-80 with AT4, Frags or Yoda's M4 SOCOM SD with Frags or SR25SD with Mini Uzi(Civilian War or anywhere else.) Back-up Can you accept faces? @Tuor: Tolkien fan eh?
  13. Get them into a Lign of Sight. Then script them to fire.
  14. I'll wait. I'm working on a 30mission campaign anyway.
  15. This is excellent Yoda! Are you considering my suggestion? I don't want to nag but it could be fun. You are one of the greats!
  16. Must be patient. By the way my keyboard is shorting due to drool. When's it coming and since they look so good how big is this gonna be? (let it be small,let it be small) Thnks for the 'Lost Weapons' I will now bring exquisite pain and unreasonable suffering to all my foes .
  17. That realism mod by Alfa is G.R.eat. Pity I can't use my snipers for back-up CQB anymore .
  18. Just copy paste them into your origmiss folder. Or make it a mod. Riun's skin tut here at gr.net shows how to set up a mod folder. then select the weapons and paste them into the appropriate folder, activate and enjoy. I've given the standard Ramirez the SOCOM for example.
  19. You are lucky! I've never managed that... Say.. you didn't tinker with it? (j/k)
  20. And that is more important. Have you spoken to any modmakers about using their guns? I'm not complaining but the original vision was the best of the best and while the new things are excellent the go against that. I love this. When is the weapons list going to be updated?
  21. Oh yeeah! Sounds like fun. You'll need big maps though. caves, island...
  22. BRING IT ON!! Yeehah! <need a hacker smilie >
  23. Do you also need to use destroy object if it's a building?
  24. Is there a way to get them though? I don't mind if they don't have boonies and rolled up sleeves. I think you might be right with the leadership points. I'll have to check but my manual is lost.
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