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  1. In campaigns you can rename anyone of your troops. But like San says the only way to keep your team is to link the missions manually. You might not get all the specialists though.
  2. The_Slink


    It shows. (sorry couldn't resist.)
  3. You talkin' to me? I don't know much about SA weapons. I do know that the arms industry is fairly advanced though.
  4. Can try. And it does say HUMOR.
  5. Makes sense I suppose. Still it would be nice to have some iron sights.
  6. Oh... its that obvious? Yes. Don't mind. I love Tolkien. Ruin. Name: Martin Bentley Class: Rifleman Primary: SA80
  7. Can't wait, Can't wait. Hurry up. Take your time and ignore me. Everyone else does.
  8. It should be. Serious posts.
  9. Excellent mod Earl. The best yet. <continues for some time> Congrats on the only mod I have active. (Xcluding DS + IT) This is the sweetest mod around.
  10. Lovin' it. BTW the theme tune takes too long.
  11. <gulps> OK. Bring it on. Like the name.
  12. Actually this is true. There has only been one year since WWII that the British army haven't deployed somewhere. Which year was it? 1950 something. Not sure though. I read it last year sometime. This is getting to be a serious post.
  13. Try using this. Even if you can't make models and such you can make really cool missions. With loads of practice. Good luck.
  14. I disagree with this. I haven't played much else for months. I don't often buy games so I might not be fully qualified to say this. But congrats on a brilliant addition.
  15. I tried making a correspondent specialist. But it is an excellent mod for it's size.
  16. Go for it. I'll use the Ossetian guys then you can change them if you want new enemies as I send 'em to you. Ok? By the way do you want me to send you a mission that I've made? Just to see if I'll do the idea justice? Come to think of it it *also* has an unforseen consquence. I like the name but it might offend some people if you bring religion into it.
  17. Lovin' 'em Ruin. Don't take too long. (I'm holding my breath. (To keep you alive )) Good job!
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